Cross Media Panel Review: Is It Legit Or Just A Scam?

Cross Media Panel is a market research website that collects customer’s opinions on & data of user consumption on the web to enable better-addressed ads & marketing business. Cross Media Panel used to be known as the Screenwise Trend Panel. It was rebranded as Cross Media Panel in 2016. It is owned by Google. It has a chrome extension so it can only be accessed through Google. You can’t use the website on other browsers like Firefox, Explorer, etc. It owns a mobile app for both android & IOS. It is mainly concerned with the public impression of Google. You should just install & activate the app or website on your respective device. The website or app will run in the background & collect data about how you use Google products & services. Your Youtube history & Gmail clicks will also be retrieved as necessary data as they both are a part of Google. But don’t worry, your identity will be anonymous. You should mention your age & job. They will never ask you any private questions that reveal your identity so don’t worry about privacy. It is available in 24 different countries.

Official Site Name: Cross Media Panel

Per Survey Income: $1-$2 per survey

Minimum Redemption Threshold: $25

Withdrawal Method: gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc

Available Countries: Switzerland, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Germany & others

Best Alternative: Swagbucks

Cross Media Panel Review

Before installing the app & let it in your privacy, you need to be certain that it has no intention to invade your privacy. In this Cross Media Panel review, you will learn about the company background, earning methods, available rewards, legitimacy & pros & cons of Cross Media Panel. Read this Cross Media Panel till the end to find out if it is legitimate & worth joining or not.


How To SignUp With Cross Media Panel?

They are not always open to new membership. Therefore, you should keep your eyes & ears open so that you don’t miss the chance when they take new memberships. First, you have to sign up via their website. Then you can download & install their app on your devices. You should first go to their official website & get the membership approval. For that, you should sign up with your email address or Google account. You have to mention your age, work, interests & similar data & then click on the sign-up button.


After that, they will send you a verification link on the same email address to verify your email address. You just have to open that email & click on the verification link. This way, you will officially be approved as a member of the Cross Meda Panel. After doing so, you can download & install the Cross Media Panel app on your phone, laptop, or computer. There you can easily sign up with your account & let the app collect the necessary data while you should normally keep using your phone.


Earning Methods & Rewards in Cross Media Panel

This Cross Media Panel review will highlight all the ways to earn money from the app. You will get some amount as a reward after you sign up & install the app or extension. After that, you will carry on using the app by activating the extension. You will earn based on the frequency of using Google & its services. Every week your income will be updated. Your earnings will depend on how many devices you install the software.

– If you install the software in one device then you will get $2 instantly & an extra $1 in a week.

– If you install the software in two devices then you will get $4 instantly & an extra $2 in a week.

– If you install the software in three devices then you will get $6 instantly & an extra $3 in a week.

It rarely conducts online surveys asking your opinion on a variety of topics including business, products & services, politics, human rights, lifestyle, health, food & many other topics. The surveys will pay you a good amount depending on the length & complexity of the survey. Usually, the surveys are short that takes 5-15 minutes to complete & pay you $1 to $2.

You don’t have to put any effort after you install the app on your device. You should keep on using the web like you normally do. It will access the required data about your activities on Google. You can redeem your earnings for gift cards & other rewards after you hit the minimum payout threshold. The minimum redemption threshold for Cross Media Panel is $25. After you earn $25, you can exchange your money for gift cards from different retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depot, Nike, Sephora, Chiptole, etc.

You need $25 in your first redemption to get gift cards. From next time, you can exchange your reward cards for $5 from any retailer. It is proven that you will get your gift code in less than 10 minutes of requesting for e-gift cards.


Pros & Cons Of Cross Media Panel

Like other survey sites, Cross Meia Panel has its own good & bad sides. Many of its members have written Cross Media Panel review on many online review platform of market research sites. We have made a list of its all possible pros & cons


– It is free to set up & easy to use.

– You will earn more than $10 in a month while using your phone & other devices like you regularly do.

– It not only pays you by tracking your online behavior but it conducts online surveys too, which boosts your earnings.

– Cross Media Panel is the world’s fastest reward site. You will get the gift card code within 10 minutes of the redemption request.

– You can install & use the same account in three devices. The more devices you login, the more you will earn.

– It addresses all the complaints from the customer promptly & willingly.

– After the first payout i.e. $25, you can exchange gift cards for $5.


– It does not usually accept new members. So, you will have to put extra effort if you intend to sign up.

– It is only available in Google not Firefox or other web browsers.

– It does not allow payout through PayPal anymore.

– The surveys are not so common. It is very difficult to qualify & complete the surveys.

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Is Cross Media Panel Legit?

Yes, Cross Media Panel is indeed legit. It is a renowned market research company that has been running for years. It is recently owned by Google. Google itself is one of the biggest tech companies in the world so any companies owned by it can never be a scam. Besides, Cross Media Panel has got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau promotes & examines the transparency of different types of businesses including the market research companies.

Cross Media Panel is free to sign up & the easiest way to make money online. It rewards you a reasonable amount of money for letting their website run in the background of your devices. It does not fool you by giving you false hope of making you rich from their website like most of the scam sites do. But Cross Media Panel has no history of scamming their users. Many Cross Media Panel reviews have posted its payment proof. So, Cross Media Panel is totally a legitimate survey & market research company.


Is It Worth Joining?

Cross Media Panel is the easiest way of making money from an online platform without putting any effort. Although it does not pay in cash, you can get gift cards from your favorite retailers. It is very easy & simple to use. You just have to create a profile from their website, download & install the app on your devices & activate the app. The app will run in the background & retrieve the data it needs without bothering you much. You should keep using Google & its services like you normally do. You can even take online surveys.

It is basically a Google product & collects the history of Google customers to find out the popularity of Google among people. Their target members depend on their demographic background, age & preference. So first, you need to fit the criteria if you want to join the website. You can easily earn money for doing nothing & exchange it for gift cards from your favorite retailers. It will definitely save your money by aiding for lunch or dinner in a restaurant, getting you shopping for discounts, giving your prepaid or free services & many more.  So, Cross Media Panel is always worth joining.


The Verdict

Cross Media Panel is a key innovation by Google that will help you earn money by letting an app run on the background of your active devices. It assures you that your profile will remain anonymous. Your Google history & your identity will never be revealed. They need the data only to know how their users use Google’s services.

This Cross Media Panel review consists of all the necessary information that you should know & consider before activating their app on your device. I hope this review was helpful to you.

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