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opinion inn review

Are you looking for an online platform to earn money? If your answer is yes, then you can take online surveys that pay you for sharing your opinion about certain products, topics, or services. But, not all survey sites are legit. Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing one for yourself.

Opinion Inn is one of such legally-established survey companies. This review is especially for people in the UK as Opinion Inn is a UK based research company. This way, you can make your free time fruitful and earn additional money to supplement your primary income. Read this review thoroughly to know every detail that you should know before signing up on this website.


What is Opinion Inn?

Opinion Inn is a research-based online reward site that gives you an opportunity to earn money by completing different surveys. They will give a voice to your opinion as well as pay you a bit of cash for sharing your viewpoint. Opinion Inn is operated by Orchid Online Research, Pvt Ltd. It was started in 2013. It has a huge user base in the UK. It is associated with other multinational companies, brands, and businesses to link them with their customers. It collects reviews about the available products and services, allows new product trials, and helps them enhance the new products that are to be launched.

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How to sign up?

Anyone who is a resident of the UK and is 13 years or older can join Opinion Inn. But to withdraw your earnings you have to be 18 as minimum age requirement to create PayPal account is 18 years. You can sign up by surfing its official website or via an invitation link sent by your friends. Use either your email account or social media accounts. You need to enter some details like your name, age, address, email address, etc. Your account will be created but still, it won’t be activated. Make sure you provide your own email address because they will send you an account activation link in the same high paying survey email address. The link will lead you to another webpage where you can set your password for the site.

Now login into the site with the email and password to get a $10 sign up bonus and start collecting rewards. The joining bonus is higher than the other sites. Complete your profile and search for your interest to reach the threshold faster. The signup process is completely free on this website.


How does it work?

Opinion Inn is exclusively a survey-based site. It is linked with different brands and business companies that seek genuine consumer’s reviews on their products and services. Opinion Inn provides a platform for such companies and real consumers to communicate and come to a conclusion on how to make the products and it’s services better. Opinion Inn gets paid for connecting them and its users are paid for providing their opinion. This is a basic format about how it works.

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It has limited methods of earning which includes taking surveys and referring to your friends. But the payment for these tasks is worth investing in your free time. You have to collect money by taking numerous surveys and withdraw your money whenever you want once you cross the threshold amount. It only pays in cash. They pay you something between 25 cents and $20 for one survey depending upon the time and length of the survey. Some jackpot surveys can pay you $100 for just one survey. But it’s not that easy to find such surveys. So give a veritable answer to each question and stick with the site to find such jackpot surveys.


How to earn money on Opinion Inn?

Opinion Inn does not provide too many ways to earn money. You can earn in two ways only:

Option 1: Online surveys

As it is a survey site the main way of making money is by taking suitable surveys. You can find many surveys on the dashboard. There you can see the amount you can earn by completing one survey, the expected time for that survey, and the topic of each survey mentioned in the survey list. Select any survey you like and you will be forwarded to the qualification process. The qualifying questions are asked to find out if are liable to take that particular survey or not. If you qualify, you can take that survey and earn money. Proceed with the survey if you qualify and jump for another option if you don’t.

You get invitations to take surveys that you may qualify for. But before that, you have to complete your profile. This makes it easier for them to find a suitable survey for you. You can earn 25 cents to $20 for one survey but usually, the income is between $2 to $3 for one survey.

Option 2- Referring to your friend

The referral program in Opinion Inn is different from other sites. In other sites, you have to send your referrals invitation link to join the site and you will be awarded only if they signup through your link. But in Opinion Inn, you just have to provide their full name and email address. Opinion Inn itself sends them an email containing invitation link asking them to become a member of their site. If they sign up with the same email, then they will be listed as your referral and you will get paid only after they start earning.


Pros and cons of Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn is an online reward site that offers you surveys and pays you well for answering the surveys. Like every other survey site, Opinion Inn also has its pros and cons. Here is an overview of Opinion Inn for you which might help you to decide whether you would like to join this site or not.


– Opinion Inn is available Worldwide.
– The bonus point you receive while signing up is very high.
– The payments can be done through PayPal.
– They pay you a good amount of money for completing surveys.
– It is a totally legit site.
– They provide you with various options to make money.


– The minimum payout threshold is slightly high.
– The earning opportunity here is limited.
– It’s not easy to get qualified for most surveys.


Is Opinion Inn legit or a scam?

You have nothing to worry about being scammed here. Opinion Inn is a totally legit site that pays well to its member for completing the activities available here. They pay their members once they complete answering the surveys. You can’t earn a lot but you can make a decent earning out of it. Opinion Inn is operated by orchid online Research, Pvt Ltd which has been in the market for over six years. They respect your privacy concern and doesn’t ask you for your credit card information like most of the scammers do. So, you can be sure that you won’t get scammed through this site.


How can you redeem your points?

You will be rewarded for many activities here. After you complete activities on this site and earn rewards for it, they will be deposited in your opinion Inn account. You will have to collect a minimum threshold amount for payouts. Once you collect the minimum threshold amount you can request for a Payment. The minimum threshold here is slightly high and it’s $25. But hey on the other side you get a high joining bonus that is $10 which is pretty good. You can withdraw your money through PayPal. They also provide you with the opportunity to donate some of your earnings with the charity. The exact amount of money you could make can’t be said as it depends on the activities you perform. The more time you spend on this site the more activities you perform and the more rewards you can earn.

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Final verdict

Opinion Inn is a research-based online reward site that pays you quite well for answering surveys and your time. It is available worldwide so you can sign up from anywhere in the world. You have to be at least 18 to join this site. It is totally a legit site to join so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. You can trust them and totally rely on them. It also offers the highest joining bonus compared to other survey sites which are $10.

According to me, Opinion Inn is not a bad survey to join. You can take Opinion Inn as a part-time job for extra earning which can help you cover some of your expenses. But don’t have high expectations of survey sites. Survey sites won’t make you rich, it’s just a myth.

If you have a couple of free hours, you could definitely use that time to earn some of your extra spending money rather than wasting your time doing unproductive activities. And the best thing about taking surveys is you don’t have to leave your house or your room. If you want to make some money in your free time you could definitely give this site a try.

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