ClearVoice Surveys Review: Is ClearVoice Legit

ClearVoice surveys is an international online survey panel that allows you to earn money just for providing your opinions. It is owned by ClearVoice Research LLC which was known as PCHOnlineSurveys before changing its name. It was launched in 2006 which means it has been in the market for quite some time now. It is located in Denver, Colorado. ClearVoice Surveys doesn’t provide you with the option to cash out through PayPal like other sites. Instead of PayPal, they allow you to get cash through Payoneer once you reach the minimum threshold. They have partnered with many top research firms around the USA. They also have clients from different sectors including manufacturing, retail & technology. The earning potential of this site is not very high but you can earn anywhere from $1-$20 in a month. You are still rewarded with 10 cents if you don’t qualify for the survey so, it’s not completely a waste of time.

Official Site Name: ClearVoice Surveys

Signup Bonus: Not Available

Withdrawal Method: Amazing gift cards, prepaid debit or credit cards, Dining Dough Gift cards, sweepstakes entries

Minimum Threshold Amount: $10

Available Country: worldwide

Best Alternative: Survey Junkie


Continue reading this ClearVoice Surveys Review for further information on the signup process, earning methods, redemption method, it’s legitimacy & more.


How to signup with ClearVoice Survey?

Anyone who is at least 13 years of age or older is free to join ClearVoice Surveys. It is available globally so you can signup no matter where you live. It is also completely free to join this site. Although it is available worldwide, there can be a huge difference in the opportunities & amount of available surveys depending on the country you live in.


The members from the USA, Canada & Uk can have their rewards in their local currency. The main thing you should remember is that if you don’t take any surveys within 60 days they will automatically close your account. So you need to stay active if you don’t want to lose your earnings or account being closed. You are required to provide your email address where they can send you surveys to complete. When you signup, you will automatically be entered into sweepstakes where you get a chance to earn up to $20. You also need to qualify in order to take the survey. For that, you will need to fill the questionnaire which will take you around 10 minutes to complete.


How to earn money with ClearVoice Surveys?

ClearVoice survey is a paid survey site that provides you with an opportunity to earn money. ClearVoice provides you with two different opportunities to earn money & they are paid ClearVoice survey & Sweepstakes. I’ll provide you with detailed information about it below.

1. ClearVoice Surveys

Surveys are the easiest and common way to make money on any GPT site. ClearVoice survey is the main way you can make money here. The number of surveys you will receive will vary from country to country. To qualify for surveys you are required to fill out a profile survey where you will have to provide some information. This is conducted so that they can send you surveys that match your profile. You will have to answer a lot of questions while filling the profile survey for which you won’t get any bonus. They will ask you to fill many small profiles about different topics. It will take you 30 minutes to complete all the process. However, you can earn from $1-$20.

2. Sweepstakes

ClearVoice survey provides you with three different sweepstakes that you can participate in & get the chances to win cash prizes. If you are active in this platform you can earn entries into these sweeps. You can find three different sweepstakes & they are daily sweepstakes, weekly sweepstakes & monthly sweepstakes. The rewards you can earn through them are pretty good. You get a chance to win $100 in a daily sweep, $250 in weekly & $1000 monthly. You can see the timer that counts down to when the winner will be selected. It is another cool chance to earn extra money if you are a member of ClearVoice. They do not provide a lot of information on how you can get extra entries other than being active on this platform.

3. Polls

ClearVoice surveys let you participate in polls. They are very short & won’t consume more than 30 seconds to participate. You can create your own poll or vote on polls created by others. It can be fun but you won’t actually earn any money from here. This feature is useless for anyone that is looking forward to earning money. But if you want to have some fun you can answer the polls or create your own polls. If you want to earn rewards for answering polls or creating polls you can join other site like Toluna.

4. Referral Program

A referral program is an easy way to earn extra money without putting any effort. You can earn little extra money by inviting your friends to join ClearVoice Surveys. You can invite your friends by sending them an invitation link through email. If your friend joins this site through your referral link & complete their first survey, you will earn $0.50. The earning opportunities are very limited through referral because you will get paid for referring only ten friends. You will get entries into sweepstakes after referring 5 friends.

5. Testing products

ClearVoice also provides you with an opportunity to test products & earn money. You won’t be asked to test products frequently, it might be a once in a while opportunity because it is only mentioned in the official presentation video of the ClearVoice survey. You should not expect them to offer it frequently.


How do you get paid with ClearVoice Surveys?

The reward options on ClearVoice Surveys depends on the country you live in. The minimum threshold amount which is required to request for a payout is low. The minimum threshold amount is $10 only. The only reward they offer is Amazon gift card codes for Canada, USA & UK. It doesn’t have many payment options. The available payment options are only with Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard, Amazon gift cards, or Dining Dough gift cards. The gift card will be processed immediately & the prepaid cards can take up to 7 days to process.


Is it legit?

ClearVoice Surveys is a completely legit survey for money sites. It is an international survey panel that is owned by ClearVoice Research LLC. It is also completely free to join the site. ClearVoice Surveys is not accredited by Better Business Bureau but they have a rating of A+. It is a reputable online survey panel. It also holds a rating of 4.0 stars in Trustpilot.

Even though it is a legit site it has a lot of limitations. Earning opportunities are also not great. You can earn up to $20 per month. The time you spend trying to get qualified for a survey which can pay you $1 is definitely not worth the time you spend on it. You can find many better options than the ClearVoice survey. There are many sites out there that will provide you with a decent amount of money for your time. I highly recommend you join sites like Swagbucks & survey junkie. They are totally legitimate & popular survey sites with good earning potential.


Pros & cons of ClearVoice Surveys

Every survey site has some pros & cons. The pros & cons of ClearVoice Surveys is mentioned below in this ClearVoice Surveys Review.


– The sweeps on the ClearVoice survey have high rewards.

– It is very easy to use.

– The minimum payout threshold which you need to collect to request for a payout is low.

– It is available globally.

– It is easy to use & free to join.


– The polls here are useless because you can’t earn any money from it.

– The referral program is poor.

– The earning potential is very low.

– The payout method of the ClearVoice survey is very poor.

-The profile survey is very long.

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Final verdict

All the information you need to know before joining this site is mentioned above in this ClearVoice surveys review. It has both good & bad sides. It is also a completely legit site. Although you earn some money from it, ClearVoice Surveys is not a site that I would recommend you. Even though it has both good & bad side, the bad side is comparatively higher than the good. You can find many sites that are worth your time & effort.

If you want to make money on paid survey sites there are a lot of survey sites out there that will provide you with great opportunities & pay you a good amount of money. I highly recommend you join sites like Swagbucks & survey junkie. These sites are popular in the survey market. They are a legit site that has great earning potential & many earning opportunities.

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