Betabound Review: Is Betabound Legit?

Betabound is a product testing platform that allows its members to test various technological products & services. Betabound used to be known as OnlineBeta before they changed their name. It is owned & operated by a successful company called Centercode. Centercode has already partnered with some of the great companies like EPSON, Intel, Logitech, Roku, T-mobile & many more. They collect a variety of opportunities from all around the globe & present them to their members. They are also available globally so your location won’t really be the problem because you can join this site from anywhere in the world.

Official Site Name: BetaBound

signup Bonus: Not Available

Per Survey Income: Not Available

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Not Available

Withdrawal Method: Not Available

Available Country: USA, UK, Canada, Australia & many more.

Best Alternative: Swagbucks

Betabound Review

For further information regarding the signup, legitimacy, earning method & more keep on reading this Betabound Review.


Company History

Betabound is an online platform for product testing. It was known as OnlineBeta before they changed their name to Betabound. It is owned & operated by Centercode which is a popular & successful company. It helps the companies to connect to the people & improve their products. They send the products of different companies to their members to test & provide feedback for it.

It helps the company to gather the necessary information regarding their products that needs improvement. They have partnered with different companies & some of them are EPSON, Intel, Logitech, & many more. Almost every company that is related to major tech has collaborated with Centercode. They offer beta testing opportunities to the companies.


How to signup with Betabound?

The good thing about Betabound is that it is available globally. So the location is not a problem here & you can join from anywhere in the world. The signup process is very simple. You need to fill up their signup form to become its member or you can log into their dashboard by using your Google account. You can choose any one of these options to register.


You will be asked to provide some basic information like your gender, country, operating system & mobile platform. You need to complete the extended profile if you want to test the hardware products. For that, you will need to provide the additional information that includes your address, phone number & some other information. You will, however, need to verify your account. The verification link will be sent to you through email. Once you receive the verification link you can verify your account  & you are good to go.


Earning opportunities with Betabound?

Betabound provides you with two different opportunities & they are listed below with proper explanation:-

1. Testing Projects

The main opportunity that Betabound provides is testing projects. You get to test different tech products here. Don’t expect to get any testing projects as soon as you join this site because you won’t. There is some process you need to follow before that. Firstly, you will have to create a test platform profile. This is the basic thing that you need to perform to participate in testing projects. They will ask you to add a test platform profile.

After that, you will be asked to select a category. You will find plenty of technology categories you can choose from. You will also be able to create a profile for all the available categories if you are intending to do so. It’s better if you create a test platform profile of a technology that you have. If you choose to create a profile for gaming you will be redirected to a page which is profiling survey page. You will be asked some questions that you need to answer to create your profile. Be honest & provide the correct information because it will be used to qualify you for testing.

After you are done with your profile all you need to do is wait for the opportunity. You can also find the testing opportunities which will be listed under available options when you log in. The opportunity is limited so you need to be patient to find projects. Betabound itself doesn’t conduct the tests. It will only list available options. You also don’t have to particularly sign up in order to check the available tests.

2. Ambassador program

The Ambassador program is another program that you can join to earn rewards. The task is pretty simple & all you need to do is help recruit new testers for opportunities. It is similar to referral programs that are found in most of the GPT sites. You need to inform your friends & family about the testing opportunities. You will be rewarded for every qualified candidate you find who are willing to actively participate in the tests.

The more qualified candidate you find the more reward you will get. As soon as you join the ambassador program you will be provided with the instructions on how you can invite other people. You can apply to become an ambassador by filling out an extended profile. All you need to do is provide them with your phone number, address & a few more information.


How do you get paid?

Betabound differs from other product testing platforms. When you join the sites where you can test the products for free & give your feedbacks you usually get paid. Betabound doesn’t provide a reward for these activities. They believe that providing rewards for product testing & getting feedback from members is unreliable. It’s not fair.

They don’t want to reward you for completing the projects because they think that it will affect the way you give the feedback but I totally disagree with it. If you are investing your time & energy on something then you obviously want to get paid for it. Nobody wants to spend their precious time on something where they won’t get rewarded for their efforts.

There are hundreds of sites out there that will pay you well for your time & feedback. Beta only provides links to its members & get paid for providing members to carry out tests. It just doesn’t seem right to not compensate members for their time. So, if you are someone who is interesting in taking tests but not reward then you might wanna join this site.


Pros & cons of Betabound

Similar to other sites Betabound also has some pros & cons which I will mention in this Betabound Review.


– You get to test the products from different companies that are yet to be launched in the market.
– You get to test the apps & gadgets which you find interesting.
– Your feedback will help the companies to improve their products for the consumers.
– It is not limited to a few countries & is accessible from any part of the world.
– You may receive a gift card or some kind of reward as a gesture.


– The rewards are not provided on a regular basis.
– You won’t get paid for the task you perform here & if you are someone who prefers rewards for completing the task this site is not for you.
– The opportunities are limited & not everyone will get the chance to participate.

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Is it legit?

Betabound is a completely legit site that is owned by a renowned & successful company called Centercode. Centercode has already partnered with different renowned companies & they have partnered with almost every tech company. So you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of this site because it is totally legit.

This site is completely free to join & doesn’t ask you any membership fee. This site is quite different from the typical product testing platform because it doesn’t provide any reward to its members for testing the products. Betabound only provides the lists of tests that are provided by the companies. So they are not responsible to pay you money or other forms of rewards. However, it doesn’t seem right to not compensate the members for investing their time & energy to the work.


Final Verdict

All the necessary information that you need to know regarding this site is provided above in this Betabound Review. Betabound is a great platform for members who are interested in product testing. It is also a totally legit site. This site doesn’t provide you with any rewards for carrying out the tests. I don’t recommend this site to you if your main aim of joining this site is to earn money. If you are interested in product testing & not rewards then you can definitely join this site Which might be worth your time. But if you are someone who likes to be compensated for their efforts & time you then you might not want to join this site. There are many sites out there that will pay you a decent amount of money for completing the tasks.

If you are looking for ways to earn money then this site might not be the right opportunity for you. I highly recommend you join sites like Inbox Dollars & survey junkie. These sites are best in their field & are also popular. They are a totally legit site that you can join to earn money in your free time.

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