Pinecone Research Canada Review – Updated: 2020

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pinecone research canada review

Do you want to make money online?

If your answer is yes then you have come across the right site.

Here, I’ll provide you detailed information on how you can make money online without stepping outside your room.

Out of many options available to make money online, paid survey sites in Canada are one of them. You can earn easy money without moving an inch from your house with the help of an online survey. All you need is an internet connection and a device and you are ready to make money online. Your opinions are heard here and you’ll also get paid for providing it. You won’t earn a lot but you can earn enough to pay your bills, increase your savings, buy movie tickets and more.

This review of Pinecone Research will provide you with information about its signup process, earnings, pros and cons and many more.


Company History

Pinecone Research has a good user base in Canada because of its legit background and reputed authorities. It is operated by an established company known as Nielsen . Nielsen is globally considered as leading research agencies.

The Nielsen Company was initiated in 1923 which was about 97 years ago from now. It is traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (S&P 500). It has been rated as an A+ research firm by Better Business Bureau.


Pinecone Research Canada Overview

Pinecone Research is a survey website that provides you platform for product testing. It falls among one of the lead market research panels in Canada and some other countries. They are owned and operated by the market research company Nielsen and has been around for a long time. It is operated from it’s headquarter which is located in New York. It is exclusively a survey website where you have to be invited in order to register as its member. Members of this platform are given a specific name and are called “panelists”. After you qualify and join this panel, they will start sending you surveys through email and they may also send you some products to examine. You can earn $3-$5 for surveys and up to $6 for product testing. Pinecone Research helps to improve the quality of products by collecting international research.

pinecone research canada

It is quite difficult to join this site because you need to be invited first in order to join. They choose people according to the demographics their client currently needs to run a test on their product. They are a very legit site and pays you well for your precious time.


Signup Process

The signing up process of Pinecone Research is very simple and straightforward but. You must be invited in order to join. The link can be sent you by panelists or you can find it as ads on some websites. To be a member of this site you have to be a citizen of Canada US, UK and Germany. Anyone who is 13 and older can join this site.

pinecone reseach canada join now

You will also be asked to enter some demographic information and fill out some questionnaires for the site to examine whether you are the person they are seeking or not. Being dishonest won’t benefit you as they are searching for people with different demographics according to the needs of their clients. If you belong to the category that they and their clients are looking for you’ll be accepted. After being accepted they will send you surveys through email based on your demographics. Pinecone Research seems to mostly focus on products and consumer-related surveys but you can also find surveys on different topics. They mainly focus on product and consumer-related surveys because of which they also have a product testing scheme.


Payment Method of Pinecone Research

You will be provided with a variety of options for getting paid. You will earn rewards as points here which later on you can redeem in the form of gift cards or cash. You will be provided with different options for redeeming your rewards. You can redeem them through PayPal, cheque, gift cards and prepaid virtual visa. You can Cashout your points and receive them in 3-5 days. You can Cashout from the cheque option as well. It will take 3-5 days to process and the cheque will need few. You can also redeem your points for different gift cards including Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart and more. You can take the rewards as a prepaid visa through which you can make an online purchase. You will be sent $3 from your first salary in order to confirm your home address.


Pros and cons of Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a trustworthy company to be a part of and earn some money. Similar to another survey site Pinecone Research also has its pros and cons. Pros and Cons of Pinecone Research Canada are mentioned below :


1. Invitations for prequalified surveys: Pinecone invites you for taking those surveys that you have already qualified. You don’t have to get stuck in the middle of the survey because it can be frustrating to give up a survey without completing after spending 20 minutes in that particular survey. So to avoid such a disturbing experience, they send you those surveys which you can fill up without any interruption.

2. It is a legit site. You will be paid a reasonable amount for your invested time.

3. Pre-product testing: If you want free products, you can apply to test products before they hit the market. Those products will be sent to your doorsteps with instructions on how to use them. Along with that, a post-testing survey is also available. You will be paid a good amount by testing the products.

4. Good and timely payment: They pay you $5 for one survey in Canada. You can hike up the payment by being active on the website. Payment will be done via Paypal, Cheque, or Prepaid Visa Cards within 2 days.

5.Variety of rewards: It gives multiple reward options. You can payout in cash or redeem your points in the form of gift cards by different stores. You can even take part in lucky draws worth $4,500 and $500 after completing a few surveys.

6. There is no minimum redemption balance. You may cash out immediately after one survey. Your points will stay in your account for one year.

7. Pinecone saves all your answers so don’t worry much if your browser crashes in the middle of the survey. You will find the surveys quite interesting.


Although the pros list of Pinecone seems to be never-ending this platform still has some flaws.

1. You have to be invited to signup. You can either signup through different Pinecone adds on other websites or receive an invitation from the registered Pinecone members.

2. It does not own a mobile app. You have to take surveys from browsers on smartphones, laptops, or computers.

3. It does not render many surveys.

4. Only one member from each household can become its member.


Is it legit?

Pinecone Research is a leading market research panel in Canada. It is indeed legit because it meets all the criteria on how a legit site should be. It holds an impressive Privacy Policy.This website holds a rating of A+ from BBB. It does not fake rewards. You should expect realistic awards if you want to keep up with this site. You won’t earn a lot of money. However, it will be worth investing in your free time.

It is free to join. Anyone from Canada who is 18 years or older can register onto this site. The best part is you can cashout immediately after your first earning. This way you won’t have any doubts about getting fraud. It is operated by a NewYork based research company called Nielsen. It falls under one of the top market research companies in the world. It also got an A+ rating from BBB(Better Business Bureau).


Is it worth joining?

Pinecone is a trustworthy and great company to be a part of. It gives voice and platform to the general public to share their genuine feedback on the products and services they use. It is one of the few surveys for money sites in Canada that are actually worth your time and energy you invest. It welcomes both positive and negative reviews. The clients use this data to improvise their brands and businesses. On the other hand, the users get paid for giving their time and helpful reviews. So it’s a win-win situation for both the retailers and the users. Survey site won’t pay you a lot but they can play a huge part in saving as a whole.

If you want to earn some extra cash to raise your savings or pay electricity or phone bills, you will find Pinecone suitable for yourself. It pays you a good amount and the surveys are quite interesting. Don’t waste your precious time on random things. Make every leisure time count, worth some bucks.


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