Earn Money By Testing Products From These Sites

There are many sites on the internet that lets you earn money by testing products. You can test the products for free, keep them & review the products on these websites to earn money. You can give your feedback on what is best about the product, what does the product lack & what can be done to make the product better. Your feedback will be valued because many brands & businesses pay these sites to get such information from their customers.

If you want to earn money for free by testing products, you can join such sites that provide you with product trials for free & pay you a good amount for reviewing them. You can find many of such sites out there on the internet. But not all of them are safe. Some scam sites may allure you by flashing great deals but misuse your personal details or ask for your card details.

It’s not that straight or easy to earn money by testing products. First of all, you need to do a bit of research on the sites to find some legit product testing sites. There are many legitimate market research sites & product testing sites out there. You can join any of them after a short inquiry on their product type & rewards. If you are successful to find some of such sites for you then you are good to go. To make your work easy, I have made a list of such legit sites that will help you earn money by testing products.

earn money by testing products


Toluna was initiated by Frederick Charles Petit in 2005 & has expanded globally as a market research company. You can get free products for trial & earn rewards by sharing your views on it. You can simply register on their website, go to the product trial portion & choose available products that you wanna test. On Toluna, you find products like shower gel, toothpaste & cosmetics for trial. You need to fill up a short survey & if you qualify your items will be delivered to your doorsteps.

You will have to give your opinion about the products including both of its positive & negative sides. They seek your review of the product you got for trial. You can choose money, gift cards, or vouchers in the form of your reward. It has 24 offices worldwide in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific the & Middle East.



Darrell founded UserTesting in 2007. It is the best site to test websites & review them to earn money. You can earn $10 for one review which only takes you around 20 minutes to complete. You can just sign up to do some test reviews. You will be sent sites to review based on your profile & demographics. Though you do not get physical products to test, it is a fun site. Your income will be transferred to you through PayPal.


Alba Science

Albas Science is a legit research organization that was founded in 2005. It does a clinical test on cosmetic products. The products they render are of high quality & really expensive. So you will get to test expensive products. Not only this, but they also conduct paid clinical trials in their Edinburgh office for pre-testing of the products before they are off to sell in the market. You will get quality moisturizers, shampoos & other cosmetic items for free. If your taste is expensive, this can be your site to earn money by testing products. You not only get free products, but you get exciting rewards by reviewing the products.



I-say is a market research company that works under IPSOS, started in 1975 by Didier Truchot. The major way to make money with i-Say is by taking paid surveys. But you can also earn money by testing products and giving a review of certain products & services that you have experienced. They may also offer you free product trials to get your feedback. They will reward you with PayPal money, gift cards & shopping vouchers, or charity donation.



Crowdville has been in operation since 2014 & has its headquarters in London, Uk. This site is for you if you are obsessed with discovering the latest & best of the smartphone apps. This site is quite new, started in 2014 but has gained massive popularity in Uk & Italy. It welcomes you to join Crowdville’s missions on testing its products & services to get reviews from its members. It works by following the ideals of crowdsourcing for digital enhancement.



BzzAgent was founded in 2001 by Dave Balter, CEO of the organization. It provides a large variety of products for trial starting from toiletries to food to gadgets. They provide you with free product trials & expect feedback and shout outs on your social media account. You get Bzzpoints after completing each survey. You should accumulate those points & redeem your rewards later. But remember, you have to be active on the site to earn mood money by testing products. Otherwise, your Bzzpoints may decrease.



Pinecone is a well-trusted & high paying reward site. It was founded in 1998 & owned by Nielsen, a global market research company. You can apply for product trials immediately after you signup. But you can signup through invites only, so there is a high chance of getting free products for trial. The products include cosmetics, food, drinks & others. It pays you a good amount for reviewing their product & giving friendly suggestions for the betterment of products. You can redeem your points for gift cards & other prizes too.


Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA, from its name, it is popular in the USA. You can test a variety of products like the latest technologies, gadgets, cosmetic products, good, fashion accessories, home appliances, etc. You may even get to a mystery shop from the site in some popular stores & restaurants inside the US. In return, all it wants is your genuine review of the products. It is even ready to pay you for your feedback along with the free products. But you will not get to try all the products. You have to qualify a short survey before testing the products.


Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a popular market research site that provides a global platform to review various products & services from big brands & companies. It is willing to pay its users & reward them with gift cards, prepaid debit/credit cards, Airlines & Merchandise. It has been around since 2004 & provides other earning methods like mobile surveys, online surveys, diary surveys, etc. It is definitely one of the best sites to earn money by testing products.

You can earn $5 for reviewing a product by answering a few questions which will take you some 15-20 minutes. It is accessible in 20 different countries and available in 15 different languages.



ACOP is a powerhouse research panel that has been in operation since 1986. It is an experienced & trustworthy company so you can totally rely on its products & product trial programs. It gives you free products for trial. It pays you for reviewing the products, business ads, paid surveys, reviewing diaries, etc. They use your feedback to bring improvement in the quality of their products. They pay you in cash through check & PayPal. You can submit your income to charity donation too.


The Pink Panel

The Pink Panel is another product testing site owned by a research-based product testing firm. It provides women to test makeup & cosmetic products that are newly launched in the market. You can earn money by testing products as well as by sharing your personal opinion & feedback about the products. It is easy to signup & the product testing is free. You can earn somewhere between $25 to $500 by sharing your honest opinion about the product depending on the type of product & quality of your review.



Influenster was launched in 2008 in New York. Here, you review cosmetic products like dermalogica & BECCA cosmetics. You just have to signup & choose products to test for free. They will then send you products in their VoxBox. Usually, there is more than one product inside the VoxBox. Now, you can try the product & give your opinion on a social media platform or via some blogs. It will be easier for you if you download their app & link your social media with the app.


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How can I Redeem My Rewards?

In most of the sites, you will earn points for trying & reviewing their products. You have to collect those points until you hit the minimum threshold. After that, you can change those points for exciting rewards like money through PayPal, shopping vouchers, gift cards & donations. The product that you choose will be delivered to your doorsteps. Then, you can earn money by testing products & sharing your feedback. Also, your payment won’t take that long.

Mostly, products like skincare, makeup, gadgets, foods, or websites are available for testing. Not all the sites provide all of these products. You should smartly choose those sites that render you the products of your interest.



You can spend your free hours surfing these websites to find products that are available for a free trial. You get free products & rewards while the company gets consumer reviews. So it’s a win-win situation for both. The above-mentioned sites pay you good money and offer exciting rewards. This is indeed a good utilization of free time. I hope this article helped you to know how to earn money by testing products.

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