Toluna Review: Is Toluna Legit or a Scam?

Toluna is a global market research site run by the Toluna group that conducts surveys & pays its members for sharing their opinions. It has been named in the list of world’s most popular survey sites with more than 24 million members & their impressive portfolio. It presents the most interesting variety of surveys to its users.

Toluna Review

Toluna is famous for providing product trials for free & pays its users for reviewing the products. In this Toluna review, we will discuss if Toluna is a legit survey site or just a scam.


What is Toluna?

Toluna is a market research company exposed to a global platform & run by Toluna Group. It is tech-based & it collects feedback from the consumers about the product & services of many big & small business companies. Toluna was founded in 2005 by Frederic Charles Petit, the CEO & founder of Toluna. The parent company of Toluna is ITWP, a private research company focusing on digitalized consumer insights. In the last 15 years, it has spread in over 70 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North America & Asia Pacific.

It works for several acclaimed business companies that are in collaboration with Toluna for consumer’s reviews on their products. Toluna collects the data & sells it to the business companies & the companies use that information to make their products better. The consumers will get linked with the brands & businesses which makes it easier for them to communicate directly. They will earn money for completing several tasks too.

It makes use of an insight platform called TolunaInsights which generates customized consumer insights programs for the privacy of their members. TolunaInsights was complemented by its research platform called QuickSurveys. The companies will get access to millions of eligible candidates for their survey through TolunaInsights.


How Does Toluna Work?

The main intention of Toluna is to gather honest reviews from its users. For that, it conducts surveys. The surveys are mainly of two types: long surveys & short surveys. The short surveys are to complete your profile & takes around 3-5 minutes to complete. The long surveys contain a list of questions about certain products or services that will take you some 10-20 minutes to complete. They will invite you to fill up surveys on the basis of the data you provided while filling up the profile surveys. You will get points for completing the surveys which you can change for amazing rewards.

Toluna even conducts product trials & gives you free products or pays you for reviewing the products or both. The survey topics include lifestyle, technology, politics, food, entertainment, etc. You can choose surveys or the products of your interest from the dashboard. If you qualify for the product trial, they will send the products to your doorsteps.


Toluna’s Achievements

Toluna has made its name in the top market research & product testing companies in their 15 years of working experience. It has reached 70 countries from all around the world with over 26 million members. Now, it has a total of 24 offices located in Europe, the Middle East, North America & Asia Pacific. It has got an A+ rating by BBB with just 31 total complaints until now. As seen in most of the Toluna reviews, its users seem to be happy with its customer services.


Toluna Success Rate

In most of the surveys for money sites, there are many surveys that we don’t qualify for. Sometimes, we go halfway & get disqualified in the middle of the survey. So the users get frustrated & leave the site. But this doesn’t happen with Toluna surveys. It invites you for the surveys you qualify for or you can find many qualifying surveys from the dashboard.

You will get 8 to 10 survey invites in a day. The success rate of Toluna is 25% – 35% which is higher than many other paid survey sites. You can see its positive feedback in many Toluna reviews. You will be notified at the beginning or in the first few questions if you are not eligible to take the survey. This saves your time from being wasted. Even if you don’t qualify, there’s no big loss because each disqualification will give you entry to their sweepstakes.


How to Sign Up for Toluna?

You will get free registration in Toluna if you are 18 years or older. Just go to their home page & sign up with their email address or social media. You should then fill up the registration form by entering your details like full name, address, email address, location, etc. Then, they will verify your email. After the verification of your email, you will officially be called a member of Toluna surveys. They will send you email invites in the same email address. Toluna provides membership to people from 70 countries.




How to Earn Money with Toluna?

Toluna is a paid survey site. The major way to earn money is by taking surveys. The surveys will pay you around $1 to $3 depending on the length of the survey. In this Toluna review, we have made a list of other earning methods rather than just the surveys. They are:

– Signup Bonus: You can signup for free & earn 500 points for signing up on this website.

– Complete Profile Surveys: Unlike most of the other sites, Toluna pays its users for completing their profile surveys. There are 14 surveys available for one profile that pays 100 points for each survey.

– Polls: You just need to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the polls. It will just take you seconds to complete one poll & earn 15 points. But, not all the polls pay you.

– Product trial: You can choose the available products & complete a short survey. If you qualify the survey, you will get to test the product for free. You can earn more for free by reviewing the product on their website.

– Refer a Friend: You will get 500 points referral bonus for referring to one person. You get to earn 10% of their income on Toluna too.
– Participate in Contests: You get to participate in Toluna’s seasonal contests & earn up to 10,000 points.


How to Redeem your Income?

Here 1000 points are equal to $1. You need to collect your income & hit the minimum threshold to apply for payout. After that, you can change your earnings to the rewards of your interest. The rewards include gift cards & shopping vouchers, physical check, or PayPal money. The minimum amount necessary for the payout is 30,000 points i.e. $30.

You can win free products for trial. You can win gifts like Christmas Cookie Cutters, Yankee Candle Gift Card, Playstation 4, etc. You can use your earnings to get an entry on their sweepstakes too. You can win branded & expensive products like LED TV, BT speaker, etc through sweepstakes. Your rewards or money will be sent to you in 8 weeks.


Pros and Cons of Toluna

Here are some pros & cons of Toluna that you must know:-


– It is a reputed & legitimate company.
– Its signup & other features are free.
– You will find many qualifying surveys.
– Even if you disqualify, you will get entry to their sweepstakes.
– It has its own app & is user friendly.


– Although the survey qualifying rate is pretty high, it pays quite lower than other sites.
– The minimum threshold is $30, which is quite high.
– The cashout time period is long.


Is Toluna Legit or a Scam?

Toluna has a pretty impressive history of paying & rewarding its users. It has expanded on the global platform in the last 15 years being a legitimate & reliable survey site. The BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) has given an A+ rating to this site. Toluna has got only 31 complaints about its long payment time from its users since its initiation.

Further, it has 3.8 ratings on Trustpilot with more than 2,100 Toluna reviews. Toluna has addressed most of the complaints. It has a great customer service that responds immediately if you got stuck in the middle of something while surfing Toluna.



Toluna is definitely a reliable website. It has a reliable company background & good ratings. You will get many ways to make money by filling surveys, polls, referral & signup bonuses & by participating in its contests & sweepstakes. Also, the rewards are quite impressive. Most of the Toluna reviews are positive & there are very few complaints.

You should definitely use this site in your free time. You can make additional money by sitting in the comfort of your sofa within hours. If you spend most of your free time doing random stuff on the internet, I would better suggest you take their surveys & earn supplementary money. I hope this Toluna review answered your queries about Toluna.


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