Valued Opinions Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Valued Opinions is a global & legit market research firm that conducts online paid surveys for people from all around the world. It works in collaboration with big & small business companies who are seeking honest reviews from their consumers & are willing to pay them for their words. It is a medium of direct communication between the consumers & manufacturers in which all three parties are benefitted in their own ways.

Valued Opinions Review

The businesses get to know how well their product is doing in the market & suggestions for the betterment of their goods & services. Valued Opinions earn money by providing a survey platform, while the members get paid for their giving their time & valuable opinions.


Company History

Valued Opinions took its first initiation in 2004. They are handled by a reputed global market research firm called Dynata. Actually, Dynata is a fusion of two massively popular research companies Research & Survey Sampling International. They combined in 2017 & the combined research company got the name Dynata in 2019.

It is available in countries like New Zealand, Canada, US, UK, Australia & many other countries. Dynata runs 17 other surveys for money sites like Valued Opinion. Those include OneOpinion, iPoll, E-Rewards, etc. It has crossed over 3 million members from 20 different countries globally. This portal can be used in 15 different languages.


How To Signup With Valued Opinions?

The website welcomes people from all around the world to join Valued Opinions for free. You just have to be 13 years old or older to register on their website. You can sign up with your email address by surfing their official website or through invitation links from your friends. They ask you to enter your name, address, age, ethnicity, number of members in your household & some introductory questions to make sure you are eligible to join their survey site.

Valued Opinions

You will receive a confirmation link to verify your email address in your email inbox. The link will guide you to another webpage where you have to complete your profile by answering a simple set of questionnaires. The ‘profile survey’ is taken to know more about you & find surveys for you according to your qualification. You will get a $5 sign up bonus. You will get regular survey invites. You can find surveys from the dashboard too.


How Does It Work?

Valued Opinions works like a platform for the consumers to share their views & opinions about the products & services that they have experienced. It works in the principle of give & take. The consumers give their time & viewpoints to earn money, the businesses pay the survey sites to get real customer reviews & Valued Opinions promotes their products & collects the reviews to earn money. The chain works symbiotically so it’s a win-win situation for all.

You don’t need to be from the US or UK. This survey site is available worldwide & you can register for free. You can take surveys to earn money for free after you sign up. The amount varies depending upon the type & length of surveys. Keep taking surveys & collecting money until you are eligible to payout. You can later redeem your income in the form of gift cards, money & other rewards.

You can find good Valued Opinions reviews for giving badges to their active members. This clears that they are keeping an eye on you & your earning will be based on the number of surveys you complete. From the lowest rank to highest rank, the badges goes like this: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond. Of course, the members with higher rank be benefitted more than the ones with a lower rank.


Earning and Redeeming in Valued Opinions

Surveys are the major earning options on Valued Opinions. There are short surveys & long surveys. You can earn $1 to $5 depending on the length of the surveys. On average, the surveys take 10-20 minutes to complete. You get survey invitations on your email inbox that do not pay. They are just meant to gather some information from you. This may look like a complete waste of time but Valued Opinions keeps a record of this too. Taking such surveys will help you get more paid survey invitations on your inbox. You can test & review products to get free products & additional money. Sometimes, you may be rendered very long surveys of nearly 5 hours & rewarded around $35. You can earn by referring to your friends too.

You need to keep on taking surveys & collect money until you hit the minimum threshold i.e $20. Once you reach that amount, you are eligible to redeem the rewards of your choice. It provides a variety of rewards like visa promo codes, net gift cards, com gift codes, Amazon vouchers, iTunes gift cards, Spa gift cards, Macy’s gift cards & furthermore. You can apply for these rewards in electronic & in physical form. The electronic gift cards will be sent in 24 hours, while the physical ones will be delivered through the post in 28 days to your home. It conducts many contests & sweepstakes to win Samsung Galaxy Tabs & other rewards.


Pros And Cons Of Valued Opinions

The users have shared their experience with the website on many Valued Opinion reviews over the internet. They have discussed the positive & negative sides of the website. So, the pros & cons of Valued Opinions according to its users & the critics are mentioned below:


– You find many surveys that you qualify to earn money. You won’t be disqualified in the middle of the surveys like other sites does.
– Surveys are interesting & easy to complete. You won’t feel bored while taking surveys.
– It can be surfed on smartphones & owns a mobile app.
– The age criteria to join the site is only 13.
– It provides variety in rewards along with sweepstakes & other contests.
– It ranks the active members by giving them badges. With the badges comes many perks.


– The payout threshold is $20 which is quite high.
– It does not provide payout through PayPal or checks. It is not a cash-based survey site.

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Is Valued Opinions A Legit Site Or Not?

We have dug deep information about the company in this Valued Opinion review. From all the data provided above, we have reached to a conclusion that Valued Opinion is indeed a legit site. It is spread globally & has more than 3 million real users who claim that they have been paid off. It is being run by such massive market research company ‘Dynata’, so pointing a finger on its legitimacy is futile. It is clearly not a scam.


Is Valued Opinions Worth Joining?

In this Valued Opinions review, we already discussed that you cannot payout in the form of Paypal money. If you are just looking only for gift cards & not looking for money then you can join the site. There are many high paying surveys which will sometimes pay you more than your expectations. You can earn an estimated $7 per hour on average. The gift vouchers are really useful & could help you lower down your expenses.

I’m not telling you to leave your 9 -5 job. But if you have two to three hours of free time in a day then you should definitely join a reward site like Valued Opinions & make effective use of your free time. You could answer surveys during holidays sitting on your home, during lunch break at work or while traveling on the train. This is quite epic because you don’t have to work under someone’s command. You are your boss & you can work the way you like. But make sure that the answers you provide are authentic.


Final Verdict

Valued Opinions is quite a complicated survey site because it rewards its users but the reward does not include money. But, without any doubt, it is a legit & reliable survey site. You can earn rewards by taking interesting surveys that are business-centered or sometimes may include topics like products, politics, food, lifestyle, entertainment & many more. It will help you broaden your knowledge.

Don’t expect to get rich by taking surveys in survey sites. It’s all a myth. You will only be rewarded worth your free time. However, you can earn exciting offers & discounts from your favorite stores. Everyone has a different experience, still, you will have fun answering the survey questions. If you feel the site is right for you after reading this Valued Opinions review, then go ahead & give it a shot. I hope you have a great survey taking experience on the site.


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