UK: Top 5 Legit & Best Paid Survey Sites

Recently Updated: List of Top 5 legit & best paid survey sites in the UK. Use the links below to get the best current sign up offers for each:

(We recommend you to sign up for few best survey site, cause offer keeps on changing, and some even close their entries)

When you’re looking into making extra money potentially through online platforms, survey sites pop up as the best option. Best suited ones can do surveys and get paid instantly. There are dozens of research companies recruiting new members to participate in surveys. Many are legit and many don’t payout. We have taken deep research about all international and national UK-exclusive survey sites and shortlisted some best options. So if you are looking for genuine paid survey sites in the UK that is trustworthy and pays faster, here are top 5 legit survey sites in the United Kingdom:

InboxPounds UK

InboxPounds is a popular cash-based online survey site in the UK where you get rewarded for doing things like taking surveys, playing games, reading emails, surfing the web, completing paid/free cash offers, etc. Though surfing the internet or reading emails doesn’t pay much but you can earn handsome cash by taking surveys.InboxPounds accounts membership for 18+ individuals. This site is simple and easy to use. It is in fact legit because neither they steal your money nor they deny for payment.

Once you sign up, you have to take part in different surveys, games and many purchase offers. They give you 1 pound as a bonus for joining. You can money completing a to-do-list like completing your profile. After that, you’ll be asked a bunch of questions and can make real cash by answering them. You can search over their search page, play games or complete mini-tasks like doing research over the internet and reading ads to add more pounds to your income. You also get paid for referring to a friend and receive 10% of their earning. The threshold amount to request a cheque is 20 pounds. It pays easily through a check, vouchers, various gift cards or master prepaid cards.

After reaching your first payment, you’ll be upgraded to a gold member. Comparatively faster payments, more sweepstakes entries, additional loyalty and referral rewards are the perks of becoming a gold member. You can find higher-paying surveys in the survey section called Peanut Lab Surveys.

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Nielsen Panel UK

Nielsen Panel is one of the oldest and respectable companies in the market research industry that has been monitoring the online behaviors of survey takers for the past 90 years. It is quite different from other sites mentioned on this list. You need to participate in research after you sign up to earn rewards. All you have to do is install the app of software and use the internet as you always do. The panel will collect data about the internet usage of its members and use it to improvise online services and products. So, this is a convenient way to help improve the internet.

It’s completely safe and reliable. All they want is to know how people use the internet. The members of this panel mimic the behavior of the overall population. You can register in its panel in just a couple of minutes for free. The panel collects the following range of data from their panel participants:

·         Name, address and family information of participants.

·         Demographics such as education, age, occupation, etc.

·         Surfing, viewing and buying behavior.

·         Third-party data about media consumption patterns and demographics

After dealing with all this information, they will guide you to install and download tools for tracking your online data on your mobile or desktop. An extension will also be added to your browser. This way you’ll get $50 in a year for keeping the app on your device. But if you have a desktop or laptop, you can get entries into the company’s $10,000 sweepstakes every month.400 members will earn some more whereas two lucky members take away $1,000 each. Once you accumulate enough points, you can exchange them for gift cards that can be redeemable on Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Starbucks and other online shops.

It’s quite easy as only a little or no effort is required from your part after dealing with those tiresome questionnaires plus it is available in other countries too. However, your privacy is at stake. In the FAQ section, they have mentioned that they’re only interested in collecting overall data not in retrieving specifics of any particular user’s personal information.

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Swagbucks UK

Swagbucks is available for various countries and the united kingdom is in one of the top lists of Swagbucks. They are one of the most popular and legit paid survey sites that are available in the UK. Swagbucks doesn’t show your earning in points or cash but instead, they have their own currency similar to points and that is called Swagbucks.

If you are thinking to take the survey and get paid a good amount of cash then you should definitely join Swagbucks. As a new member, you’ll earn some £ as a welcome bonus. Paid surveys are not the only ways to earn here, You can also earn by watching videos, playing games, using search engines & by doing online shopping.

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OpinionInn UK

OpinionInn is an online website that offers surveys you can answer and in return, you get paid after you complete surveys. Survey sites will reward you for sharing your opinions about certain topics or products. Not only your opinion will be heard but you will also earn some money from it. So, that’s a win-win situation for you. The signup process is very simple and it provides you £10 for joining as a bonus and pays you well for the surveys you complete. If you live in the UK, USA, AU, CA or India, you can check it out.

This site is legit and does what it promises. Now let’s look forward to some earning opportunities. This site only provides two earning opportunities.

