CVS Advisor Panel Review: Is It Scam or Legit?

CVS Advisor Panel is a survey site that rewards you for completing their surveys. This survey site is exclusively for the people who shop at CVS pharmacy on a regular basis. If you don’t shop their then this site might not be the one for you. This panel was created by CVS & US company that owns a pharmacy store. It is only available for the residents of the USA. The survey here is related to CVS pharmacy & you are required to provide the feedback for their products & services. You will receive the rewards in the form of ExtraBucks coupons which you can use as money to purchase goods from CVS pharmacy. They collect the feedbacks from their members so that they can improve their products & make it better.

Official Site Name: CVS Advisor Panel

Signup Bonus: Not Available.

Minimum Threshold Amount: Not Required.

Withdrawal Method: ExtraBucks Coupons.

Available Country: USA

Best Alternative: InboxDollars

For all the necessary information regarding this site continue reading this CVS Advisor Panel Review.


How to signup with CVS Advisor Panel?

Signing up with this site is not very easy. To be the part of this site you need to be an ExtraCare member because you are required to provide your ExtraCare number for registration. So if you want to join this panel, you need to be an ExtraCare member first. To be a member of ExtraCare you need to visit the nearest local CVS store & ask for an application or you can call their hotline (800) SHOP-CVS to register. Anyone who is 18 years & older can join this site.


The registration process is quite lengthy & will take 10-15 minutes to complete. You can find the registration in the form of a survey. The survey is conducted to help you build your profile as a member of their site. This will also help the site to determine the type of survey they can send you to complete. You won’t get any bonus for completing the profile survey.


Earning opportunities for the CVS Advisor Panel?

CVS Advisor Panel provides you with only one opportunity to earn rewards. The one & only way is through answering their paid surveys. They conduct the survey to gather their customer’s feedback about CVS pharmacy stores, products & their services. The feedback & suggestions are obtained in order to know about them so that they can improve CVS. So you can say that the surveys you will be receiving will be about their products, store & services.

They will provide you with rewards for every survey you complete. The more survey you complete the more money you will earn. The rewards you will earn from a survey will depend upon how much time it takes to complete it & also based on how complicated it is. There is no information regarding how they conduct their surveys but you will be asked some pre-qualifying questions before you can take the actual survey. It is conducted to make sure that you belong to the demographic that they are looking for. Once you complete the pre-qualifying survey, you will be notified if you qualify or not.

If you qualify you can move forward & take the survey. But if you don’t qualify they will notify you right away. So don’t worry about wasting your time answering the surveys for which you won’t be rewarded. The amount of money you will earn for completing a survey will be included in your survey invite so you can decide whether it’s worth the time you invest in it or not. You will receive an email invitation for the surveys. However, you don’t have to wait for them to send you the invitations because you can see the available surveys in the member dashboard once you log into it.


How do you get paid with CVS Advisor Panel?

The next thing that you need to understand is how can you redeem your rewards. If you were hoping to make some cash from this site then I hate to break it to you that this site doesn’t provide you with cash rewards. The only reward you can earn through this site is ExtraBucks coupons. You can say that the ExtraBucks is the currency that they use here.

You can only use it if you are an ExtraCare member of CVS Pharmacy. You will receive 2% back for every purchase you make at the CVS store if you are a member of ExtraCare. You can imagine ExtraCare as the loyalty program of CVS Pharmacy. The 2% that you get back for the purchase you make will not be in the form of cash. It will be credited to your ExtraCare account which you can use later on in your next purchase.

For example, If you bought something worth $100 you will receive some percentage from it which will be credited back to your account. You can use that credited amount for your next purchase. You can use Extrabucks as money & make payment for any purchase you make. So, if you collect a lot of ExtraBucks rewards, you can get the products without having to pay any money. The good thing about this site is that they will provide you with the rewards right away after you complete your task. They also don’t have a minimum threshold amount which is required to request a payout which is another good thing about this site.


How much money can you make from CVS Advisor Panel?

As you already know you won’t be able to make real money through this site but you will earn ExtraBucks which can be used as real money. It is as good as real money & you can use it to purchase goods in any CVS Pharmacy. The earning you make through this site will completely depend upon the survey invitations you receive, the amount of survey you complete & the amount of reward you receive per survey.

You can earn $5 worth of ExtraBucks for completing a survey. Shorter surveys can reward you with $2 worth of ExtraBucks & longer surveys can reward you around $10-$15 worth of ExtraBucks. The reward you get for completing a survey is quite high & you can say that the earning potential is good but the only problem is that the rewards are valid only in CVS pharmacy. So, you can say that the opportunity is limited.


Is it legit?

CVS Advisor Panel is a market research site for CVS pharmacy that conducts online surveys to collect information from their customers. The feedbacks they collect from customers helps them to improve their products & services. The company does provide rewards to its members for completing the task. So, you can say that it is a legit site. The cupon they provide as the reward after completing a survey can be used in their store.

If you are not interested in this site or want to earn cash rewards then you can join other sites. I highly recommend you join Swagbucks & survey junkie which is a pretty big deal in this survey market. They are popular surveys form money sites that are totally legit. They provide you with many earning opportunities & they also have a high earning potential. They are free to join & have a low payout. You should definitely consider joining this site.


Pros & cons of CVS Advisor Panel

Some of the pros & cons of the CVS Advisor Panel are mentioned below in this CVS Advisor Panel.


– The reward is high compared to other sites.
– They do not have a minimum threshold amount which is required to request a payout.
– The reward will be credited to your account immediately after you complete the task.


– They do not provide a reward in the form of cash.
– The earning opportunity is limited as you can only earn by filling surveys.
– It is only available for CVS Pharmacy Customers.
– It is only available for the residents of the USA.

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Final verdict

CVS Advisor Panel is a survey site that is made for the CVS pharmacy. It is a legit site that provides you with rewards for completing the surveys. They are only available for the resident of the USA so, if you don’t live in the USA you might wanna check other sites. This site is useful for those who regularly shop at CVS pharmacy. The rewards are pretty high compared to other sites. If you shop at CVS pharmacy this can be a good site to join as you can save a significant amount of money by using the rewards they provide for completing the surveys. If you don’t have a CVS Pharmacy near you or don’t like to shop there, joining this panel is a complete waste of time. It’s probably best if you look for other available options. I suggest you join the sites I recommended above.

All the necessary information you need to know about this site is mentioned above in this CVS Advisor Panel.

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