CitizenMe Review: Is CitizenMe Legit?

CitizenMe is a UK-based market research & survey website that is available in different countries. It is available in the mobile app that pays you for completing its surveys & sharing your opinions & demographics with brands or basic researchers.

This app is owned by CitizenMe Limited company that was launched in 2013. It has its headquarters in London, UK. It has collaborated with major banks, government departments, public organizations, business companies & many more. They need your opinions & views on different topics & your data like your internet behavior & browsing history to conduct market research about their customers. So these businesses seek help from the CitizenMe app. CitizenMe acts as a mediator between there businesses & its real customers by enabling their direct communication. Your identity will remain anonymous so you need not worry about the invasion of your privacy. They collect such data by conducting surveys & accessing your device. It pays immediately after completing the tasks through PayPal.

It is overall a simple & user-friendly app that allows you to earn extra money in your free time. It is available in many countries from different parts of the world like the UK, US, Australia, Turkey, Netherlands, France, Canada & many more.

Official Site Name: CitizenMe

Per Survey Income: Not Mentioned

Minimum Redemption Threshold: No specific redemption threshold

Withdrawal Method: PayPal

Available Countries: UK, US, Canada, Turkey, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, etc

Best Alternative: Swagbucks

CitizenMe Review

It is important to know if the site is legit or a scam before you join the website. In this CitizenMe review, I have mentioned every small detail that will be beneficial for you to decide if this site is good for you or not. Follow up with this CitizenMe review to know about the company, its registration process, earning method, legitimacy, pros & cons of the app.


Signing Up With CitizenMe

CitizenMe is free to sign up & available for people who are 18 years old or older. It is not like other survey sites. You should download the app & activate it in your phone in order to start earning money with citizen me. First of all, you should visit the official website of CitizenMe & register your profile. You can sign up with your email address & create a password for the website. Then you need to fill a registration form by providing your name, address, gender, age, education, job, hobbies & interests, etc. If you qualify the criteria set for the expected members on their website you will be sent to another step. There, they would want to verify your email address. You will be sent a verification link & you have to click on that link to get your account approved.


Now, download the CitizenMe app from the app store on your android or apple phone. You can sign in with the account you created on the website & activate it in your device. Or, you can directly sign up through the mobile app too by filling out your registration form. You can choose any one of the two ways. It is better to link your PayPal to your profile. You will immediately be paid after you earn a certain amount of money. This was all about the sign-up process as per this CitizenMe review.


How To Earn Money On CitizenMe?

CitizenMe is one of the most popular online surveys for money sites in the UK research market. It collects necessary data about the internet usage of the device in which it is connected. It will track the websites & cookies, your search history, online behavior & similar activities that you do on the internet. Its main motto is to know how people ake use of the internet & online platforms on the internet. Your privacy will be considered fully because they keep your identity anonymous. They are not interested in any particular person’s online activity. They just want an average data from all kind of customers. They conduct online surveys that pay a reasonable amount for the invested time.

This CtizenMe review will discuss all the earning methods in detail:

– CitizenMe Surveys:

The surveys pay the major amount in CitizenMe & are called CitizenMe Quizzes. You will find many surveys from the dashboard. It has six different types of surveys: insights, fun, donate, paid surveys, info & unlock. Each survey has a particular purpose so all the types of surveys are equally important to gather a complete set of information. The insight surveys focus on you & your demographics. It tends to know you better. Fun surveys are usually taken to compare your answer with other’s answers to find out the similarities & differences in a variety of people.

The info surveys are more about the CitizenMe app on how it conducts surveys & handles everything. The unlock surveys are taken so as to unlock other high paying surveys. It also allows charity donation to the selective organization. So, the donate surveys allow you to donate your earnings to charity. The paid surveys are the surveys from which you will actually earn money. The donate surveys & paid surveys to pay you while others are for basic information & judgment. The surveys will pay you some $0.5to $5 depending on the length & complexity of the surveys. The paid surveys are marked green thereby making it easier for you to identify.

– Selling Your Data: You can also earn by allowing their app to run in the background of your device & collect the necessary data about your internet behavior. They need the data to know & keep a record of internet usage on average. They will take your information anonymously so you don’t need to worry about your privacy. Your name & data will never be shown together. This will help you earn some bucks.


Redeeming Your Earnings on CitizenMe

CitizenMe provides the safest & easiest redemption option. It does not have any minimum redemption amount. Your money will directly be transferred to your PayPal after you complete the survey.

Make sure you connect your PayPal account to your profile in the CitizenMe app. It is better if the email address that you provide while signing up with the app is the same that is used in your PayPal. This way your money will easily be transacted to your PayPal.


Pros & Cons Of CitizenMe

CitizenMe is a popular data tracking & online survey app that focuses on market research. It has many users who have given their feedback & experiences with the CitizenMe app in many online CitizenMe reviews. Here’s a list of all possible pros & cons of CitizenMe that is summoned up from the CitizenMe reviews from all the online platforms.


– It is free to sign up & you can earn money effortlessly.

– The surveys are quick & have a clean interface.

– Your data & identity are anonymized.

– It pays immediately after you complete the surveys.

– It owns a mobile app which takes a peek on the insights of your internet usage. You are not obligated to sit in front of your PC because you can take surveys anywhere if it’s available on mobile.

– The surveys are quick & covers interesting topics.

– It does not have any payout threshold.

– It pays you through PayPal. It is the safest way of sending money online.


– The surveys seem to be inadequate for all the members.

– It does not provide many earning methods so this app seems quite limited.

– The surveys will be available according to your profile & demographics. So, the surveys are quite tough to qualify.

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Is CitizenMe Legit?

Yes, CitizenMe is indeed legit. It is very popular & recognized in the UK market research business. It is free to sign up & use other features. It pays instantly after completing surveys & after completing the specified time duration of the data tracking & recording. Many CitizenMe reviews have been posted online talking about its good customer service, well-paying service, user-friendly & safe app. Those CitizenMe reviews on the internet have given payment proof from the CiizenMe app. This app has received a 4/5 rating.

You may have doubts about its privacy as you have to activate the app on your device & allow it to access your internet history & behavior. But, be sure that this app has no intention to invade the privacy of any particular user. So, your data & identity will not be matched while keeping the records. Your name & identity will email anonymously. For eg, they will keep the record as X uses these websites twice a day. It doesn’t give you false hope of making you rich from the website because it is impossible. But, it surely pays you a reasonable amount of money that you have earned. So, the CitizenMe app & company is totally legit.


Final Verdict

CitizenMe is a legitimate mobile app that pays instantly for taking surveys & activating the app on your device. This app can come in handy if you want to kill your free time in a productive way. It provides some interesting & fun surveys. It has unique features along with different types of surveys. You can join the app if you have one or two free hours in a day. This way you will make up to $30 in a month if you remain consistent. That amount will be significant if added to your primary income.

In this CitizenMe review, I have tried to put every little piece of information that can be helpful for you to know the app & the company better. I hope this CitizenMe review was helpful for you.

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