Vindale Research Review: Scam Or A Legit Site?

Vindale Research Listed among the most authentic and legit online surveys for money websites on the internet. Wide variety of surveys concluding in an instant and good payout. User-friendly interface and rich content, combined to make user experience memorable.

Survival is everybody’s need and so is the money. Therefore spending time in some activity that earns you a few bucks, in my opinion, It is not a bad priority over some coward laziness.

vindale research review

Therefore doing some surveys that payout instantly can be a healthy practice. After all millions of others in America are doing so. But many questions may arise in the mind such as which survey site shall they choose? Which one would prove to be useful for them and which one not? Who’s gonna pay more?

vindale research review


Well, here we are with one site named Vindale Research. In this dedicated Vindale Research review we will try to answer all your questions about this site, keeping in mind your commonly asked questions like those above. For instance

► Is Vindale Scam like (another survey site) or not?

► How much can you make out of it if it’s authentic?

► What is its minimum payout?

► What are the ways you can make the most out of it?

► What payment methods are offered by this site?

► Suggestions / Conclusion

Getting through this review will not only answer all your questions but also help you in getting to a paid survey site you have been looking for. So stay with us.


A few verses about Vindale Research:

It is one of those few sites that are oldest in the online survey websites industry. Owned by Nathanael Ehrich the company claims to have distributed about $7,939,326+ among multinational people. Even though the platform is about sixteen years of age (established in 2005), its website is still very responsive and engaging which is proof of its being up to date.

The most amazing aspect of this site is that you can earn money not only by taking surveys but multiple ways including videos and much more. We will be discussing those ways in the coming part of this review.

The website is really popular in the Western world especially the USA, Canada U.K, Australia, and Britain. That’s because the website maintains the policy to allow only natives of these regions to participate. No other continent has access to take surveys.


Is Vindale Research a scam or a legit site?

Vindale Research is not a scam at all. It’s an authorized and recognized website rated “A by the BBB (the Better Business Bureau)”. The peak of the rating is proof of that. What’s more important is that, the site is not looking to gather your bank account details using cookies or some other ways (a big plus point).

Among the most authentic proof to it’s being lawful and trustable, is its huge traffic from several countries. According to Alexa, a reputable web traffic analysis website the site has almost 13.3K unique visitors in the recent past (90 days before the publication of this article).

Furthermore, the site is ranked 42,686 in the global ranking which is a quite big achievement.

Other than that the website is given a four-star rating by the Trustpilot (a Danish consumer review website).This adds up to be a big point towards the prove that Vindale is trustable and user friendly site.


How much can we make out of Vindale Research?

It’s hard to predict the exact figures of how much you can make. It’s because this is totally dependent on the person who is taking surveys. The more surveys you take down, the more you can earn.

Particularly the worth of a survey can vary from $0.25 to $50, depending on the length and difficulty of that task. The more difficult the survey, the more you get paid. Other than just surveys there are many other legit ways you can use to make the most out of this site.

We will be discussing them ahead.


how much can we make out of vindale research


How Vindale Research Functions:

Getting involved in their community for earning is never a hard task. Here is how you can do it.

1. Create & complete your profile:

This is perhaps the simplest but technical part. People usually don’t make their profiles strong by adding relevant information. This results in a scarcity of the number of surveys available and ultimately shortage of money.

Remember the golden rule while completing your profile:   “A strong profile can give you more surveys”.

2. Complete surveys to Earn:

As soon as you are done with your profile completion, the site will direct you to the Dashboard where you will find the suggested survey. Take one at a time, complete it, and earn some money.

Other than that you may avail of some other options like watching videos and reward email reading to enhance your income.

3. Cash-out your Earnings:

After you have earned some money it’s time to withdraw it. But remember the minimum payout for Vindale Research is $50. You can withdraw in multiple ways.

Two of them are:

1.       Cheque

2.      PayPal

vindale research payment methods

How to generate a good income from Vindale Research?

Perhaps the most asked question is this one and I know you have been waiting for this. Well, this is the specialty of Vindale Research that it allows its users to earn not only by taking surveys but by many other methods. Some of them include:

1. Vindale Research Coupons and Reward codes:

One good thing about this platform is that they reward you very well. Often times of the year they post different small contests, polls and related things to engage their social community. This is the time for you to win and earn good money.

For this you would have to first be a part of their community by following their blog, forum and related social platforms to maximize your chances of winning.

2. Survey Posted Videos:

Watching videos can be another way of maximizing your income. You will find the videos tab in the top bar of your account dashboard. Simply click in it, watch videos, and get paid.

Videos are hardly a minute long and you are paid almost $0.05.

3. Opt Reward E-mail Option:

This may seem awkward to many of us but that’s what you read. Vindale Research also helps companies to promote their products. All you need to do is receive different promotional emails from the site, read them, and in return get paid.

Pros of Opting Vindale Research:

1. Absolutely Free Sign Up:

Among my most favorite feature of this site, one is its free registration process. Anyone from western countries (those listed above) can have a free sign up and start earning few-part time bucks.

2. No Points system:

Vindale Research has no points and gift cards system. They ask you for surveys and then in return pay you bucks. Simplicity is what makes them unique.

3. Multiple Earning Ways:

Probably this is the point that differentiates Vindale Research from the sea of survey sites. It not only provides you the opportunity to earn by completing surveys but many other ways. For instance

•        Watching videos

•        Reward codes and coupons

•        Reading promotional E-mails

4. High Payout Rates:

Who doesn’t wants more pay? Of course all of us. This is what this website ensures. You participate in surveys of 15-20 minutes and you are at the end paid out $0.20 to $50, depending on the type and difficulty of the survey.

5. Chrome Extension:

In order to facilitate the users, Vindale Research has a chrome extension, which anyone can install to avoid again and again searching the site and getting survey notification. This is a unique service not offered by other sites.

Just install your extension in chrome, click on it and get to the site.

6. Privacy Security:

The platform is not a scam like sites that are interested in your data and bank details. Their sign up process is very simple via Facebook or Email. Furthermore, they are least concerned about your traits but keep in mind they do suggest you different surveys according to your profile.


A few cons of adopting Vindale Research:

Where using this platform has many advantages, at the same time there are a few things it’s not good at.

Some of them include:

1. Minimum With drawl Limit:

This is perhaps one point that most of us don’t like. This platform only allows you to withdraw money only if it is at least $50. Anything below this is not allowed.

2. Restricted Audience:

Vindale Research only allows residents of the USA, Canada, the U.K, Britain, and Australia to contribute to taking surveys and other tasks. No Asian, or African is allowed to join the platform.

Even if you bypass somehow, at the time of delivering money you will be caught and banned from the site. To avoid this, you will end up in loss.

3. Strict Eligibility Criteria:

This is probably the most common complaint, I have heard about this platform. People usually start doing survey and after 3-4 minutes they are informed about their failure to match the standards of the survey. Truly a wastage of time for some people.

But if you look in the broader perspective this shouldn’t be a worry as this is a shared problem with all the survey sites. This is a part of their policies and we can’t do anything.



Reviewing the different opinions of people and learning about this site has urged me to say that Vindale Research is a legal and authentic survey website. No doubt it has some bad reviews but that doesn’t matter as this is a common problem in all the survey websites.

Giving it a try won’t be a bad idea at all. After all, it’s free of cost and you can do surveys in leisure time. What is more your one successful reward code win can give you a real push.

Even if that doesn’t happen your one survey of $50 in a month can at least be worthy of your mobile phone recharge or some other small routine life task.


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