Vindale Research Canada Review – Updated: 2020

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vindale research canada review

Nowadays online platform is being popular for earning money. You can be a full time or part-time online job holder. If you already have a job or you have a couple of hours free in a day it would be better to join online paid survey sites in Canada. Go through this review if you are interested in making money online by taking paid surveys.

In this review, we are gonna be covering a top multinational survey company called Vindale Research Canada. The number is pretty impressive and reassuring that Vindale members have earned almost 7 million dollars from their surveys. It has a wide range of survey categories including politics, games, entertainment, brand products, etc.


An introduction to Vindale Research Canada

Vindale Research is a top paid survey panel operated in Canada with an excellent bunch of surveys and regular and reasonable payouts. It is run by another market research company called Nathanael Ehrich. They give you rewards for completing the business surveys and other mini tasks. It was initiated in 2004 and has proved itself to be a legitimate market research company all these years. It has vowed to have paid over $7 million as rewards to its members. Recently in 2018, RReimagine Holdings Group took over this company.

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Large consumer brands, companies, and retailers are linked with this site who seeks real consumer’s genuine advice. Vindale Research is a communication bridge between the consumers and businesses who provide necessary information for the brands and pay the users for their precious time and feedback. The brands and businesses consider the information and use it to configure their business in the best possible way.


Company History

Vindale Research is operated by Nathanael Ehrich, CEO of the company. It is an established company with more than 14 years of working experience since 2004 AD. It is headquartered in New York, United States, and its server base is located in the United States. They are known for their well-designed webpage layout. Vindale Research was acquired by Reimagine Holdings Group in 2018.


How does it work?

Vindale requests its members to complete studies i.e. surveys. Vindale negotiates about the charge for each study with its partners and shares a portion of their income with their customers. You can earn by taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, referring to your friends, etc. You can also link yourself with other panels as it matches surveys from other panels for you. Its recent collaboration includes Ipsos, VIP Voice, PointsClub, etc. You will get paid along with Vindale Research for signing up and completing surveys on these websites.
You can gather Vindale codes to credit your balance on the Vindale account. It has its own job center which eases to find you a job in your area. You have an opportunity to grab jobs of your interest. It monitors the interaction of each and every user with the site. You get the reward codes and surprise offers on this behalf.


How to sign up?

Before signing up on any website, you have to make sure it is not a scam. Talking about Vindale Research, it is surely not a scam as this site is 100% free for signup. They don’t ask your credit card details or any other payment details. All they want is some introductory demographics about you to know you better and help you find many surveys to fill up.

vindale research canada

Enter your email address and fill out the required information like address, age, and the country of your residence. You should be a Canadian resident to signup for Vindale Research Canada. Create your own password and proceed further. They would want to verify your email to make sure you are not a fraud. So they send you a confirmation link on your inbox. Visit the link and you will be redirected to another webpage. You can then earn your $1 signup bonus after completing a few tutorials. In order to continue further with their survey process, you must qualify for this site. You need to answer a few pre-qualification questions and get matched to the surveys.

You have to complete your profile in order to get signup bonuses and survey invitations. You will receive survey invitations on your email inbox of the email address you provide. You have to watch an Accelerated Training tutorial of around 5 minutes before you start with the website.


How to earn points?

You may be eager to know how much money you could make with Vindale Research in Canada. The main task to earn good money is by taking as many surveys as you can. Here is a list of stuff you can do to earn real points:

-Fillup Paid Surveys: There are different categories of surveys including topics like; politics, shopping, fashion, sports, technology, current affairs, etc. Each survey takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete and earning is based on the length of surveys. Longer surveys pay you more than the shorter ones. Approximately, you can earn $1 to $50 by taking surveys.

– Reading emails: You will receive many promotional messages from their contacts and partners. In the mails, they promote their store and it offers. So, opt out into their rewarding mails to earn some more points by just reading some mails.

-Watching Videos: You can simply choose to watch short videos and ads if you want to make effortless earning. They don’t pay much but it is an option worth choosing because you can open a video and just let it play without watching it.
-Vindale Reward Codes: In order to accumulate the Vindale Reward Codes, follow Vindale on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and grab the reward codes they share on their stories and posts. They also conduct many exciting giveaways.

-Referral: This is an easy way to make money. You get $5 for each referral when the invitees signup via your referral link and complete their first survey. You can invite any number of friends you want.


How to Cash out via Vindale Research?

You will earn real cash on Vindale Research. As soon as you assemble enough points worth $50 you can request for redemption. You can redeem your Vindale points in the form of cash via PayPal. After you reach, the minimum threshold, send them your verified PayPal account and it will be credited with Vindale cash rewards within days of the redemption request. You don’t have to pay for the processing fees.

vindale research canada cashout method

Pros and Cons of Vindale Research Canada

Vindale Research has been very popular in Canada with time because of it’s great customer service. As mentioned by the Canadian members, here is a list of some pros and cons of Vindale Research.


-It pays you $1 signup bonus.
-You can register for free.
-It has great reputations for paying out in time.
-Your survey answers and reviews will be kept completely anonymous.
-You will earn an extra $5 for one referral.


-Along with the number of high paying surveys, there are a lot of low paying ones.
-The minimum threshold amount for cashout is $50 which is very high. It takes a large number of surveys to earn that amount. So you may feel frustrated if got stuck with the low paying ones.
-Unfortunately, you may not qualify for many surveys.


Is it legit?

Vindale Research is a legitimate market research platform rated 3.9/5 by reviews from Trustpilot’s 42,000 members. They never show their temptation in your credit card details. In fact, they have put SSL encryption to protect your data. Their webpage also includes a FraudAwareness Guide to protect you from getting fraud. There you will learn to identify and avoid scam survey sites and frauds. It doesn’t give you false hope of making you rich on their website. All the rewards are decent. Plus it has been in operation for more than 14 years which proves it’s legitimacy.


Is Vindale Research worth joining?

Of course, it’s deals and rewards are so alluring that you will find it worth investing your free time. You can register for free and earn a decent amount of money by taking surveys, watching video games, reading emails, etc. They give you Vindale Reward Codes which you can use to increase your points. You will easily earn $5 by referring to one friend. The best part is there’s no limit of friend’s referral. You will find surveys of different topics and interesting videos on this website.

It has a welcoming review section, that considers both positive and negative feedbacks with the motto to bring out quality products and services in the market. It can be the best way to kill your free time and earn money along with that.


Final thoughts

Vindale Research is a top cash-paying survey site in Canada. If you want to stack some extra cash, this could be your best opportunity to gain points convertible into cash by completing some simple tasks. Be sure about its legitimacy. Although it has mixed online feedback it has always explained and responded to the major complaints and it is expanding day by day. Many positive feedbacks are evident that it has paid its members. Don’t expect to earn a large amount in a short time period. Have patience and answer the questions sensibly. It’s better to give it a try.

I hope you have a great survey taking experience with Vindale Research Canada.


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