PrizeRebel Review: Is PrizeRebel Legit Site?

If you are looking for a reliable option to earn side income, PrizeRebel might be a great option for you. It has been in the market since 2007 with over 8 million users. It is one of the renowned names in the industry. It is a legit & safe site for anyone who is interested to join.

PrizeRebel Review

PrizeRebel is available globally and is a pretty fun way to earn money. It provides you with a different alternative to earn money. Keep reading this PrizeRebel Review for detailed information about PrizeRebel.


What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a get paid to reward site which is fun & easy to use. PrizeRebel was founded in 2007. It is operated by iAngelic Inc. The signup process is very easy & it is completely free to join. Prize Rebel has paid over $20 million to its user and still counting. It has over 10 million active users. It is based in the UK, California.

PrizeRebel’s membership is available worldwide. According to their website, they have members in 183 countries including UK, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Mexico. Although it is available globally, users from the US, UK, Canada & Austria have the most opportunities. PrizeRebel is a fun way to earn money in your free time by simply completing the tasks available in this site. You will earn points for every task you complete which later can be exchanged for cash and gift cards. Prize Rebel also provides various methods to earn.


How To Join & How It works?

If you want to join Prize Rebel and get started then you should follow these simple steps. You need to be 18 years or older to join this site. However, anyone who is between the ages of 13 & 18 can join this site with their parent’s consent. All the paid surveys are in English, so it’easy for people who are fluent in English. Firstly, you will have to create an account. Don’t worry it’s nothing difficult. You have to visit PrizeRevel’s website and fill the registration form.


You’ll have to provide some information like name, email address & password. To complete the registration process you will have to confirm your email. The verification link will be sent to your email and all you have to do is click it and verify your account. After successfully verifying your account you still need to complete your profile. They will again ask you some questions about your birthday, gender, ethnicity, education level, employment status, & annual household income. This helps them select the best survey opportunities for you based on your demographic. It will save you time and decrease the disqualification rate of surveys you fill. They also have different membership tier of bronze, silver gold, platinum & diamond. Here are the tiers and their benefits.


Points required to reach this tier : 0
Referral % you will receive: 20%
Bonus point: none


Points required to reach this tier: 1000
Referral % you will receive: 25%
Bonus point: none


Points required to reach this tier: 4500
Referral % you will receive: 25%
Bonus point: 1%


Points required to reach this tier: 10,000
Referral % you will receive: 25%
Bonus point: 2%


Points required to reach this tier: 16, 000
Referral % you will receive: 30%
Bonus point : 3%


Is Prize Rebel a legit site?

PrizeRebel is a get paid to reward site. It is a legit site to make extra money. It was founded in 2007 which means they have experience of over 10 years. They are available globally and has paid over $20 million to its users. They also have 10 million active members all around the globe. All the surveys they provide are in English but don’t worry if you don’t understand English they also offer different alternatives to earn points. They have a rating of 3.3 with Trustpilot. Experience of people may vary from person to person but it is definitely not a scam. It is totally safe to join so you can join & start earning if you are interested.


How to earn points with Prize Rebel?

Prize Rebel provides you with different alternatives to earn points. Here, I made a list of the earning method that you can use to earn points.

1. Surveys

Surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn points. Many surveys are available in PrizeRebel every day which you can fill & earn points. To qualify for many surveys, you need to make sure you answer the profile questionnaire honestly. PrizeRebel is partnered with many renowned companies so you might get surveys from familiar companies.

2. Videos

Watching promotional videos in PrizeRabel helps you earn extra points. The videos are provided by their partner company to promote their goods. The videos can be about food, gaming, technology, fashion or celebrities. Videos will only pay you a few points for every 30 minutes video.

3. Playing Games

Prize Rebel also allows you to earn by playing games, so, if you are someone who enjoys playing games then you might enjoy earning points here. Game developers provide their games for users to try here. They pay you for downloading and installing gaming titles on your phone. You can also earn more points by actually playing the game & reaching certain levels.

4. Online Shopping

If you are someone who loves shopping online then it might be great news for you. You can earn points here for shopping online. It’s not worth spending your actual money just to earn a few points but if you are already planning to purchase some items then you can purchase it through Prize Rebel.

5. Referrals

Referral is the easiest way to collect your points. You can send your referral link to your friends through social media or email. You get a certain % of your referral’s earning every time they request a payout if they join PrizeRebel through your referral link. The % you will receive is based on which tier you are currently in. The more people join PrizeRebel from your referral link the more points you will earn.

6. Offer wall

You can earn many points from offer walla as it provides different opportunities for you to earn. They pay you for the simple task you perform here. You can find offers like watching videos, sideshows, reading, product trials, downloading an app & surfing the Internet etc.


PrizeRebel conducts different contests regularly. It provides you with a chance to earn extra points. You can earn free points by using promo codes that they frequently post on their Facebook page.

8. Daily tasks

They also offer daily points for completing tasks. They allow you to perform this task 20 times per day. If you are not bored of logging on every day & completing the task, it can help you save up some points.


Pros and cons of Prize Rebel

Similar to any other surveys for money site, Prize Rebel also has some pros & cons. Below is mention some pros & cons which might help you decide whether you should join this site or not.


– They provide many rewards options.
– It is easy to use.
– It has a very good reputation.
– The minimum threshold amount is low.
– They provide various earning opportunities.
– It has a great interface.
– It provides great referral programs.


– Demographics play a vital role in eligibility for the surveys.
– It is available only in the English language.
– Some surveys & tasks won’t pay you much even when they are long.

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How to redeem points on Prize Rebel?

Prize Rebel offers many redeeming options. The minimum threshold amount is very low so you can redeem your points starting from $2.

Gift cards

They offer you a reward catalog with over 500+ gift card options including Amazon, Starbucks, American Eagle, Hudson’s Bay Disney, Home Depot, Gap, Boston Pizza, Dairy Queen, Old Navy & many more. They will also provide you discount on specific gift cards occasionally. You can request a reward with less than $10 of points in your account. It’ll take 24 hrs to process but if you are a gold member & above you will receive the rewards immediately.100 points equal to $1.

PayPal Payment

You can also trade your points for PayPal Payment. You only need points worth $5 request for a payout. The email of the PayPal & Prize Rebel account must match. If you are on bronze or silver tier, the transaction will take one week to complete.

Online Games

If you love playing games then it’s good news for you. There are different options for you. You can redeem your points for a gift card or code. It will take one day for your rewards to be processed. When you reach to gold tier & above you will have the benefit & the payment processing won’t take long. It’ll be faster and it’ll only take 10 minutes to complete.



After reading all the information I have provided above you can reach the conclusion that it is a pretty fun site to earn money. It is a legit company that is available globally. If you get bored by filling surveys then you can also try other different fun opportunities to earn money. If you have a lot of free time and want to utilize it you can join this site & start earning money. It is fun and safe to join this site.


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