Paid Surveys

As it is a survey site, the main method of earning some money is by filling surveys. When you log in to the dashboard, you will be able to see all the available surveys you can take, the topic of the survey and how much you can earn when you complete the survey. You have to go through the qualification process of the survey. You must be thinking why you need to do this qualification process? Well, the survey is meant for a specific group of people. It is to verify whether you are from the group or not. Once you’ve finished the qualifying questions, the site will inform you if you qualify or not. So if you don’t qualify you just have to move on to another survey site.

Referral program

A survey site has a referral program in place to motivate its member for inviting other people to join their site. The issue with the OpinionInn is that it does not explain the benefit you’ll receive from it. Now let’s talk about the payout method. After you complete filing your survey, you will get a reward in your OpinionInn balance. You have to earn a minimum of £25 to withdraw your money. You can withdraw it through PayPal. You can expect to wait for six to eight weeks for your account to be credited. It is said that you can earn between 25 cents and £20.00 for each survey you complete depending on the length of the survey. You can’t really expect to earn £20 or more for a survey. It is available globally. You can sign up from anywhere around the globe. You have to be at least 18 years or older to sign up because that is the age requirement of PayPal. Anyone younger than 18 will not find this site useful.

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Panelbase UK

Panelbase UK is a well-known online survey panel that provides member cash rewards for participating in surveys. It includes online, postal, telephone, mobile, product testing, app testing, website evaluation, and focus groups. It is one of the fastest-growing research communities on the internet. It gives its members opportunities to provide their opinions on a variety of products and services along with the topical issue. It is a renowned get-paid-to survey site. Panelbase claims that you can earn money online by taking surveys on a variety of commodities and services.

Many surveys of Panelbase are completed online successfully and they invite their members to take part in more surveys like telephone surveys, mobile surveys, postal surveys, and so on. Many surveys of Panelbase includes modern technology to create a fun environment among members. You can sign up for free and the account set-up process is quite easy. Fill up the profile survey with your quick biodata and you are ready to go.

Panelbase is the most worthy survey site. The surveys available are mostly targeted to the UK audience. A completely paid survey is one of the main methods to earn on this survey site. Plus there are many options like watching videos, emails and referring your friends. You will have a complete experience of a typical survey site on this website.

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I survey world UK

I survey world is one of the newest survey panels in the market it is owned and run by Dale Network Inc. which is one of the largest marketing firms of Latin America. It is also a free service dedicated to help you ea some cash for completing online surveys especially for the UK . Similar to other survey sites, it is simple and straightforward. You can sign up for free and create your profile. For signing up you just have to answer a few basic questions about yourself and provide some necessary information. Once you have completed filling the questionnaire, you will be sent a confirmation link which will take you to their dashboard and you will be able to see your account details as well as your rewards. You will also be provided £5 for free as a to earn cash.

I survey strongly believe that your feedback can help improve the product and services that you review and they are willing to pay you to fill surveys on various products and services. so you can say that I survey is legit and not a scam and you can earn some money through it . The money is transferred to your PayPal account where you can withdraw your money after you collect the minimum payout amount which is £25. The money you receive for completing the survey differs and depends on the time you take to complete each survey .usually it pay around £1 to £2 similar to other survey sites. It is a useful and reliable site that makes earning some cash simple. You can sign up when you reach thirteen .so even teenagers can take the survey for is free to join and you don’t need to pay any amount of money for registration or membership.

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The above-mentioned survey sites are picked out after deep investigation and analysis on ease of use, better deals, better rewards and decency of the sites. Before joining any site you need to understand the strength and limitations of those sites. We are just helping you to get the insights of high-rated survey sites.

Paid surveys are statistical surveys where participants get rewarded through incentive programs either in cash or gift cards for using their website to complete surveys. It tends to know it’s customers closely by asking for some personal and demographic questions. After that, they get some feedback from the eligible members and pay them in return as compensation. Almost all survey sites work the same way. You first need to signup and give your complete introduction; most of them give bonus points for signing up, then perform survey tasks and other earning options if available. After gaining a threshold amount of points, you can redeem that as cash or gift cards. You should be clear that you’re not gonna get life-changing income. So don’t expect too high earning. But the income will be worth your invested time. So it’s better to only participate in surveys in your leisure time.

It’s good to have your viewpoints valued and considered. So choose the best ones and participate in as many surveys as you can. You can use a separate email for this in case you have any doubt. Always cash in when you reach the threshold limit. All the surveys listed here are free to join and we suggest you not to pay for subscription no matter what they promise you-it may be a scam. Once you sign up, stick to that site and give genuine reviews. This way you can boost your earning just in the comfort of your sofa.

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