Branded Surveys Review: is it Legit or scam?

If you were looking for a detailed review of Branded Surveys. Then you are on the right site. This review will provide you with all the necessary information about Branded Surveys.

If you are willing to earn money by filling surveys then Branded Survey just might be the best option for you. Branded surveys is a renowned California based market research company that has over 2 million members from the UK, USA & Canada. But is it a legit site or just a scam? Yes, It is totally legit and safe to join. Read the review below for detailed information.

Branded Surveys Review

What are Branded Surveys?

Branded surveys is an online survey site that provides an opportunity for people to earn money for free by completing online tasks. It was founded in 2012 & is owned by Branded Research Inc. They were previously known as Mintvine & were very popular. They had good reviews & were as popular as Swagbucks & other renowned sites. They changed their name in 2017 & rebranded themself as Branded Surveys. It lets you earn money by completing online surveys for cash rewards & gift cards. They also offer their users other options to earn money except filling surveys. It is available in the USA, Canada & UK. Branded Surveys has over 2 million members & pays well to them. They collect honest opinions from consumers about different products, brands, services & help companies to conduct their research.


How to sign up with Branded Survey work?

Branded surveys which was previously known as Mintvine is a famous survey site. The signup process is very simple & you will also get $1 as a signup bonus. Firstly, you need to visit the official site to make an account.

Branded Surveys

You can either signup with your email address or Facebook account as per your preference. After that, they will ask you for some personal information. This information will help them to determine the type of survey they can send you to complete. So you should be completely honest & provide the correct information if you want to qualify for the survey. Once you complete the registration process you can finally start taking surveys & polls. The more survey and poll you take the more you can earn from them.


How can you earn money from Branded Surveys?

Branded surveys provide you with many different methods to earn. You can try these methods to earn extra points.

1. Survey

Surveys are one of the main ways to earn points here. The points you will earn from each survey are different according to its length. The estimated time it would take to complete the survey will also be mention in the email they send you. They will also tell you the exact amount of points you will earn when you complete the particular survey. You can earn from 10-300 points for every 10-20 minutes of the survey you take. You can expect to earn from $0.10-$3 per survey. The more survey you take the more points you will earn. As the disqualification rate of Branded Surveys is high, you shouldn’t expect to complete many surveys in a day.

2. Daily Polls

Another method that you can use to earn money in Branded Surveys is by answering daily polls. They will only provide you with 5 points for it. You just have to invest your few seconds to complete it. You can earn easy money just by investing your few seconds and earn 5 points instantly which sounds like a great deal to me. This is not the highest paying option for you if you are seeking to earn more money through Branded Survey. They will provide 5 points per poll to a bronze member, 7 points to silver member & 10 points to gold member.

3. Partner survey

A partner survey is another method to earn points with branded surveys. You can participate in the offers provided by their partner sites. The offers include answering the survey, participating in quizzes & others. They are known as offer walls in other survey sites. So, if you have ever participated in offer walls in other sites then it’s the same. They just increase your earning potential and you will earn slightly more than what you used to earn from regular surveys. Other than that it’s not very unique.

4. Branded Elite Bonus Program

Branded surveys created this program to reward its most active members. After you signup for Branded Survey, they give ranking to its member. You become a bronze member as soon as you complete the signup process. You will be upgraded to silver & gold members based on your how active you are on Branded Surveys. You can earn up to 9% bonus point when you are a bronze member. As soon as you collect 600 points in your account, you will be upgraded to silver members & you can earn up to 14% bonus points. After you collect 2100 points in your account you will automatically be upgraded to a gold member & you can earn up to 19% bonus on the survey you are taking. If you plan on joining this site, don’t forget to pay attention to these levels as it can boost your earning.


How to redeem your points with Branded Research?

Once you complete the survey, you will be rewarded with your points. The minimum threshold amount which you have to collect to request for a payout is $10 which is equal to 1000 points. After you collect the minimum threshold amount a redemption button will be activated in the reward section. It will allow you to cash out & redeem your points. You can request a cash out whenever you want after the redemption button is activated. You are given a lot of options on how you can cash out and you can choose from that wide variety of options. You can request a PayPal payment. You can also request for a branded pay which is valid only in the USA. Branded pay directly connects to your bank account and help you get your cash faster. Branded surveys also let you directly donate to charity. It is only valid for the members of the USA. You can also trade your points for Amazon gift cards, prepaid virtual credit cards & other gift cards including eBay, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Airbnb, & more. Redemption will take 1-2 business days to process & gift cards will be issued as e-gift cards.


Is Branded surveys legit?

There are hundreds of survey sites out there. So, it might be quiet difficult to differentiate which survey site are legit and which are a scam.

Branded surveys is a popular & easy to use survey site which is indeed a legitimate website. It has been in the market for more than 17 years now. It pays real money to its members. Branded surveys which was previously known as Mintvine had a rating of B from BBB & Branded survey is also BBB accredited since 2014. It holds a rating of 4.4 with Trustpilot & has 26,000+ member reviews. It’s very difficult to be accredited by BBB to any scam site. So, we can say that Branded Survey is a legitimate site.


Who can join Branded Surveys?

Branded survey is available in the USA, Canada & the UK. If you are the resident of those countries then you can easily sign up & become its member. Branded Surveys has age criteria and anyone who is at least 13 years of age or more can join this site. You have to provide some basic data during the signup process. You will also be asked a few questions during the process so that they can determine the type of survey they can send you to complete. They will also provide you with 100 points as a signup bonus. Once you complete the registration process, you can start taking surveys and earn from them.

If you have a lot of free time & spend it doing nothing then you can definitely join this site & earn some side incomes. But if are looking forward to becoming rich by taking the survey then it’s definitely not for you. Survey sites don’t pay you a lot of money to become rich. However, you can earn some extra money to add to your savings by taking surveys in your free time.


Pros and cons of Branded Surveys

Every survey sites have some pros & cons. I have mentioned the pros & cons of Branded Surveys below so that you could decide whether you want to join them or not.


– It is easy to join.
– They provide you with many payout options.
– They have a low minimum payout amount which is $10.
-The customer service of Branded Surveys is great.
– They conduct an interesting bonus program.


– The payout is not very high.
– The rate of being disqualified for the survey is high.
– The payout can take up to 2 weeks which is a long time.
– It is not available globally.

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Final verdict

Branded Surveys is a popular survey site that you can join to earn money. They are a legitimate organization that pays you with real money. I have mentioned all the necessary information you need to know above. It helps you get a closer look at what kind of site it is & you can decide whether you want to join them or not. If you are someone who is planning to get rich by taking surveys then let me make one thing clear for you. You won’t get rich by taking surveys. Survey sites are more like a secondary income generator which will help you to add some money to your savings or help you earn some extra spending money. If you have a lot of free time then you should definitely consider giving it a try.


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