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Pinecone Research is an online product assessing and online surveys for money sites. It is legitly owned by the Nielson market researchers who have headquarters established In New York. Established back in 1998, the platform today stands as an ICON in the product research market because of its authenticity and qualified “Panelists (Members)”. The reason I learned about their success story is their right to choose members themselves, which they use pretty well. They choose members from the applicants themselves who are then assigned those tasks according to their respective abilities and interests.

pinecone research review

But you don’t need to worry if you don’t love research work or you are not good at taking surveys. Pinecone no doubt cares about its standards but after all, they have to hire someone to assess the products. It can be anyone. Maybe you or someone else with some knowledge about their services.


What’s New About Pinecone Research?

A healthy mind may think about the reason why he or she shall prefer being a member of the Pinecone Research to others. Well, there are multiples reasons to choose “PINECONE RESEARCH”. In a quick review I shall say Good payout rates, Legit, Easy surveys, Part-time work, No office Restrictions, Freelancer like freedom, Absolutely Safe & much more than that, which I shall discuss with you in the late part of this Pinecone research review.


How This Platform Does Works?

Unlike many other survey platforms “PINECONE RESEARCH” has a bit different way of working that may be difficult for some people but it can easily be understood if you pay a little attention here.

Pinecone Research, as I said earlier is a reputable platform therefore only a Panelist can either send you a link to join or you may also find a link to join pinecone research here

Once you find a link to Pinecone, you will have to take a small test for a few minutes (5-10 minutes). As soon as you will take the test and fill in your necessary details, your proposal will be automatically sent.

After your questionnaire is assessed and it seems to them that you are helpful for their company you will be soon informed and here you will be a “Panelist”.

Now you will take survey tasks, complete them, and start earning rewards in terms of Points. You can then use these points to convert back into Money, make online amazon purchases, and much more.

With the completion of each survey which will take almost 10-20 minutes, you will be earning almost 3-5$. Sound’s good!

Although the amount may not be much great still it’s a good source to make some extra pocket money.


pinecone research reviews



A Few Pros of Pinecone Research:

As discussed above, there are many plus points that make it unique from its competitors. Now let’s understand those traits that make it more profitable and worthy for us.


Safety & Authenticity:

Safety in the online world is of equal importance as that of real life. To ensure the safety of the site and its members the site keeps updating. In the recent past the “Pinecone” was certified by the BBB (The Better Business Bureau) as a safe and legit site.

Keeping in mind you should not worry about your privacy. Pinecone Research gotta eye on that for you.


High Payout Rates:

As a worker, you always want big profits and that is what the Pinecone Research ensures. Taking just a 15-20 minute survey or even less than that, and getting paid out something between 3-5 bucks is never a bad deal.


Enjoyment in Surveys:

Surveys no doubt are a source of income for one, but they can make anyone bored. To not let this happen Pinecone does something which others don’t. They use the cookies and your initial question paper you take at the time of applying for a job to trace your interest. This helps them assigning you surveys one would love to take.


No Balance Limits:

The most amazing part about being the Pinecone Research Member is you are absolute authority. You are not restricted to cashing out a specific amount of money. The more you earn the more you withdraw.

You may withdraw your money or simply keep it in points to make an online purchase which is not a bad choice at all.


Multiple Payment Methods:

Among the most facilitating part about Pinecone Research is its versatility in the way you can get paid out.

They can pay you via:

•        Cheque

•        Visa/Master card

•        PayPal (Easiest/Fastest)


In Time Payments:

The platform as I said is reputable hence tries to out-perform in each aspect. Unlike many other lazy platforms they are fast & much more reliable. With their payments in almost 24-48 hours’ time. They ease the way you like.


Excellent Customer Support Service:

As workers, we always need some help at some stage of our work. It may be technical, or educational. That’s another point that makes the Pinecone Research unique on its own. The site has a Cooperative team to assist you at every possible stage. The site also has a healthy FAQ section to support their members and outsiders.


User-friendly Interface:

In the online world a great experience always starts from a great interface. The principle is well followed by the site. The site is well structured and really neat and clean with not much content on the home page to avoid any confusion.


No Registration Fee at All:

Yes, you read it right. Pinecone is never going to charge you for being their partner. If you are a bit skilled you are more than welcome. The surveys are absolutely free & no investment demanding.


Points Expiring Deadlines:

Maybe you were busy for a long time and forgot to withdraw your money. Even then there is no need to worry because Pinecone Research is willing to keep your money for one long year. Within the year if you return back you can withdraw it.


Multiple Ways of Utilizing Your Rewards:

The platform not only allows you to withdraw points in terms of money but also use them to make online purchases. You can buy any toys, books, clothes, else anything that is on your budget via this service.


Prizes as Bonus (Sweepstake):

Pinecone Research not only pays out your for your surveys but also gives you a chance to involve in various contests absolutely free. As soon as you complete a survey you get involved in contests called “Sweepstake” absolutely free. The most interesting part is you can win up to $4500.


Some Cons of Pinecone Research:

Good things have to lack’s as well and so is the case in this site too. You may also like to read what Pinecone research members think about it. I will now share with you some things I didn’t like about the site.


Age Limit:

The site is really strict in the matter of the age of its members. It is compulsory for their members to be at least 18 years of age. It’s because of the different types of sites and products that they have o survey. An adult-type product cannot be worthy of young people.

Adult dedicated products are more perfectly tested by adult Panelists.


Unavailability of the Mobile App:

In this mobile and moving world, the mobile phone is a lot worthy and so are the apps, But the most unfortunate part about the site is its unavailability in terms of mobile-friendly apps.

Each time you want to take a survey you must come up with a laptop, else it is not possible.

Unavailability of the Mobile App



A hurting part about this job is that some people may find it useless as its contract-based. When there will be no surveys, you will not be paid at all. But this shouldn’t be a problem because in the U.S.A out of every 5 people 1 is a contract-based worker, which should be okay.


Restrictions on Joining:

The website hires its member-only by sharing a link, which they don’t usually do. You cannot get involved yourself. They decide whether or not to select you for their post.

Drying Up Surveys:

That’s probably the most hurting of all. The number of surveys is decreasing day by day and the reasons are unknown. Surveys help you earn, and with their reducing quantity opportunities are fading.

But never lose hope maybe next month is your lucky one!


Password Choice:

As discussed earlier this site is approved by the “The Better Business Bureau (BBB)” therefore It has a few restrictions.

For instance, the most common one faced by many people is the limited choice of using passwords.

It’s actually not to make user experience hard but for the hackers to get into the site by any means.

Limited Family Members Are Allowed:

This may be okay with many people but may not be for many of us. This is a part of the Pinecone Research Company’s policy, to not allow more than one person of a household to join for surveys.



In my opinion, joining such an ICONIC paid survey site “Pinecone Research’ won’t ever be a bad choice at all. This is because it’s absolutely free. Moreover, they are not wasting your time but making to worthwhile by giving you opportunities to earn.

They care about your time and inform you about surveys via emails and so you don’t have to wait for the surveys to come and complete. All you have to do is to look for an opportunity to apply for the job and then let them select you and start providing opportunities.

Prior to all if you win even a single Sweepstake of $4500, you know better how much it’s gonna worth.

” Concluding, I will say to me it’s more of a giving deal than taking. So you shouldn’t avoid it all…”



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