Opinion World Review: Scam or A Legit Survey Site?

OpinionWorld was established in 1977 & has been in the market from ever since. It is owned by Survey Sampling International. It also owns other popular survey panels like opinion outpost. OpinionWorld is a part of Dynata which is said to be a global leader in digital research data. OpinionWorld is user friendly & is available in more than 30 countries. More than 1000 research companies use the surveys designed by them. Most of the research company that uses OpinionWorld’s survey are big brands & are known globally.

Official Site Name: Opinion World

Per survey income : $0.50 – $3 ( 50 to 300 points)

Minimum threshold amount: $10 which is equal to 1000 points

Withdrawal method: Amazon gift cards, PayPal, checks, airline miles, etc.

Available country: AU, NZ, SG, KR, JP, HK, USA& many other countries

Opinion World Review

Company History of OpinionWorld

OpinionWorld was started by survey sampling International. It was established in 1977. OpinionWorld is a part of Dynata which is said to be a global leader in digital research data. They also hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, they only have a rating of 2.7 stars with 207 reviews. OpinionWorld & its parent company are active in America and Asia.


How to sign up with OpinionWorld?

OpinionWorld is very easy to join. It is completely free to join this site. They do have age criteria & you have to be 18 years & older to register on this site. You have to be the resident of the countries that they are available in. You have to provide some information that includes your name, gender & email address. After you fill all this information, you will have to verify your email. They will send you the verification email & you just have to click verify.

join Opinion World

After that, you’ll be asked to complete your profile. This is very important as they will send you survey invites based on the information you provide in your profile. So, make sure you answer your questions honestly. After the registration process is completed, they will offer you two types of surveys. They are paid surveys & charity surveys. I’ll provide more information about it on my next topic.


How do OpinionWorld works?

The only way to make money by taking surveys. You can take it either on desktop or mobile apps. One interesting thing about OpinionWorld is that it provides surveys that are usually short for which you don’t get paid.

There are two types of surveys here that are paid surveys & charity surveys which are usually called short surveys. Paid surveys are those surveys that will help you earn points when you complete them. They will provide you about 50 to 300 points for each paid survey you complete. And charity surveys are those surveys that won’t provide you with any points instead donate the amount directly to the charity.

The specific amount of money you can earn by taking a survey differs according to length. However, you may earn between $0.50 and $3.
Many users are also complaining about not having enough paid surveys to fill. The short or charity survey is provided on a daily basis where paid surveys are only provided once a week or a month.

If you want to receive the survey, you can update your profile frequently and complete it from time to time. This might help you grab the attention & you might get surveys frequently.


How to redeem your points on OpinionWorld?

The minimum threshold amount which is required to request payout is $10 which is equal to 1000 points. They provide you with many payout options like Amazon gift cards, PayPal, checks or airline miles, etc. You can receive the PayPal amount & gift-card within a few hours and other forms of rewards might take a few weeks to process.

There are a lot of complaints regarding payouts. Some members have reported that their account got suspiciously terminated especially after requesting a payout. The reason provided to the member for their account being terminated was for violating of OpinionWorld’s terms & conditions. Not only a few but there seem to be a lot of complaints regarding their account being terminated. So, it’s quite suspicious as most of their accounts are terminated especially after the members try to redeem their points or request for a payout & it is also quite hard to believe that the members actually violated the rules.


How to earn with OpinionWorld?

OpinionWorld is quite different from other market research companies. They offer short, detailed surveys on a daily basis. They don’t have enough paid surveys & only provide you surveys once in a week or a month. So, here are something that you can do to increase your earning potentials.

1. Update your Profile

The more you update your Profile with your details the more frequently you are likely to receive surveys that you will qualify for & get paid. So don’t forget to regularly update your Profile & details if you want to receive surveys frequently.

2. Take advantage of extra offers

OpinionWorld will send you an email once in a while to remind you to update your Profile or they will send you some information to confirm. They will provide you rewards for doing so. It’ll only take you a few seconds to do it and helps you reach the minimum threshold amount much quicker.

3. Participate in Drawings

OpinionWorld will conduct some drawings on a daily basis. They also choose random winners from random drawings. So, don’t forget to participate in the drawings. Make sure you always enter for it.

4. Take all the available surveys

Take all the surveys you are offered. Even though the surveys are too long or you might think you won’t qualify for it, take it anyway. They have some scheme for the disqualified member & every time you disqualify from a survey they will enter you into a Thank you prize drawing to make sure that your time is not wasted.


Is it legit or a scam?

OpinionWorld is a market research company that pays its members for taking surveys. It has been in the market for a long time & they also used to be available globally. OpinionWorld is owned by Dynata, which is one of the largest global market research companies. They are currently available in the USA only but OpinionWorld is definitely not a scam. It has quite questionable things going on so you need to be very careful if you are willing to join this site.

Even though they are legit it’s hard to tell if they are worth your time or not. After reading this OpinionWorld review you can definitely figure out the good & bad side of this site. So, I’ll leave it to you to figure out if it’s worth investing your time. There are few suspicious things about it like the account being banned after you request to redeem your points for violating the terms & conditions of the site. It is a complaint which is quite common. So, I would definitely not recommend this site. Instead, I would recommend sites like survey junkie, Swagbucks & Inbox Dollars. They pay you quite high & are definitely legit.


Pros and cons of OpinionWorld

In this OpinionWorld review, I’ll provide you with information on the pros & cons of OpinionWorld.


– It is available in many countries.
– The payouts are done quickly.
– It is quick and easy to use.
– They provide you with a wide range of survey time.
– The minimum threshold amount is low.
– They provide free donations to charity.


– There is a high chance of being disqualified from taking a survey.
– Your account can get blocked for no reason

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Surveys are one of the oldest & quite popular ways to earn money in this modern world. You will definitely not get rich by taking surveys but you will earn some extra money or you can contribute that money to your bigger savings.
I hope you got the overview of the site & how it works after reading this opinion world Review. It is indeed an opportunity to earn money but I wouldn’t personally recommend it to you. It sounds quite problematic. You won’t get many surveys to fill because there are limited surveys & there is a very low chance of earning. If you are planning to join this site then let me tell you that it may be a bad idea & you may probably be wasting your time and energy with them.

There are a lot of better opportunities out there to earn money. If you do a little research, you can find tons of legit survey sites that you can join & earn good money through them. I would highly recommend you to join other survey sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars & survey junkie. They are 100% legit & safe to join. They are very popular in the industry.

Each company has its own way & they all operate differently. So, it’s very important to gather all the information about them before you jump to the conclusion and join the sight. So, make sure you collect all the information and carry out proper research before you join.


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