Panel Station Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Panel Station is a global market research & rewarding site that is governed by Borderless Access Panels Pvt. Ltd. based on India. It has a huge & diverse user-base of 2.7 million panel members from 32 different countries of the world. It comprises diverse partners from fields like goods manufacturer, technology, health care & finance, providing the best opportunity for the members to raise their voice by sharing their opinions about the products & services that they have experienced. They get connected with all categories of businesses & business products which they use in their everyday life.

Official Site Name: Panel Station

Per survey income: $0.7- $2.0 per survey

Minimum threshold: 3000 points i.e. $4.01

Withdrawal method: PayPal cash, eGift Cards

Available countries: US, UK, India, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Mexico, South Africa & others

Panel Station Review

The panel members get to review the products & services that they have experienced. They also test & review the pre-launched products to enhance the new products before they hit the market. The consumers have to fill up a short survey before they get free products to test. They can earn even more money by giving a clarified review of the tested products.

Panel Station is one such survey sites that conduct paid surveys & reward you for giving your precious time & views. You can join through their website or mobile app. You can take surveys anywhere & anytime you like. You need to learn about the site, how it works, how & why does it pay you before joining Panel Station because there are many fraud survey sites who may misuse your information or waste your time over nothing. Hold on to this Panel Station review to know if Panel Station is a scam or not.


Company History

Panel Station is a reputable paid survey site owned by Borderless Access Panels Pvt. Ltd. It was launched in 2013 by Praveen Gupta  & currently headquartered in Embassy Tech Village, Bangalore, India. It has more than 2.7 million members from different parts of the world like the Asia Pacific, Middle East, some African & European counties, UK, US & South American countries. The Panel Station is certified with ISO 27001:2013 verification. It primarily works for ad agencies, retailers & many other major companies. It is shaping to become a leading market research panel.


Signing Up With Panel Station

Panel Station provides free registration. You need to sign up with your email address or social media handle like Facebook. They ask you some details like your age, address, gender, name, etc while signing up. You will be sent a verification email on your email account to verify your email address. Click on the link to verify your email. After your email gets verified, you should complete a couple of profile survey questions. This will help them find qualifying surveys of your interests which they will send to your inbox.

Panel Station

The minimum age to join Panel Station is 16+. People from countries like UK, US, India, Brazil, Russia, China, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, Philipines, South Africa, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore & other available regions can apply to register themselves on the website.


How To Earn Money On Panel Station?

Taking surveys is the primary way of earning money on Panel Station. This Panel Station review will give you a complete idea of how you can make money on their website. The surveys seek consumer’s reviews on products & ongoing topics. You can earn $0.7 to $2 for completing one survey. It takes you 12 to 15 minutes depending on the length of the survey. The longer & more complicated surveys will provide more money. You will get survey invitations in your email inbox. You can find many surveys from the dashboard labeled with the reward amount & expected time taken to complete that survey. You can even earn money by playing games in countries like UK, US, etc.

You can test products available in the market & those that are to be launched for free. Later on, you can earn more money by reviewing the products explaining all the good & bad qualities of the products. You will get 20 points as a consolation if you got screened out of a survey. Update your profile for better earning. You can participate in prize draws, discussion threads & sweepstakes to win rewards. You can earn $7 to $70 in a month.


How To Redeem My Income On Panel Station?

In Panel Station, you get points for taking surveys. You have to collect those points until you reach 3000 points which are the minimum threshold amount for payout. Here, 3000 points are equivalent to Indian Rs. 300 i.e. $4.01 in USD. You will easily earn the threshold amount by taking a couple of high- paying surveys. Now, you can purchase e-gift cards with that money. The rewards include Amazon gift cards, Flipkart gift cards, Submarino gift cards, Jumia gift cards, etc. You can payout in the form of PayPal money too. Your reward will reach you within weeks.

Make sure that you link only one account with the Panel Station, if you link multiple accounts you may be marked as a fraud. Then, they will deactivate all your accounts & all your earnings will go in vain. Also, do not try to fill the same survey many times.


Pros And Cons Of Panel Station

The pros and cons of Panel Station according to what the panel members have shared in Panel Station reviews on the internet is listed below:


-It is backed by a reputed market research company & is legit.
– From sign up to surfing the website & taking surveys, the site is 100% free to use.
– It has a very low minimum payout amount i.e. $4.01 which can be collected by taking just a couple of surveys.
– It offers multiple rewards like Amazon gift card, Flipkart gift card, Jumia gift cart & many others from your favorite stores.
-It provides easy & safe payout through PayPal within a week.
– You can download its app on iOS & Android devices.


– It provides more games in countries like UK, Us only.
– Although it is reliable, it provides quite a low amount of money.
– It doesn’t give any referral bonus like other sites.

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Is Panel Station Legit Or Scam?

Panel Station has been paying its users since inception so this Panel Station review concludes that it is not a scam. It is free to join & does not ask you to pay for anything on the site. Neither it asks for your credit card details. Some scam survey sites ask your private details & misuse your data. But, Panel Station asks you basic & introductory questions only. It is not interested in a particular person’s private information. This is a major sign of a legit survey site.

You have to be very careful while choosing a safe way to earn money on an online platform. Nowadays, paid surveys like Panel Station are becoming quite popular. You just have to give your opinion about a certain product or a topic & you earn rewards. They don’t ask for your personal details so feel safe regarding your privacy.

You can see few complaints in some Panel Station reviews but none of that is too serious. It’s quite common in the case of a new research company that has reached such height in a short period of time. If you still have any doubts regarding its payment you can immediately cashout after reaching the minimum threshold.


Panel Station Mobile App

Panel Station owns a mobile app. Its availability on mobile has made it even more convenient to use. You can take surveys while waiting for dinner, watching kids, during lunch break, or while traveling on a train. Its mobile app is easy to use & focuses on establishing digital market researching. The app has 100,000+ downloads & a 3-star rating from more than 25000 users. You can download the app on android or apple phone for free. This app is currently accessible in 22 countries including Australia, India, Singapore Russia & furthermore.


Is Panel Station Worth Joining?

Panel Station has become quite popular over the years. Its app has 100,000+ downloads & a 3-star rating from more than 25000 users. It is equally popular in the web. It offers various interesting surveys & values your opinions on each product. You get free products for trial. You can even earn by playing games. You don’t need to worry about the site not working on your phone because it owns a mobile app.

It is available in different countries all over the world. So, you can take surveys even if you are out of countries. It pays worth your free time. You can earn additional money through PayPal. It has the best collection of gift cards from your favorite stores. You can get discounts from many retailers.



Panel station is a proven get paid to survey site spread all over the world. If you want to stack some extra cash, this survey site could be your companion. It is legit & provides good rewards along with a decent amount of money. You can join this survey company via website or app. This website can be the best way to kill your free time by taking fun paid surveys. It appreciates both your good & bad reviews with the motto to launch good quality products.

I hope this Panel Station review was helpful for you. It is better to join the site & experience what it has to offer. Hope you have a great time taking surveys on their site.


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