YourSayPays Review: Is YourSayPays Legit or Scam?

YourSayPays is a survey panel that is based on the UK. It provides you with an opportunity to get paid for taking surveys & sharing your opinions on various topics. The common topics that you can find in YourSayPays are health, technology, shopping, public services & many more. It is operating since 2008 which means they are not very new to this business. It has been in the market for more than 20 years now. They help the brands & manufacturers by collecting the views & opinions of their customers by conducting product testing. The members will be asked to provide their opinions on different brands of the UK.

Official Site Name: YourSayPays

Per survey income: £0.15-£0.50

Minimum threshold amount: £20

Withdrawal method: PayPal payment & vouchers

Sign up bonus: 50 points

Available Country: UK

YourSayPays Review

For further information on the signup process, earning methods, it’s legitimacy continue reading this YourSayPays Review.


Company History

YourSayPays is a Uk based survey panel. It is owned & operated by Leadership Factor Ltd. It has its offices in different countries & is headquartered in the UK. Leadership Factor LLC was incorporated on 12 January 1996 which means it has been in the business for more than twenty years now. It is a part of a Market Research & Polling Services Industry. YourSayPays was founded in 2007 & has been operating since 2008. It has been around for over 12 years now.


How to signup with YourSayPays?

YourSayPays is free to join, You can join to earn some money. The signup process is very simple. You must be the resident of the UK to join this site, if you are not a resident of the UK then this site is not for you Anyone who is 18 years or older can join this site. They will ask you to provide a few pieces of information like your full name, email address, postal code, etc. You need to confirm your email address & they will provide you with 50 points for it.


After that, you are required to complete the demographics profile so that you can receive paid tasks. You just have to answer a few questions to complete the profile. The questions are country of residence, average household income, employment status, marital status & some other personal information. This will help YourSayPays to determine your interests & to send you surveys that match your interests. After you complete your profile survey, YourSayPays provides you £0.20 as a reward. After you register & become its member you can finally check for paid surveys.


How to make money with YourSayPays?

YourSayPays doesn’t have a lot of earning methods. However, you can try the methods listed below to earn some money.

1. Paid surveys

The available survey that matches your interests will be sent to you through email. You can also choose not to wait for the email from them & search for available surveys on your dashboard. Whenever a new survey is available, they will send you an invitation through email. After you receive the invitation, you will have to click on the link to take part in the survey.

The surveys are very simple & don’t take a lot of your time. They will also provide you with the information regarding the amount you will earn after you complete a survey & the time period it would take to complete it. For every survey, they will send invitations to only 1000-2000 participants. So, you have to hurry up & click the link if you don’t want to miss it. Most of the surveys will only take you 10-20 minutes to complete it. You can earn from £0.15-£0.50 per survey which is very low. The earning potential is very low & you won’t even get £1 per survey.

The survey invites will be completely based on your profile so, always try to fill it honestly. If they find out that you have provided the wrong information, you will be immediately screened out. One thing that you should remember is that you won’t get qualified for each & every survey. You might not get qualified for a survey if you don’t fit the demographics they are looking for.

2. Monthly Prize Draw

You can find a monthly lucky draw with great prizes in YourSayPays. Everyone has an equal chance of winning the monthly prize. You can increase your chances by redeeming your cash for sweepstakes entries. The prizes to be won are not fixed. They change the prize from time to time.

3. Referral system

The referral is the other way you can make money on this site except for taking surveys. You have to send your referral links to your friends & families. Once your referral joins this site through your referral link & signs up, you & your referral will get £0.50. You will get £0.50 when they signup rather than getting a certain percentage of their earnings. As the surveys here don’t pay a good amount of money, you can earn quite some money through referral.


How do you get paid from YourSurveySay?

The minimum threshold amount which you have to collect before requesting a payout is £20 which is very high in comparison to most of the online surveys for money sites. Once you collect £20 in your YourSayPays account, you’re given three options to redeem it. The options are PayPal payment, Amazon e-vouchers or donations to charity. You can request for a payout in the form of Amazon UK vouchers or PayPal. When you reach £20 they will automatically be sent to you after 30 days. You don’t need to request for a payout & you can change the form of payment anytime from your account settings. The rewards might take 10-15 days to reach your account. So, you can expect to receive your payment after 30+ days.

The waiting time of both the vouchers & PayPal is very long. You will have to wait 30 days to receive your rewards which are a long period of time. You can come across many sites out there that have very less threshold amount & pays really fast. As the earning potential of this site is low & the threshold amount is high. It is very different to reach the minimum threshold amount soon. So, you will have to wait quite sometime before you are able to collect the minimum threshold amount.


Pros & cons of YourSayPays

In this YourSayPays, I’ll mention the pros & cons of your surveys.


– It is free to join the site.
– It has multiple payout options.
– It is user friendly
– PayPal payment is available.
– The is easy to use.


– The payment processing time is too long.
– The payout threshold is high.
– Only available for the residents of the UK.
– It has a very low-income potential.
– Earning opportunities are limited.

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Is it legit?

YourSayPays is a completely legit site. It is a UK based panel that has been in the business for more than 12 years now. It is completely free to join a site which is available only for the resident of UK. The minimum threshold amount is very high & the earning potential is very low which makes it difficult for the members to reach the minimum threshold amount. The earning methods for this site are very few. You have to wait quite some time to receive a payout.

I do not recommend this site to you. There are many sites out there that you can join & earn a pretty decent amount of money. I would highly recommend you to join Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars & survey junkie. They are popular survey panels that are completely free to join. The earning potential is not very high but they pay you a decent amount of money. The minimum threshold amount is low & pay you a good amount of money.


Final verdict

After reading the above YourSayPays Review, you might have got the idea of what kind of site it is. YourSayPays is a UK based panel that is available for the residents of the UK. It is completely free to join a site that is easy to use & is user friendly. It is a legit site that has been in the market for more than 12 years now. Anyone who is the resident of the UK & is above 18 years old can easily join this site. The earning potential is not very high & you will also have to wait for more than 30+ days to receive your earnings. It’s not worth the time & effort you spend here.

I would highly recommend you to join sites that are popular & has been in the business for a long time. I would recommend sites like survey junkie, Swagbucks & Inbox Dollars. They are a legit & popular site. The earning potential of these sites is higher than YourSurveySay. They don’t provide you with a lot but they pay you a decent amount of money. You won’t get rich by joining these sites but you can earn some extra spending money for yourself, or you can contribute it to your savings. It might be worth the time you spend here.


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