BzzAgent Review: Is BzzAgent Legit?

BzzAgent is a market research & media network that rewards its users for taking online surveys & testing products. It has its headquarters in Boston. It was launched in 2001 by Dave Balter. BzzAgent was purchased by a consumer analyst group Dunnhumby.

Dunnhumby is a subsidiary agent of a large retailer Tesco. BzzAgent has a family of over 1 million members from different countries of the world. It is available in the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Canada, etc. They got to be featured in a popular TV program called Shark Tank. It is partnered with many big brands like L’oreal, Purell, Disney, Fisher-Price & many others. It collects reviews of people on their products so that they can use the data in product development. It conducts surveys to do so where the customers can answer the asked questions. They can take some products & share their experience with the product in the review section. It is active on social media with more than 42k followers on Twitter & 260k+ likes on their official Facebook page.

Official Site Name: BzzAgent

Per Survey Income: 50-100 points per survey.

Minimum Redemption Threshold: Not Specific.

Withdrawal Method: Cash out through PayPal via & free test products.

Available Countries: Canada, Germany, US, UK, France, Brazil & many others.

Best Alternative: Swagbucks

BzzAgent Review

You must be very careful before joining surveys form money site. Some sites may scam & lead you to waste your time, while some can misuse your personal information. Read this BzzAgent review completely to know if the site is worth joining or not.


Signing Up With BzzAgent

BzzAgent is free to sign up. You can sign up with your email address or social media. You have to create a password for the website & click on the signup button. You will be expected to enter your introductory details like your full name, age, nationality, address, job, etc. Now, they would want to verify your email address. You will be sent a confirmation link in an email. You just have to open that email & click on the verification link to get your email approved. Then, you will have to set up your personal profile by answering the profile surveys.


The profile surveys are meant to know you better & choose qualifying surveys to send you survey invitations. They will ask about your family members, your family’s medical history, net income, where you shop, your routine, habits, interests & similar questions. Make sure that you answer all the questions honestly. You will be asked to connect your social media even if you sign up with your email address. After getting your profile registered, you can start taking surveys & making money.


How Does BzzAgent Work?

BzzAgent is a popular research website in Boston. It keeps a record of every product you experience & their review. It works in collaboration with many big & small brands & businesses to collect the real customer’s opinion on their products. The businesses seek the review & feedback from the consumers so that they can use the data in product development. BzzAgnet works as an online platform which advertises & promotes the products as well as keep record of the product reviews in the review section. It is a communication bridge between the companies & their consumers. Bzzagent works on the principle of giving & take. It pays the users & in return expects their opinion on a variety of topics.

The signup process is easy & quick. The one who tests the products through BzzAgent is called BzzAgent Testers. If you want a trial, you should pass the pre-survey questions. They will send you a BzzAgent magnet as a test to see how well you do & reward you in the same way. Your BzzScore will increase with the increase in the number of campaigns you get involved in. The higher your score, the more invitations you will get & your rewards will be higher.


How To Earn In BzzAgent?

In this BzzAgnet review, you will learn the two most important ways of earning money in BzzAgent. They are taking online surveys & product testing.

Paid Surveys: You can take part in online surveys to earn extra money. You cannot take all the surveys. You should qualify for the survey to make sure you are the right & honest candidate that they are looking for. There are two types of surveys:

-BzzAgent Surveys: You will get survey invitations & invitations to their new campaigns in your email inbox. You have to give a truthful answer to all the questions they expect you to answer. Not only email, but you can also even take part in their social media surveys because they are very active in social media. You get 50-100 points for filling one survey. The surveys are mostly about the available products & services that you may have experienced or the to be launched products that they expect you to test before it gets launched in the market. Actually, the reviews are for them to know how well they are doing in the market.

-Bzz Prize Draws: You can get a privilege to take part in their contests & enter into their sweepstakes. This platform is meant for its members to take part in the quality & quantity marketing campaigns. There are many perks of being a part of these contests. You can have access to the high paying surveys, high-quality products, campaign previews, handout packages or campaign pre-registration.

Product Testing: The free products itself is a reward. Other than that you can earn extra by reviewing them. You have to answer a few questions & if you meet the criteria of the individual that they have been looking for to review the product, you will get the product delivered to your doorsteps. You will get instructions on the things you need to focus on while trying the products. You can post your reviews like photos, videos, or feedback on social media or the product review section on their website.


Redeeming Your Rewards On BzzAgent

BzzAgent does not feature a particular way of redeeming its rewards on the website. However, your earnings will be granted to you in the form of points. Your earnings need to be redeemed, however, it is not possible on the BzzAgent website itself. You can redeem those points by linking your profile to another website called From the website, you can payout through PayPal, safely & directly to your bank account too.


Pros & Cons Of BzzAgent

Many BzzAgent reviews have been written in many online reviewing platforms by its members sharing their experience on the website. They have mentioned all the good & bad aspects of BzzAgent. This BzzAgent review has summoned all the points & made a list of its pros & cons which goes like:


-It is completely free to join & use its other features.
-You get to test the products for free & use your opinion & words wisely.
-Not only reviewing the products that you have experienced, but you can also even keep the —products from well-known brands.
-It provides a variety of surveys to earn a good amount of money.
-It gives you a safe & secure way of redeeming your earnings.
-Its customer support team is prompt & proactive. They will guide you if you get stuck or face a -technical issue.


-It is not easy to qualify for the surveys & get free products to test at home.
-It does not pay you from its website.
-You have to leverage your social media to earn money from their website.

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Is BzzAgent Legit?

Yes, BzzAgent is a legit survey website based in Boston. BzzAgent has got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Even though they do not actually pay you from their website, you get free products & rewarded through A website that has got an A+ rating from BBB can never be a scam. It is free to sign up & does not charge for using its feature. Many BzzAgent reviews have evidence of its payment that is posted by its members. So, BzzAgent is definitely legit.


Final Words

BzzAgent is for sure a legitimate & trustworthy platform to earn money by sharing your views. It provides free products from named brands to its members in return to their views & regards about the products & services that they have experienced on behalf of the brands & businesses. You can join the website & be updated on their social media too. As a BzzAgent Tester, your BzzScore is very important to you. The higher the score, the more you will be benefited. You should write the product reviews daily to increase your BzzScore. You can try products like coffee creamers, electric clippers, beauty products, rechargeable electric toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity & so on. You won’t get rich by taking the surveys but the website is worth spending some of your free time.

In this BzzAgent review, I have given you a highlight of everything you need to know including its history, sign up process, earning options, redeeming process, legitimacy of the website, pros & cons of the website. It’s completely up to you to join the website or not. I hope this BzzAgent review was helpful for you.

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