Univox Community Review: Scam Or A Legit Site?

Univox Community is just another survey site that pays you for completing surveys online anytime you want. The best thing about online income is that you can do your job at your home with the coziness of your sofa & there’s no time schedule. You can fill up the surveys & complete other tasks in your free time.

Univox Community Review

This company provides diverse types of rewards to compensate for your time & words. Go through this Univox Community review to get highlights about the company, its working methods, earning options, legitimacy & all the things that you need to know before you sign up on this website.


Getting Started With Univox Community

Univox Comunity is a research site that gathers information from the consumers for the brands & businesses. They get paid for providing the customer’s opinions about the products & services of their brands to the respective companies. The users are expected to review the products & services that they have experienced or sometimes, test & review the products that are to be launched in the market. The consumers get paid while the business companies use the information to improve their products & services. So, it is a win-win situation for both parties.


Company History

Univox Community is run by a renowned market research company called Market Cube since 2009. They are more focused on technology research & developing a strong panel-base online. It has a massive userbase of more than 3 million members & the number is increasing day by day. It is headquartered in Dunes W Blvd, United States.


How To Join & How It Works??

In this Univox Community review, we reveal that it is exclusively a global company. While most of the surveys for money sites are approachable in developed countries only. But Univox Community is available to join from all parts of the world for people who are 18 years old or older. You just have to reach out to their home page & signup with your email or other social media handles. They will ask for some details to initiate the registration process. You need to enter your full name, gender, age, address, etc.

Univox Community

After you fill up all these data, they would want to verify your email address. When it is done, you can jump forward to complete your profile. The ‘profile survey’ consists of a bunch of questions like your shopping behavior, car ownership, your interests & many such questions. A complete profile will get survey invitations that are likely to be qualified by them. You even get a $5 bonus for signing up & $2 for filling up the profile survey. This is surely a great start which will be added to your further earnings.

You can participate in surveys after your email gets confirmed. You will find hundreds of surveys including various interesting topics. You can take polls, join discussions & surf the internet. The payout is quite easy & safe. You can payout through PayPal or in the form of gift cards according to your choice. It has four membership levels which go like Ambassador Users, Premium Users, Verified Users & Basic Users. Ambassador User is the most advanced & most benefitted one. The members can chat with other members through Shoutmix.


Earning Money With Univox Community

Surveys are the major earning options on the Univox Community. You can find surveys that take one minute to those that take an hour to complete. Both short & long surveys are equally important. They mention the amount you can earn & probable time taken to complete the survey in each survey. You can view the details & select suitable surveys for you. There is no doubt that the longer surveys pay you more than the shorter ones. On average, they pay you $0.50 – $2.0 for completing a 5-15 minutes long survey.

Not only surveys, but you can participate in polls & discussion groups to earn more. It features an online form to update its members with community news, contests & announcements. You will get $1 if your referral completes a survey for the first time. You can recruit a maximum of five people on this website. Univox Community provides free products for trial. The products may already be launched on the market or ready to get launched. You have to fill up a quick survey which if you pass, you get the products delivered to your doorsteps for trial. Later on, you can review those products on one of the Univox Community review section to earn more money.


Redeeming Your Income

100 points earned in the Univox Community is worth $1. Your earnings will be given in the form of points that you need to accumulate until you reach the minimum redemption threshold. The payout threshold for Univox Community is $25. It is quite high but the $5 sign up bonus aids it in some dimensions. The rewards include gift cards like Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, etc, or Prepaid Virtual Visa Cards. They provide reward links too. If you want cash then you can payout through PayPal. You will get your rewards in a few weeks.

There is one more interesting thing about this paid survey site. Univox Community has four different user levels. You don’t need to pay them to uplift your user level. You will get a level up after you complete a certain number of surveys. This way, your membership rank depends on the number of surveys you take. Your payout threshold decreases with the increase in the user level. The minimum threshold you can ever reach on their site is $10.


Pros & Cons of Univox Community

Here are some of the essential pros & cons that you need to know about Univox Community:-


– You get $7 at the beginning of your journey on the site as a signup bonus. This will help you to reach the cashout threshold faster.
– You can earn money by referring to up to 5 friends.
– You still get $0.05 if you disqualify from taking a survey. Well, that’s better than getting nothing.
– It owns a mobile app.
– It provides several reward choices.


– You don’t easily qualify for a survey. You need to have a complete profile & good-quality reviews to qualify for more surveys.
– The redemption threshold i.e. $25 is quite high.

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Is Univox Community Legit?

Univox Community is indeed legit because it has been running for over a decade. In this Univox Community review, I have given an in-depth look at what the Univox Community is about. It has been acknowledged by the consumers & brands. It has spread all over the world making over 3 million panel members. It doesn’t ask you to pay for anything on the site, neither does ask your credit card & other card details. It maintains the privacy of each member. Suppose if you use the site on your mobile, it won’t try to access other data. It doesn’t make use of such malicious software.

It is free to join which most of the scam sites are not. It doesn’t give you the false expectations of making you rich by taking surveys. Many scam sites try to lure consumers by flashing their advertisements all over the internet. In the end, neither do they pay but they may even steal your private details. You can find several Univox Community reviews from its consumers telling that it actually pays. The payment process is safe & secure through PayPal. It has got a 3.9 out of 5 ratings on Trustpilot. Overall, this is a legitimate & reliable site.


Is It Worth Joining?

It is just another get-paid-to site that will pay you worth your free time & quality of the review. You obviously won’t get rich by surfing one survey site for a few hours. It is free to join & gives you a $7 sign up bonus after you fill up your profile surveys. If you have a complete profile, you can easily find qualifying surveys for you. It provides a variety of earning opportunities like taking surveys, polls, product testing, discussion groups & prize draws. You get a referral bonus too. This will make it easier for you to make money. The payout is safe & you can choose rewards for yourself.

It has its own app which you can access in your smartphone. You can fill up the surveys lying on your bed, during your office lunch break or while traveling. You will be your own boss & you will work whenever you find it convenient. The more surveys you take, you will get a level up on your user membership & with that comes many benefits. If you answer 2-3 short or long surveys in a day, you will make enough money to go on dinner or to watch a movie a couple of times a month. So, it is worth investing in your free time.


Final Verdict

Univox Community is a symbiotic bridge that links brands & businesses to its consumers in which both get benefitted. You can make it your free time companion that will help you earn a few extra bucks to add to your major income. It provides its services all over the world. The surveys are quite informative because they include topics like business, politics, marketing policies, entertainment & other interesting fields. It broadens your knowledge too.

On this Univox Community review, I have tried to explain every minute details about the website. You can give it a try if you have two to three hours of spare time in a day. I hope this review gave an answer to all your questions.


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