AskWonder Review: Is AskWonder legit?

AskWonder is a research site that is a lot different than other sites. AskWonder was established in 2015 which makes them new in the business. It allows its member to earn money by completing the research projects. The research project requires you to answer the questions provided by the companies. The members are required to work as a human search engine. You can earn money from this site by being one of their assistants. The members here are provided with the questions asked by the companies which they have to answer in order to earn money. You need to have good writing & research skills to join this site. If you love writing then you might wanna join this site. The signup process is quite long & might sound very complicated but it isn’t. The earning opportunity is straightforward. As soon as you complete answering the questions the money will be credited to your account directly. As they have been operating only for a couple of years they have already created a good image of them.

Official Site Name: AskWonder

Per Survey Income: $8-$35 per questions

Minimum Threshold Amount: N/A

Withdrawal Method: PayPal

Available Country: USA

Best Alternative: Survey Junkie

AskWonder Review

To have a closer look at the signup process, earning method, legitimacy of this site continue reading this AskWonder Review.


How to signup with AskWonder?

The signup process is not very simple & easy like other sites that you may have joined in the past. The sites that you may have joined in the past required you to provide some basic information but with AskWonder you have to provide some more information except basic information. Firstly, you will have to provide some basic information. After that, you are asked to take a test to see whether you qualify to be a Wonder Researcher Assistant or not.

This test will decide wherever you will be part of AskWonder or not. If you do well in this test you will be accepted, if you don’t you will be rejected. They want someone who is creative with their writing & has some great research skills. If you have great writing skills & can answer their questions creatively you have a great chance of being accepted to AskWonder. The questions here are not simple & requires detailed research. Sometimes you will have to dig deeper to find some answers to the questions they provide you. They want to see if you are willing to do some research to answer the questions that are not right in front of your eyes.


After all these tasks, if you get accepted to AskWonder you will have to follow some steps before you are able to answer the questions. They want you to learn some guidelines so, you will have to go through a quick course. The course is related to how it operates & how you should answer the questions also the available sources that you can use. You can visit their dashboard where you will find the tasks that you need to complete. You have to find answers to their questions & submit.


How to earn money with AskWonder?

AskWonder provides you with only one way to earn money & the only way is by participating in research projects. The research projects they provide here is a lot different than other sites. So, if you have participated in a research project of other sites & expect it to be like them then I hate to break it to you that it’s not AskWonder research projects is nothing similar to other sites. It’s a lot more complicated. After you have been accepted as a member of AskWonder you can view all the available questions you can answer in their dashboard.

Don’t expect to answer the question in simple yes or no or multiple choice. You will have to conduct a lot of research & answer it. The information you will provide here will be used by the companies so you better do your homework properly & answer it. You will get paid for it once the answer you submit gets accepted. As the task you have to perform is not very easy they pay you a decent amount of money for it. You can earn anywhere near $8-$35 for every question you answer.

If this is too much to handle for you or if you don’t want to put a lot of effort into it you can check out other sites as well. I highly recommend you check out Swagbucks & Inbox Dollars.


How do you get paid with AskWonder?

The goods news is that you don’t need to collect the minimum threshold amount to a request for a payout. So, you can say that it is quite different than other sites. The amount of money you will earn will completely depend upon yourself. The more questions you answer the more money you will make. They will provide you with a certain amount of money for every question you answer.

The money you earn will be credited to your AskWonder account. The site will send you your payment every two weeks through PayPal. As they don’t have a threshold amount you still can’t withdraw your money as soon as you earn. Your rewards will be sent to you automatically every two weeks. So you will receive whatever you have earned in two weeks at once.


Pros & cons of AskWonder

Every site has some pros & cons. The pros & cons of this site are mentioned below in this AskWonder Review.


– The earning potential is high compared to other sites & you can expect to earn $8-$35 per hour.
– The task that they provide here is interesting & needs a lot of thinking which helps you develop your research skills.
– They also provide internships to the students.
– It is available globally.
– They do not have a minimum threshold amount that you need to request a payout.
– You will receive your payment every two weeks.


– Their selection method is different & harsh than typical survey sites.
– AskWonder doesn’t accept the members from California & Newyork. So, if you are a resident of any this site is not useful to you.
– They do not have referral programs.
-The earning opportunities provided by them is limited.
– The research project requires a lot of time to complete as you need to conduct proper research before answering any questions.
– The registration process is quite long & lengthy.

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Is it legit?

AskWonder is a legit site that pays you well for being their assistant. Although the signup process is quite lengthy it is totally worth the time you invest here. It is a 100% legit site that is safe as well. If you love writing then you might enjoy working on this site.

AskWonder was established in 2015 which means they are a new kid in the market. Even though it is only been a few years they have created a good image of themselves in the market. It is a really good site with good earning potential but the problem is that you won’t get the studies frequently. You need to invest a lot of your time & effort into it because the research won’t be easy. The answer to their questions won’t be right in front of your eyes & you need to dig a bit to find it. They also want the answer to be creative & well presented.

So if you are not ready to put all those efforts into the work then this site might not be for you. You can join other sites that don’t require you to put a lot of effort into it. I highly recommend you to join the sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars & survey junkie which are quite popular in their fields. They are the surveys for money sites that pay you a good amount of money for simply providing your opinions & feedback.


Final verdict

AskWonder is a legit site & does what they promise. They pay you a good amount of money for being part of their site. As I have mentioned above, it’s not easy being part of this site & if you are someone that prefers an easier way to earn money then this site is definitely not for you. But if you are someone who loves writing then this might be great news for you. This site requires people who have great writing skills.

This site is not for everyone as it is quite different than most of the sites out there. You can earn a significant amount of money but you need to be very patient in order to do so because you need to work for it. They don’t have a minimum threshold amount which gives you the idea that you don’t have to collect a significant amount of money to request for a payout but the scenario is quite different here. Even though you don’t have to collect the amount you need to wait two weeks to receive your payment. If you don’t like the way this site operates you might wanna check other sites which I have recommended above.

I hope I have answered all the necessary information you were looking for in this AskWonder Review. I hope it was useful for you.

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