Lifepoints Review: Is Lifepoints legit?

LifePoints is a renowned survey-based market research firm that has spread globally to collect marketing & business information. It is operated by a massive research company called Lightspeed LLC. LifePoints expects consumer’s views & feedback on the products & services of major brands & businesses. The customers share their experience with the product while the businesses analyze the quality & popularity of their product in the market focusing on the betterment of their products & services. LifePoints is now available in web & mobile apps. They have over 5 million consistent members & they operate in 26 different languages.

Official Site Name: LifePoints

Per Survey Income: 20-100 life points/survey

Minimum Payout Threshold: $5

Withdrawal Method: PayPal money, gift cards & charity

Available Countries: 70 counties including US, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Spain, Italy & others

Lifepoints Review

Lifepoints is actually the merged version of two different panels – My Survey & Global Test Market. Its parent companies have been around since 1946. With its years of experience, it has expanded tremendously in 70 different countries including Canada, USA, UK, India, Australia, etc. Most of the online surveys for money are always doubted to be a scam. Is LifePoints a legitimate survey site or a scam? Stick to this LifePoints review to get your answers.


How Does It Work?

It is important to know how the company works to know if it is legit or not. LifePoints works to link the brands & businesses with its consumers. The consumers take surveys & other tasks to share their opinions & feedback about the products & services that they have experienced. There is a separate review section for each product so that its easier for the consumers to review products & for brands to get feedback on the specific product. There are three main earning methods on LifePoints: taking online surveys, tracking your online behavior on the website & product trials. The survey company uses feedback for product development.

LifePoints gets paid for providing a platform for reviewing & promoting the products. It gets paid by the retailers & shares a portion of its income with its users. The panel members can earn & accumulate the life points to redeem their rewards. It rewards you with PayPal money, gift cards or you can donate your earnings. It is very active on social media. It conducts competitions, giveaways & polls on their social media too. They give away special prizes like PlayStation 4, Apple Watch, Xbox, Amazon Voucher, Amazon Echo & Alexa devices, smart TVs & many other prizes to their luck social media winners.

It even gives a few compensation points to its users if they disqualify from taking any survey. This will boost the confidence of the members. They send you many qualifying surveys on your email. It also provides boosters. The boosters help you earn more in a short time without completing any tasks. For example, you get 20% extra earning if you turn on your device location, it gives you more money if you have a complete profile & many others.


Signing Up With LifePoints

You must be 14 years or older to register on the LifePoints website. Visit their website on your PC & choose the sign-up option. You can either sign up with your email address or other social media handles. The registration is completely free & you get 10 life points as a signup bonus. You have to provide them your name, age, email address, nationality & gender while signing up. If you qualify their credentials then they will send you a confirmation link on your email inbox.


Click the link to verify your email & get your 10 life points. The link will take you to another webpage where you need to complete your profile. They may ask you some other questions like your job, hobby, daily routine, interests, likes & dislikes. This information will help them to find & send qualifying survey invitations for you. Check the notifications daily to be updated with the newest survey invitations. This process will be completed in a few minutes. You can start earning money after you get registered.


How Can You Earn On LifePoints?

LifePoints provides many money-making opportunities. You can find the tasks from your dashboard. Normally you get 20-100 life points for completing one task. In this LifePoints review, we will discuss all the earning options on LifePoints.

– Online Surveys: Surveys are the most prominent task when it comes to earning money on a survey site. In LifePoints, the surveys include a variety of topics like food & lifestyle, shopping, products, travel, health, beauty cosmetics & many such daily life requirements. You will be qualified for any survey depending on the data you provided while signing up & filling out your profile surveys. Surveys are meant to be useful for brands to enhance their products. So make sure your answers are authentic. It will take you some 5 – 10 minutes to complete one survey that will pay you around 20 to 100 points.

– Diaries: You get to earn money by sharing your experiences on the site by using their diary feature. This feature is available on the LifePoints mobile app that tracks your behavior on the website. You can write about your interactions with the retailers & the company, the support you got in case of technical errors, whether the site helped you make money or not & many more. You can just write down the stuff you do on their websites & get paid.

– Product Testing: Product testing is a fun & profitable way to earn money on LifePoints. There are many products available on their dashboard which you can test & review for free. But first, you need to complete a quick survey to qualify for a trial of that certain product. If you qualify, the product will be sent to your doorsteps. All you got to do is use the product & share your experience while using the product in their review section. They will pay you a good amount of money for product testing.

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Redeeming Your Rewards On LifePoints

You will be rewarded with a certain number of life points for completing the tasks on their website. If you want to payout then you have to exchange your life points for certain rewards. First of all, you need to hit the minimum redemption threshold i.e $5. Once you collect enough money for payout, you can choose any of the rewards like PayPal money, gift cards from big retailers, or charity donations. But remember the dollar value of life points is not the same for all the rewards. For example, a $5 PayPal voucher can turn out to be more expensive than a $5 Starbucks e-gift card.

I would suggest you stay consistent with the website because your earnings expire after 3 years of continuous disuse. Keep taking surveys & other tasks & keep earning. It is good to payout immediately after reaching $5. The e-gift cards are sponsored by major retailers like eBay, Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Your gift cards & PayPal money will be sent to you within a week. If you are not in need of money then you can donate your earnings to many charitable organizations directly from their site.


Pros & Cons Of LifePoints

Many LifePoints reviews have been published discussing its pros & cons. The major pros & cons of Lifepoints are listed below:


– It is completely free to use.
– It is cash-based & rewards you with real money along with other rewards like gift cards & charity.
– It provides you a few points even if you get disqualified from taking surveys.
-This site can be accessed by teens above 14 years of age.
– It is available in 70 different counties & 26 different languages.
– The cashout threshold i.e. $5 is too low compared to other survey sites.


– The exact value of the points is unpredictable so you can’t tell how much you’ll earn.
– Your earnings will expire after three years.
– The earning possibility is quite lower than other sites.


Is LifePoints Legit Or A Scam?

LifePoints is operated by the world’s largest provider of custom research & analysis. It is reputable & has been running for 8 decades. It is one of the oldest & most popular survey sites in the history of market research. This fact makes it to be a completely legit site. But in this LifePoints review, we will discuss more evidence of its legitimacy. It is a free site & does not ask for your private information like credit card details. It maintains the privacy of their users & does not interfere in a particular user’s private space. Along with that, it has got a 4.3/5 Trustpilot rating which is a cherry on the cake. So, Lifepoints is definitely a legitimate survey site.


Should you Join LifePoints?

Previously on this LifePoints review, we concluded that LifePoints is a legitimate & reliable website. You need not worry about getting scammed or misuse of your details. They keep up with the privacy of the customers. Talking about the profitability, I think this site is fine because no survey site can make you rich. Many surveys for money sites claim to make you rich but they all are a scam. So, if a site is legit, has been running for years & provides many earning & redeeming options then what more do you ask for?

If you are a student, jobless, or housewife then you should definitely consider this website in your free time. Even the 9-5 job-holders can take surveys on their holidays, lunch break, or while traveling on the train. This site can be accessed in 70 different countries in 26 different languages. You should not be a pro in English. You can take the surveys in any language you want from those countries. It owns a mobile app too. So you are not bound to stay in front of your PC screen.



LifePoints is a pioneer of global market research companies. It conducts surveys & other programs to reward you for your time & words. A company like this can become a game-changer in uplifting the quality of goods & services in the market. If you are planning to join survey sites then you should definitely give it a shot.


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