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nielsen panel review uk

There are many ways available in the market to generate money. One of them is online paid surveys. Online paid surveys are the best ways to earn money in your free time in the UK. If you are a citizen of the UK and want to know more about Nielsen Panel stick with us till the end.

Below is provided everything you need to know about Nielsen Panel.


Introduction to Nielsen Panel

The Nielsen Panela is a totally legitimate research-based online survey site. It is owned and operated by Nielsen Research, which is a renowned market research company all over the world. It has been conducting the research program for over 90 years. It just wants to know your internet usage and the things you search for or watch on the internet. Nielsen Panel wants a close insight into what people do with their smartphones on a regular basis. It does different research and connects big companies with the public. It is quite different than the other prevailing survey sites. You just have to install the Nielsen Panel app on your mobile phone, activate it and do all the regular random stuff you do with your mobile phone. Nielsen takes a glance of your digital and internet usage and stores the required data.

The Nielsen Panel is a legit site. So be sure about the safety of your private details and documents. However, you may have doubts and find it insecure to let an unknown app snoop around your internet history. But it has claimed that it has nothing to do with any particular person’s private details. This survey panel just wants to know how people make use of the internet these days. Plus there are no serious complaints from its users about the violation of their privacy. It’s better to take a glance at its privacy policy, terms and conditions and how it works before signing in.


Company History

Nielsen Panel is officially headquartered in 85 Broad Street, New York, US. It is controlled by the Nielsen Company, LLC. The Nielsen Company is a big name in the field of market research. Nielsen Panel was started in 1923 by Arthur C. Nielsen. It is also known as the first market research company. In the UK, it is located in Nielsen House, John Smith Drive Oxford Business Park, South Oxford in London. It has been in the market for over 90 years. Nielsen Panel holds a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau. It provides information about customer’s online behavior by accessing their internet activities to their clients. It is also an analyzer of media and the viewer’s interaction.


How to signup with Nielsen Panel?

Visit Official Site of Nielsen Panel>>

The only requirement to register in Neilsen Panel is you have to cross 18 years of age. They seek members from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. If you are an 18 years old resident of the UK with a computer or mobile phone then you are good to go. Choose the right option for your country and sign in. It is not available in all the countries but if you live in the UK then you are lucky. Sign in with your email account and give you further details. The details are kept basic like name, address, age, gender, etc. They ask you to complete a short introductory survey. After you sign up, you can activate it in your phone or computer. They will pay you based on your internet activity. The signup process is very quick and it won’t take a lot of time.


How does it work?

Nielsen is the pioneer of market research companies. It has years of experience and trusting customers. They connect with user’s devices to know how the internet, brands, products and services are used and surfed by a large group of people. You can join on more devices to earn more. They won’t steal or misuse your data. Your identity and your data will never be linked so you will have an unknown identity. You will remain anonymous and your private details will remain safe. You earn points for this which are changeable into gift cards or different products.

If you feel unsafe and want to cancel your membership. You can just apply for cancellation and uninstall the app from your device. Joining the panel is completely your decision. They reach you as soon as possible if you mentioned any queries or discomfort while using the site.
How to earn money?

In this site, you get paid for providing your genuine feedback and doing random things you do on the internet with an app running on the background. It will pay you $50 in a year for letting their app run on background for the whole year. Other than that, it has claimed to reward up to $130 to one member after they become its member for more than 6 months. There are monthly, quarterly and yearly rewards in the UK that pay nearly $40,000 yearly divided between 150 winners. The rewards vary from country to country.


Pros and cons of Nielsen Panel

Nielsen is a very trusted research company. It has been around for 90 years with a very long history. Every site has some pros and cons. The pros and cons of Nielsen panel are mentioned below :


– The mobile app of Nielsen can be used on more than one device.
– The data collected here relates to mobile parts which will improve future mobile devices.
– The data here is collected by a reputable company anonymously.
– The minimum amount you need to collect for cashout is low.
– Anyone who belongs to age 18-34 can earn money through this site.


– They don’t provide you cash option for redeeming points.
– some people might feel uncomfortable letting an app collect data.


How to earn rewards with Nielsen Panel?

Nielsen Panel provides you with a variety of options for earning points and rewards on this site. But the fun fact is they also provide you with additional ways to earn more points. Below I’ll mention all the possible methods to earn additional points.

1. Scanning products

You have to use the scanner to scan the products you purchased. You will be sent a handheld scanner or you can access their smartphone app. You will be able to scan every item you have bought each week. You can share your shopping data once every week. You have to provide the data you have collected to Nielsen.

Once you have entered all the data you will earn points. That will justify that you are an active member and you will get points for it each week. The longer you stay active on this site the more points you can earn.

2. Taking Surveys

You can take surveys here and the rewards you get will be in the form of points, sweepstakes entries, and random prizes.

3. Participating in studies

The panelist is invited to participate in the studies program that Nelson conducts. The probability of invitation is based on your demographics. If you meet the demographics for the study you’ll be invited. They stated that you’ll get additional rewards for completing studies.


Nielsen Panel Rewards

The rewards of Nielsen Panel are listed below :

– Participating in surveys and studies can help you earn more rewards.
– You can earn some prizes through a lottery and that includes points, gift cards, and cash.
– Regularly participating in the panel helps you enter into Nielsen sweepstakes.
– You can win tv, coffee maker, sunglasses, tablet or TV.
– You can see diversity in the range of point levels.
– You can see the rewards listed in a gift catalog.


Is Nielsen Panel scam or legit?

Nielsen Panel is a completely legit site. It is a very reputable company that has been around for 90 years. It is regarded as the first market research company. In the UK, it is located in Nielsen House, John Smith Drive Oxford Business Park, South Oxford in London. It is completely transparent and all you have to do do is provide some important feedback and get rewarded for it. It is controlled by the Nielsen Company, LLC. The Nielsen Company is a big name in the field of market research. Let me make you one thing very clear, you won’t get rich by taking surveys and if anyone says they got rich by taking survey it’s a complete lie. You won’t earn as much as your full-time job. So, don’t quit your job for taking the survey. You can take it as a hobby or side job. They are a legitimate organization and you can rely on them.


Final verdict

You reached here, that means you have read my Nielsen Panel Review. I hope you gathered all the necessary information that you were seeking for. Nielsen Panel is definitely different from other survey sites. It is a legit organization that has been in the market for over 90 years. It holds a rating of A+ from Better Business Bureau, which is very difficult for a scam site to hold. It’s totally worth it and you should definitely consider giving it a try.

There are many ways to earn money online and many survey sites you can join. Here is a list of survey sites of the Uk that you can join if you are a resident of the UK.

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