SurveySay Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Taking online surveys is one of the easiest & common ways to make money. There are many surveys for money sites available in the market that allow you to earn money by filling surveys & performing different activities. SurveySay is one of those many sites.

After reading this SurveySay Review, you will get a clear view of what kind of site it is. This SurveySay Review contains all the necessary information you need to know like how it works, how to signup, it’s legitimate & many more.

SurveySay Review

SurveySay is a site that is different from other survey sites that are available in the market. It doesn’t have its own surveys but helps you connect to the sites that do. It works as a middle man for different market search companies that are looking for consumer’s opinions.


What is SurveySay?

SurveySay is an online survey company that is quite different from typical survey companies. It is not get paid to, survey site & doesn’t conduct its own market research. SurveySay basically works as a middle man & helps you connect with other survey sites that provide & pay you for taking surveys on their site. It was established in 2008 and is located in Hendon, Virginia.

The parent company of SurveySay is Varsityplaza, LLC. There is very little information about their parent company and no information about their founders or CEO. To sum up, SurveySay doesn’t have its own survey but directs their user to different research companies who are searching for consumers for surveys based on their demographics.

Continue reading SurveySay Review for further information and to determine whether it’s worth your time or not.


Company History

SurveySay is a site that works as a middle man to market research companies. It was established in 2008 and is located in Hendon, Virginia. The parent company of SurveySay is Varsityplaza, LLC. There is very little information about their parent company. There is no information about their founders or CEO. It has a rating of 1.38 stars which shows that the consumer is not very happy with this site.


How to signup with SurveySay?

SurveySay is easy to join. All you have to do is visit SurveySay official site and provide a few information. Anyone who is 14 years and older can join this site. You need to provide your email address, date of birth, gender, country, etc.

After you sign up, the site will take you to companies that are fit for your demographics. It doesn’t even require a password which is quite Weird.

If you don’t find this site right for you, you can join other renowned and legit sites such as Swagbucks & survey junkie.


How does it work?

SurveySay doesn’t conduct their own survey but they will link you to those survey sites that provide you with a survey. You have to register with SurveySay & you can see the surveys in your dashboard. You can join the sites that are on your dashboard and take surveys. You have to provide your geographic location & select the consumer preference. After some time you will receive the surveys based on the option you selected. After you complete the survey you will earn points & gift cards that you can redeem when you collect the minimum threshold amount.

Some of the third party survey websites you can see in SurveySay are listed below :



Is it a scam?

SurveySay is legit & not a scam. But it is very different from other survey sites. It is not get paid to, survey site. It only works as a middle man for other survey sites and helps you connect with different survey sites out there. SurveySay doesn’t have its own survey. It can’t actually be called a scam site because they don’t charge any registration fee. Based on the working system of this site, it doesn’t seem right.

If you decide to signup for this site, get ready for your personal data to be sold with different market research companies. As they are partnered with different survey sites, there is a high probability that you will come across some scam sites. Don’t jump into any site by seeing alluring offers as most of them are probably a scam. Make sure to conduct proper research on the site that you are planning to join.

You can also find that the minimum threshold amount is high & the surveys you get to fill are low paying. It will take a lot of time to reach the minimum threshold amount which is $25.

It is not a scam. But something is definitely not right with this site and I would personally not recommend you join SurveySay. So, it might be better to avoid it.


How much does SurveySay pay?

SurveySay doesn’t pay you any money. You can make money on this site if you join and take the survey through them. Although they don’t pay you money they provide you with opportunities to earn money using SurveySay. You can earn money by taking online surveys. There is no specific sum of money you will earn but you can expect to earn $0.50 for each survey you complete. The minimum threshold amount you should collect before requesting a payout is $25.

The best way to make more money is by joining as many survey sites as you can that SurveySay works with. The more sites you join the more survey you will receive and the more money you will earn. The survey invitation will always be sent to your email. So, don’t forget to check your email frequently if you don’t want to miss the chance. Also, don’t quit your regular job as filling surveys won’t pay you a lot. You can take it as your side job and earn extra spending money in your free time.

There might be some problems during payout as there are many negative reviews regarding its payout. When you request for a payout there is a probability of things going wrong & they might disqualify you randomly for violating rules. You can see the complaints like delayed payment and sometimes not get paid at all. Many members reported that they have to wait for weeks to get their payment and some reported that they waited for a month. They also mentioned about getting screened out of surveys frequently. These obstacles create some problems to reach the minimum threshold amount. Something definitely doesn’t seem right about this site to me.

However, if SurveySay doesn’t feel right to you, you can join Swagbucks. It is a 100% legit site & you will have a great experience there.


Pros and cons of Surveysay

Every site has some pros & cons. In this SurveySay review, I’m going to mention some pros & cons of this site.


– It is completely free to join.
– It is simple and very easy to use.
– It is connected with over 40 survey programs.


– It consumes quite some time to reach the minimum threshold amount.
– The payment procedure is long.
– It is not a reliable source of income

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After reading this SurveySay Review, you might already have a clear view on what type of site it is. The SurveySay Review above contains all the necessary information to help you figure out whether its the right site for you to join or not. If it’s not the site you want to join then you can check out Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars & survey junkie which is quite popular in this market.

If you spend quite some time & conduct research you can find many legit survey sites that are available in the market on your own. However, if you don’t want to spend your time jumping from one review to another to find the right site for you, you can join SurveySay where you can find plenty of paid survey sites in one place. The more sites you join the more money you can earn.

I won’t say SurveySay is a scam. But there are definitely some things fishy about this site. There are many things that don’t seem right and discourage you to join. SurveySay is a site that I would not recommend you to join. I would once again highly recommend you join Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars &, survey junkie. They are 100% legit & safe site with many earning opportunities. One thing that you should always keep in mind is that taking surveys won’t make you rich but can definitely help you save up some amount of money or help you earn some extra spending money.


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