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inboxpounds review

As you are on this website, you may be looking for a way to generate more income for yourself. Talking about online opportunities, paid survey sites in the UK are the best way to earn easy money. Many get-paid-to survey sites pay you real money for giving your honest reviews and suggestions. InboxPounds is quite popular in the UK.

I’m gonna give you information about this website on what this is about and can you really earn money with InboxPounds. Then you can decide if you are going to join the site or not.


What is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds is a cash-focused online market research company famous in the UK. It is called a GPT (get paid to) website. It collaborates with top retailers that sell a variety of products and services to get decent feedback from its real consumers. It works like a bridge between popular brands and businesses and it’s consumers. The consumers give a review of the products and services that they have consumed and get paid. On the other hand, the brands and businesses use the information for the betterment of their company. InboxPounds gets paid for promoting the products and collecting reviews for each product. It shares a part of its yield with the members.

Here, you have to complete some tasks and InboxPounds will give you some points on the basis of the performed task. And then you can convert your accumulated points into money via check. You can do things like taking surveys, play games, surf the internet, read emails, product trials, etc.


Company History

InboxPounds is controlled by Prodege, LLC, who controls other surveys sites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and DailyRewards and owned by InboxPounds Limited. It is headquartered in El Segundo, the 8th floor, CA 90245, Pacific Coast Highway. It was initiated in 2010 and earned nearly 230,000 Facebook fans inside the UK.


How do InboxPounds work?

InboxPounds is a reward site that pays its members for taking business-oriented surveys, reading emails, watching ads, referring to friends, etc. It works like a mediator that collects reviews from real consumers and gives the data to the respective companies. The company pays InboxPounds for the data and InboxPounds pays its users for their involvement.

You can take surveys, play online games, complete reward tasks, read emails, and refer your friend to join the site. It takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete the survey. You won’t be able to participate in many surveys because they are gonna go after certain demographics. They will show you ads while playing games. That’s how they pay you money in the playing game section. The longer you play the game, the more ads you watch and the more money you make. You can refer friends and earn referral bonuses. You can label and sort the available products to earn more money.

After you collect the minimum threshold amount i.e. $20, you can change your points for different rewards. You will automatically be upgraded into a Gold member after your first payout. Once you become a gold member, you will get to enjoy its perks like comparatively faster payments, more sweepstakes entries, loyalty rewards, and supplementary referral rewards. It has quick and responsive customer support to help you walk through all technical errors. That’s essentially how InboxPounds works.


How can you signup with InboxPounds UK?

To register in InboxPounds, you have to be a UK resident of age 18 years or older. You have to login via your email account or other social media account. You will be asked to enter your name, address, email address, age, etc. If you meet all the credentials then they send you a confirmation link on your email inbox. Stick with the confirmation link and it will take you to the next web page where you have to give some more details about yourself like your interests and ideas about politics, makeup, entertainment, science, and technology, etc or your daily routine and other such questions. They take such pre-surveys to match you to suitable surveys that you may qualify in the near future.
Complete your profile and you are good to go. You will get a $1 bonus for registering on this website.inboxpounds

How to earn money with InboxPounds?

Paid survey sites are meant to give away rewards for every task. There is a variety of money-making options in InboxPounds. Some of them are:

-Paid surveys: You can take the surveys which you qualify for and earn around $ 1 to $5 for each survey depending upon the length of the survey.
-Referring to friends: Send your friends the invitation link and tell them to signup through our link. You will earn a 10% income for every individual you invite to this website.
-Playing games: Play online games and watch ads to earn handsome money without much effort.
-Reading emails: The retailers will send you business emails. This is your chance to earn money by reading emails and promotional posts.
-Mini tasks: This site offers you small tasks like product trials, labeling the products, and sort products as specified by the company to earn money.


How can I redeem my points?

Payout conditions are one of the important things you should know before joining any surveys for money sites. You need to gather all the necessary information that you should know before spending your time on this platform.

You have to earn a minimum amount of money first for payouts. The minimum amount you need to earn is £20 for requesting a payout. Once you earn £20, you can request for a payout which is paid to you by cheque. The members here are categorized as gold members and non-gold members. You will be categorized as a non-gold member just after signing up. But, once you complete your first cash out, your account will be automatically upgraded to a gold account and you will be automatically promoted to gold member. Being a gold member here has its own perks. Gold members here can enjoy additional perks and that includes faster payments, more loyalty rewards, and additional referral rewards.

The only thing that will bother you here is you can only cash out your points by cheque and not a bank account or PayPal.


Pros and cons of InboxPounds

Inbox pound is a cash-focused online market research company famous in the UK. Every survey site has its pros and cons and similar to other survey sites in the UK, Inbox pound also has some of them. So for you to have a better overview before joining below is mentioned the Pros and cons of it.


-Inbox pound rewards you for very simple tasks.
– It is completely free to join.
– It offers you a bonus when you join Inbox pound.
– It provides you with many earning opportunities.


– The minimum payout threshold is slightly high.
– You might find it difficult to get you a survey you can qualify for.


Is it legit or scam?

I don’t think Inbox Pound is a scam. It is a reward site that allows it’s a member to earn money by performing simple tasks. InboxPounds is controlled by Prodege, LLC, who controls other surveys sites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and DailyRewards and owned by InboxPounds Limited. It was established in 2010 and earned nearly 230,000 Facebook fans inside the UK. It has been in the market for a long time and pays well to its members. You don’t have to worry about being scammed through this site and you can totally rely on them.


Is it worth your time?

We all spend hours and hours on the Internet doing unproductive things without knowing we could make some money from it. InboxPounds provides you with an opportunity to earn money doing simple tasks that you usually do online. You can’t get rich or help your family financially by joining this site. But you can make money for some of your expenses. If you don’t have a lot of spare time then this site is not for you and it’s not worth your time. But if you have a lot of free time and always spend time on the Internet you can join this site and do something productive that will benefit you.


Final verdict

InboxPounds can definitely be a site worth considering if you are willing to take surveys for money. Survey sites won’t make you rich but can definitely help you save up some amount of money. Inbox pound is very easy to join and they also provide you with £1 as a bonus when you join. You will get paid for doing simple tasks like reading emails, referring friends, completing tasks, answering surveys, playing games and many more. It is a legit site to make money. It has been in the market for a long time. You can also use it on your mobile phone although they don’t have an app for a mobile phone yet.

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