Rewardia Review: Is Rewardia Legit?

Rewardia is an Australia-based market research & reward site which allows its users to earn money by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, referring their friends & most importantly using their voice. It is available in three countries Australia, New Zealand & United States. It is an effective platform that requires the public’s opinion on different topics like product reviews, business-related topics, private & public services & many ongoing issues. Its main office is headquartered in Australia.

Official Site Name: Rewardia

Per Survey Income: $0.50 to $1.50

Minimum Redemption Threshold: $5 for gift cards & $50 for money

Withdrawal method: gift cards, bank transfer & PayPal

Available Countries: Australia, New Zealand & United States

Rewardia Review

Many questions may arise in your mind if you are thinking about joining Rewardia. But you need to know them in-depth before you sign up. Follow up with this review if you want to know whether Rewardia is a legit site or just a scam?


How To Sign Up For Rewardia?

Rewardia is free to signup & is available for residents of New Zealand, US & Australia who are 18 years or older. All you gotta do is click on the signup button. Then, you fill the registration form by entering your details like your full name, email address & create a password. You can use promo code if you have. Now click on create your account.


They will send you an email verification link on the provided email address. Wait for the email & click on that link to jump into another web page. Here, you have to enter other details like your address, gender, job, interests & other preferences. Actually, they use these details to know you better & find qualifying surveys to be sent in the invitation email. You get a $5 sign up bonus for registering on their website.


How To Make Money On Rewardia?

Rewardia provides many earning opportunities to its members. The users can take paid surveys, play games, watch videos, participate in polls, refer their friends & find promo codes to earn money on Rewardia. In this Rewardia review, we are going to discuss all of them in detail.

– Online surveys: Taking paid surveys is the main way to earn money on Rewardia. You can find many surveys on the dashboard or you will get survey invitations. You can see the expected time to complete the survey & reward for that survey. You can choose any survey you like. But before taking the surveys, you have to answer the pre-qualifying questions to make sure you are one of those target consumers. You can earn $0.50 to $1.50 for one survey depending on the length & type of that survey. With no doubt, the longer & more complicated surveys will pay you more than the shorter ones.

– Watching Videos: In Rewardia, you can watch videos like movie trailers, short movies, gaming videos, blogging & other entertainment videos that you usually watch on random sites & get paid for watching videos on their site.

– Play Games: Play games to earn money in Rewardia. If you are already into video games or other games like Sudoku puzzle, scramble words, scratch card, spinning wheel, trivia, etc then you would better like to play games on their site because they will reward you if you meet their criteria. Basically, they will pay you if you reach the specified score.

– Answer Polls: Rewardia conducts polls which are short & quick but pay a reasonable amount of money. It will take you a few seconds to answer the polls.

– Promo Codes: They are really active on social media. They giveaway promo codes on their story or posts. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram or be updated with their emails to get such bonus promo codes. They post the codes very often.

– Referral Program: Rewardia provides one of the best referral programs because here both you & your referral will get benefited from this. You will get 10% of what they earn on the site. While they will get a $3 bonus when they collect their first $3 income.


Redeeming Your Earnings On Rewardia

You will earn a certain number of points for completing some tasks on their website. You need to collect those points & redeem them for the rewards you want. But remember, there is a minimum threshold amount you have to accumulate in order to payout on this website. For Rewardia, the minimum payout amount is $5 for the gift cards & $50 for money. The cashout threshold in Rewardia is very high. They can either transfer your money directly to your bank account or through PayPal. The gift cards include Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards & many more.

On Rewardia, 100 points are equal to $1. You can earn a good amount on Rewardia if you are consistent. You get to start with a $5 sign up bonus. It gives other bonuses & discounts from time to time. They give you membership rank like silver, gold & platinum.

-Silver: You become a silver member if you earn $1 per month. As a silver member, you get a 1-2% bonus while buying an eGift card from $50 to $99.

– Gold: You become a gold member if you earn $10 per month for three consecutive months. As a gold member, you get a 2-3% bonus while buying an eGift card from $50 to $99.

– Platinum: You become a platinum member if you earn $30 per month for three consecutive months. As a platinum member, you get a 3-5% bonus while buying an e-Gift card from $50 to $99.


Pros & Cons Of Rewardia

Rewardia is being popular day by day. Many of its users post their good & bad experiences on the site in many online Rewardia reviews. In this Rewardia review, we have summoned up all the possible pros & cons of the website as told by its users.


– It is free to sign up & navigate.
– It provides a $5 sign up bonus which is a good start to earn on their website.
– They provide a variety of fun & high paying money-making opportunities like online surveys, polls, watching videos, playing games, referral bonus, promo codes, etc.
– The payout threshold for a gift card is very low i.e $5 only.
– It has a good tier-system in place for rewarding long-time members.


– The payout threshold for monetary reward is $50 which is very high. It will take a lot of time to reach that amount.
– It is limited in three counties only.

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Is Rewardia Legit & Safe?

Yes, Rewardia is indeed a legit & safe website. Rewardia has got a 4/5 rating on Trustpilot. Many of its users have posted about its payment in online Rewardia reviews. It uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to maintain the security of their website. It is completely free to sign up & explore its other features. It does not ask you to pay for any features & neither it asks for your credit card details. It just asks you some questions to know you & where your reward is to be delivered.

It does not give you false hope of being rich from their site like most of the scam websites do. It gives you a decent amount of money & expects you to give your opinion & feedback on few topics. It is a popular survey site & run by a prestigious market research company. So, Rewardia is indeed a legit site.


Should you join Rewardia?

Rewardia is a legit & safe website. It can be your companion if you have two to three hours of free time in a day. It conducts online surveys asking you for your opinions on different topics daily. You can make up to $1.50 by completing one survey. Other than that, you can play your favorite games, watch videos, answer to polls & find promo codes to earn extra money. It even gives you sign-up & referral bonuses. The rewards are quite appealing. The minimum required amount to redeem some gift cards is just $5. But you will have to work for a longer time to reach $50 & cashout through bank transfer or PayPal.

It does not send you spam emails. Instead, it sends you survey invitations in your email inbox on a daily basis. You can take surveys anytime & from anywhere you like. You are your own boss & work as much as you want. The more you work, the more you earn. The best part is you needn’t leave the comfort of your sofa. You can even work during lunch break at the office, while traveling or while doing household works. You get a reasonable amount of money worth your free time. This extra money could be your lifesaver if you are running short of money & got a low-paying job.


The Verdict

Rewardia is a flourishing online survey site. It intends to collect opinions & feedback from people for business & other reasons. It is a simple way for people to earn easy cash at home. It pays you good money & you can earn up to $30 per month if you take one survey per day. It does not take your much time but earn you enough to add to your supplementary income.

In this Rewardia review, I have mentioned every detail that you need to know before joining Rewardia. I hope this Rewardia review was helpful for you.


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