Survey Rewardz Review: Everything You Want To Know About it

Survey Rewardz is a website dedicated completely to online surveys for money purposes. It is a sub-branch (part) of the Point2Shop website, which is famous on the web for its online rewards program. The head office of the site is established in Dallas, Texas in the United States of America (U.S.A). Over the course of time, establishing strong relations with other repetitive market research & surveys related companies has helped Survey Rewardz stand as a model in the market.

survey rewardz review

The strict rules that the site follows, from the eligibility criteria for members to that of the age limit of the participants, all are the reasons for its reputation in the market.

Focused only on one thing, the site is nothing less than a trademark in its niche. With its increasing popularity among the people, the company continues to grow up to a whole new level.


How Does It Function?

Unlike many online worlds earning websites, this platform is a bit more conscious about its privacy. Therefore you won’t be finding much-helping material about it.

All you can do to understand is to make an account on the website and then learn with the passage of time.

survey rewardz sign up

Once you are have created an account and logged in. The site will take a small survey test about your personal data. As soon as you qualify you will be lead to your dashboard where you will find surveys waiting for you.

You will have to take down those surveys successfully to earn a predecided amount. The amount earned will be visible in the dashboard, which you can, later on, withdraw and use as per your need.

Please keep in mind that only residents of the USA, UK, Canada, and relative native English people are entertained by this site.


Is Survey Rewardz Authentic or Its Fraud?

Before we get into whether or not, this site is legit. It’s better for us to have ago through the traits of its Parent website “Points2shop” to know about the strength of its core.

The parent site “Points2shop” (From where Survey Rewards came into) is actually a survey reward program. The services of this site include completing different types of surveys of online or offline world products. This website because of its quality work carries a big part in market share. Therefore not scam at all.

Similar to the parent site, this forum is also an authentic and legit one as discussed in the earlier part of the Survey Rewardz review.

No doubt this site has a few negative reviews but considering the negativities but no the positivity’s to declare this as scam or Fraud, in my opinion, is really unfair.


How Much Can You Make?

How much could I possibly make out of it? Probably the most common and important question of all. Of course, it is worthy, because we put in our efforts?

Well! There is no fixed price for a survey to be carried out. Rates may vary from 0.2$ to 2$ depending on the length and difficulty of the survey. However, it is often heard that some people even get a chance to take a survey of about 10$.

No frets well because in the recent past this website had started a referral program. Anyone who is a member of the team can share a link to join the platform. And for every person who does, a team member gets a bonus of 3$.

Therefore it is useful to say that you can make money easily especially if you carry a large public following or even you have larger social connectivity.


A Few Pros of Survey Rewardz:

Like many other surveys & Research websites, this platform has some unique facilities that it offers to stand out from the crowd of its competitors.

Some of them are as follows:-


Zero Registration Fee:

Among some amazing things about this platform is its free sign up facility for everyone. The platform respects its members and their experience. Caring for their workers, they just look for those who can help, irrespective of those who can pay or not.


Multiple Payout Ways:

Versatile in the payout methods to ease the members is a plus point of this site. The platform provides not only physical but digital access to its members to cash out or make purchases.

Some common payout ways include:

•        PayPal direct deposit method

•        Visa Gift Card

•        Cheques

•        Email cheques

multiple payout ways


A Large Number of Surveys:

Unlike many other survey websites like pinecone research that have dried up over time, this website is something else. With the strong network it possesses with various Research & companies, the number of available surveys has increased with the passage of time.

Please keep in mind that there may be few surveys in some niches, but it never means that one should start complaining about the shortage of surveys.


Referral Program:

Refer your friend, some family member, or maybe thousands of people over your social network. Always get 3$ for each one who joins. Further, get a 15% bonus of their entire earnings until they are members of the site.


User-friendly Website Interface:

I always say a good experience always starts from a good interface. The same practice is followed by this website. With their extremely simple and engaging content, you will never get confused, nor misled.

If you face any problem you can visit their FAQ section or support section, which won’t let you get stuck.


Hobbies Based Surveys:

The most amazing part I found about this site is their ability to judge one’s hobbies and traits. They use artificial intelligence-based software that uses cookies to track one’s hobbies. This act makes them capable to assign you only those tasks, you would love to perform dedicatedly.

This not only increases the chances of a successful survey but also doesn’t make the member/ person bored of taking the survey.


Minimum Payout Amount is Quite Low:

In order to facilitate the members of survey tasks, the platform has a very low threshold payout limit, $1 only. Although this amount is not much but its worth in terms of gaining confidence in workers is appreciable.


No Email Notification Disturbance:

Some people including me don’t like the ringing of mobile phones again and again. Survey Rewardz cares about the comfort of its users and hence doesn’t send you notifications about surveys.

All you have to do is use your leisure time a bit to take a few surveys and that’s it. You are good to go…


A Few Cons of the Survey Rewardz:

As stated earlier Survey Rewardz cares more about its privacy and therefore you cannot really something unless you sign up followed by Log in and further procedure.

survey rewardz privacy

Limited Countries Have Access:

The most common complaint that is heard is the site’s access across the world. Only U.S.A, U.K, Canada, and other native English speakers have permission to use this platform.

None of your African or Asian friends can join it either by means of Referral link. It’s not a part of the site’s policy.


Relatively Longer Cashout Time:

This is one biggest reason people don’t like using this platform a lot. Despite its iconic image in market places, it is still a bit slower in its payouts.

It usually takes a few days before you receive the cash.


Qualifying Might Be Difficult:

At the beginning of your membership, you are asked to take a survey, as a sample that most people fail. This is one hurdle paved in the way of many people, stopping them from earning. Because they are not aware of the strict policies of the site they usually take it for grant and fail to make it.


Cashout Fee Education:

As a worker, you never like a deduction made from your earning at all. I know this very well and therefore trying to tell you about the “Survey Rewardz” policy.

There is possibly a deduction of 0.1$ for 2$. So beware of this…


No Task Other Than Surveys:

Yes, you’re read it right. Survey Rewardz is completely dedicated to the survey purpose and second none. You can’t expect to earn by doing something else on this site at all. It’s a restriction you cannot bypass.


Un-satisfactory Customer Care Collaboration:

Although the platform is legitimate and authentic they lack in their customer service section. That’s what many members complain about. Whether it’s a money-related problem or technical one, it’s rare that you find help from the Customer service Support Section.



If you are looking for some part-time job or work that pays you well, I will definitely suggest you become a member of the Survey Rewardz. It’s simply because they are never going to waste your time but make it worthy for you.

You will never have to look for surveys to come. It’s because there are always many opportunities waiting for you on the dashboard. Even if you fail to make in one survey, maybe the next one is yours.

What is more, you can earn a lot by using your referral link? For those who have great social media following, this can be a helpful source to generate a healthy income.



Please keep in mind, it’s better to use this source as a part-time job. The number of Surveys may vary from day to day. You shouldn’t rely on this platform completely because one month without such surveys will hurt you a lot if this is your only source of income.


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