Ipsos I-say Review: Is It Worth Joining?

Is Ipsos I-say worth joining or it’s a complete waste of time? This Ipsos I-say review will give you an inside look so you can decide if it can be beneficial for you or not. Here’s a brief highlight of everything you need to know about I-say.

ipsos i say review


What is Ipsos I-say?

Ipsos I-say is an online survey site that is an online division of Ipsos, a leading global market research firm headquartered in Paris, France. It has been in operation for over 30 years since 1975 employing more than 15000 people from all around the world. This multinational market research company was started by Didier Truchot, who is CEO and chairman of the company. It stands in third place among all the research agencies of the world. This online survey rewards community has 3 million dedicated members who can be listed on this site’s panelists list. Its services are available all over the world preferably in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and many others.

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This survey site is open to 18+ residents of these countries. All one has to do is sign up on the website, participate in a survey, earn reward points and redeem your rewards. This service is available in veritably their local language. I-say is quite user-friendly because even though it has panels in different countries each of them is actually tailored towards the specific country. Ipsos delivers reliable information and a true understanding of society, market and people. In short, this is an online platform where your judgment and perspective are valued.


Ipsos I-Say Platform Details

Once you sign in onto this platform you might speculate what does Ipsos I-say has for you. Here are some of its remarkable services:

•Survey Rewards: This community provides you to use your voice to earn yourself the rewards. You can share your opinions by participating in the surveys. Your earning depends on your frequency of participation. So keep on looking at your emails and be notified if you are using a mobile app so that you won’t skip the survey you are qualified to fill up.

•Contests: Anyone who is 18 years or older can join the contests. You will get to participate in the contests based on your eligibility for eg.new members are entered into the welcoming draw. Out of those 30 lucky members get to win $100 every four months. Your active participation will appoint you as one of the promising members that will give you entry to other bigger contests like click draw. You can earn between 45 to 90 award points after successfully filling each survey. So stay updated.

•Friends invitation: Inviting your friends will expand the I-say family and you will be rewarded for your contribution. Sign-in to the platform and send an invite email to your friends. If your friends accept your invitation and join the I-say family you will be rewarded. You will earn 100 points for adding one individual from your own country.

•Interaction with the community: In Ipsos I-say you will find people with common interests and opinions. It provides a platform for you to share what you opine and respond to what people have to say. This is a supporter of globalization and establishes good communication for the members through polls and other services.

•Loyalty Rewards: It is provided in some countries. Participate in a number of surveys to get higher bonuses and special rewards. These loyalty rewards work in the same way as the points you accumulate. This will be added to your earning on this website.


How to register and earn points?

If you are an adult, go to the Ipsos I-say website and start the account setup process. There you sign up for free. You may sign up with Facebook Or use your email. You don’t have to remember your password if you signup with Facebook so it’s less burden. It is a very simple survey panel in many ways and usually, you will receive an email if there are available services for you. This site will help you choose the best option for yourself. This process will take time where you will be asked a few demographic and targeting questions. They will ask your gender, date of birth, marital status, education, race, job, etc. You have to be right-minded while filling up the questionnaires. After you answer the pre-survey questions you’re off to the races. I-say does a number of surveys, exactly how many you get depends on the country you live in. Unfortunately, you can’t fill up all the surveys because you will have to qualify for the surveys. You can even earn while registering. If you meet the credentials as specified by the company you will earn higher points and if you don’t you still get 5 points as consolation. Actually this question-answer part is to understand the members closely to put them into the right panels.

Once you register and complete your profile, choose surveys you qualify for from the dashboard. This site also offers polls with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers that other people have created or you can create your own poll for others to answer. You won’t be awarded points for answering polls. It’s more of a social aspect of this company. After filling the survey you’ll be invited to play the Poll Predictor. Now predict the percentage of people who will choose the ‘yes’ option. If you get it right or close to the exact value, you’ll unlock ‘chances’ which qualifies you to enter into Ipsos I-say’s prize sweepstakes. However, you should be aware that taking part in a survey is the only way to earn points. In addition to this, you’ll get loyalty rewards for completing a certain number of surveys. Loyalty rewards come in form of bonuses. This is how you earn money by completing surveys.


How to redeem Ipsos I-say rewards?

When you take surveys on I-say you’ll earn points and these points can then be exchanged into different rewards.It depends on what you want to select. The prizes can be:
•A Starbucks card worth $5 for 500 points.
•A Facebook game eCard worth$5 for 500 points.
•An Amazon gift card worth $10 for 1000 points.
•1500 points for Target gift card worth $15.
•1530 points for PayPal funds worth $15.
•An I-say Visa Choice Prepaid Card in 2000 points.

A hundred points on Ipsos I-say is worth around one dollar. The rewards include PayPal funds,iTunes codes,Amazon.com gift certificates, Starbucks e-gift cards, Target, etc. They are delivered instantly to the address same as you provided in your i-Say account. Your i-Say points will be safe as long as your account is active(i.e. up to 45 days of continuous disuse). If you don’t have enough points for desired items, you can pay for lacking points by PayPal payment. You can also donate your points to some charitable organizations if you desire.

how to redeem Ipsos I-say rewards


Pros and Cons

This site isn’t littered with product download and trials. You strictly should only fill up surveys. You get a clean and serviceable interface about your earned points. The best part is you get to choose your rewards be it cash or beauty products or shopping at Target or a cup of coffee at Starbucks and many more. You get to participate in a loyalty program for bonus points. Also, the tech staffs show quick and unhesitating responses if you complain about any issues. There is also an i-say app that makes it easy to take the service on the go as you’ll be notified if there’s a new survey so you don’t need to check your emails that often. It’s the best way to use your leisure time to make money without much effort.

The bad side of this site is some of you may not be lucky enough to qualify for many surveys and may feel like you’ve wasted your time. This might cause an urge for new users to abandon the website. Some people mentioned that they are having trouble withdrawing their money due to delays in transactions. So you need to have patience while getting paid. Although it has a mobile app someone has to invite you to its particular survey to use this app which is not quite practical. Survey sites don’t pay in large amounts so you may feel you are misusing your precious time which you can use to make money from other online businesses. So, participate in surveys only after knowing how many points you’ll get and time for completing the survey.


Is Ipsos I-say worth joining?

Ipsos I-say is a legitimate website and its really worthwhile so as for making money. After explaining the perks of this website, it’s quite sure that you’ll have a sturdy experience as a member of this website. We are all different so it depends on your qualifications too. You can start reaping the benefits of this site if you happen to match a lot of qualifications. You’ll feel that your feedback is valuable and the rewards compensating for your time are added bonus. But it may be a real struggle if you happened to be unlucky in this. In the end, it is a reliable site so it can be considered reliable and the process is quick making it low-risk. It’s worth considering once as a side job if you have 2-3 hours of spare time in a day and want to make money online. So it’s better to give it a try and see what comes in your hands than anticipating failure. I hope you have a great experience with Ipsos I-say.


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