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opinion outpost canada review

In this review, you will get our in-depth take on a famous survey site, Opinion Outpost that will definitely help you earn some spending cash. You will know how to earn points, redeem it, and its pros and cons. But before that, we are gonna take a deep look into Opinion Outpost features. You should always keep in mind that you won’t get by taking surveys. You are already doing stuff online that could get you money so why not make a few supplementary bucks while doing so.

You can even take your surveys on the phone while watching TV or while on the bus or getting a massage. But not all the survey sites are legit. You have to be very careful and do a little research before jumping into taking surveys. Now let’s get into the review so that you can choose if it is right for you or not.


What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is an online survey site that is owned & operated by survey sampling international. They have been around since 1977 and operates in 18 countries. So you can say that they are well known and a trusted company. Their corporate headquarter is located in Shelton, Connecticut, USA. The brands and business pay Opinion Outpost for collecting information for them and Opinion Outpost shares their income with its users to compensate for their time and words. The members have to share their feedback and reviews about the product and services they have used.


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Sometimes you may even get paid to test their products and keep the products that you review. This way you can make fast money by sitting at home while helping your favorite brands adapt and grow.


How to sign up and find surveys?

If you live in the US or Canada and are 18 years or older then you are eligible to apply for registration in Opinion Outpost for free just by entering your demographic information like gender, name, address, email address, etc. To become a member of this site is quite simple and easy. It will take a few minutes in total to complete the surveys. You can either sign up using an email account or any social media account. Then, you will receive a confirmation email that will guide you to another webpage to verify your email address. Here’s a tip, if you are planning to draw out points through PayPal, it would be easier for you if the PayPal account makes use of the same email address that you provided while signing up on the website.

After that, you have to add some information namely your location, age, family members, and so on to complete your profile and start qualifying for surveys. You will get an email to take surveys that have been matched for you according to the data you provide in the pre-surveys. If you respond you will make sure that you do qualify and if you do then you can fillup a complete survey. If you don’t you won’t secure points but if this happens you will get a great perk which will instantly give you an entry in $10,000 drawing every time you get disqualified. So this makes screeners feel like a much more valuable use of time in this site.


How does it work?

Similar to other popular survey sites in Canada, you become eligible to complete paid surveys when you register and complete your profile in Opinion Outpost. The surveys involve topics including sports, politics, electronics, medicines, appliances, food, and more. When you qualify and complete a survey, it will pay you in points that are convertible to banknotes. Right after you sign up, Opinion Outpost, you can immediately start earning points but you can’t cash out for 72 hours until holding period is over.

Paid surveys are the main way to earn money on this site. You will get survey recommendations on a daily basis. You have to complete a pre-survey questionnaire to make sure you are eligible to fill up the survey. If you qualify you are on the way to make money. The more surveys you complete the extra compensation points you earn. And don’t you worry about not qualifying, you will get an entry to $10,000 lucky draw which is a good chance to make money. It checks your answers to make sure you’re giving consistent and logical answers. Your account may be removed if you give obsessional answers.



You can view your available rewards on the dashboard of its homepage. There’s also the chance you lose your points. Opinion Outpost will inform you of the winnings and the expected survey time right before you proceed with any of the surveys. Most of the surveys take around 15 minutes although some are shorter or longer. You get rewards from 5 to 50 points per survey based on the length and quality of the surveys.


Referral Rewards

The referral is one of the best ways to earn money here. You will be given 5 points for every referral. You will get a referral bonus of up to 10 invitations only. So, invite your 10 friends or family members and make sure they register on this site through your invitation link. You won’t earn points if they join the site by themselves.


How to reclaim points?

One Opinion Outpost point is comparable to 10 cents which means you have the potential to win from 50 cents to $5 for one survey. Some pro tips to get survey invitations for high paying surveys are:-

Complete your profile by clearly mentioning your personal pieces of information and interests.
Be truthful while answering the questions to avoid invalidation.
Take your time to contemplate the survey questions and never be in a rush.

The minimum threshold to pay out in Opinion Outpost is 50 points ($5). This can be achieved by completing just 1-2 surveys. After you complete a survey, you’ll receive a predetermined number of points. You will then be able to redeem those points. You can redeem a minimum of $10 through PayPal, a minimum of $5 for Amazon gift cards, $5 for iTunes gift cards, and a minimum of 50 cents if you would like to donate your earnings to the American Redcross. If you use your points for gift cards, you should receive your winnings in one to three days.PayPal rewards may take slightly longer but not more than a week.


opinion outpost reward

Paypal charges a small fee but it also renders further flexibility. You can transfer your PayPal money directly into your bank account. Opinion Outpost also wields your points to buy entries in the sweepstakes. This has a high potential payout. The website runs a quarterly drawing for $10,000; a much larger amount that is available than in most other platforms.


Pros and Cons of Opinion Outpost


No spam: They don’t send out e-mail junks as many others do. Trying to get you to sign up for a random magazine description, weight loss pills, and other products you probably don’t want.
Its threshold amount for payout is low I .e.$10 which you can earn and redeem faster.
Its clearance method is flexible including gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and cash through PayPal.
Transparency: They also inform you about the expected time it would take to complete a survey and the points you would earn from it.
You will get $10,000 drawing screener entries every time you are disqualified from taking a survey.
It has quick rewards processing time.


Opinion Outpost is entirely authorized but there are some issues that you should be aware of before you sign up.
A very limited number of surveys are available
It is not available in many countries.
It profounds limited referral rewards in comparison to the other sites.
They don’t offer a mobile app.


Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam?

Opinion Outpost is a reputable survey platform that is totally legit and has been in the market for a long time. It doesn’t sell your personal information to third parties. It is rated 7.9/10 in Trust Pilot. It has a loyal user base and many success stories covered over the internet. They are known for lightning-fast payment once you have reached the minimum amount to redeem there.
There is no news of fraud or privacy violations about this company. Also, they don’t ask you to pay for signing up and product trials like many other scam sites do. It respects your privacy concern and doesn’t ask for your credit card details or other money-making conspiration. Overall, it has a clean profile and can be counted on to make extra money in your spare hours.


Is Opinion Outpost worth it?

Opinion Outpost is a pioneer in the world of online market research companies with remarkable features and customer service history. It has been around for years as a bridge to connect survey-takers with their favorite brands and companies. It provides fun and interactive surveys that are simple to complete. It also pays quite well. You won’t get paid like your regular job so it’s not worth quitting your job for the survey.
But if you stay idle and have a couple of hours of free time in a day, it’s better to give it a shot. If you plan well on how much time you spend doing surveys and be able to take a few surveys in your pocket in a day, you can earn handsome cash. This income will supplement your major income.


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