Surveys on the Go Review: Is it legit?

Survey On The Go is a US-based market research company. They allow you to participate in the surveys & other tasks for money which you can perform through your phone. You can find the surveys on the different categories like sports, technology, entertainment, news & many more. Survey On The Go will reward you in the form of cash & other prizes for completing it. The surveys here are designed to be interesting so that the members don’t get bored while filling the survey. You can access the survey of this site only through its mobile app. The mobile app is available on both android & ios devices. Except for taking surveys, they might invite you to earn money by participating in other activities like product testing, watching movies & TV shows & more.

Official Site Name: Survey On The Go

Signup bonus: Not mentioned

Per survey income: $1

Minimum threshold amount: $10

Withdrawal method: PayPal & gift cards

Available country: USA

Best Alternative: InboxDollars

Surveys on the Go Review

For further information on the signup process, redemption method it’s legitimacy, keep reading this Survey On The Go Review.


How to signup with Survey on the Go?

To be part of SOTG, you have to download its mobile app first. It is available for both android & ios devices. It is 100% free to download & has a Google play rating of 4.4 stars which is very good. You can also login using your social media accounts. They only accept the members from the US so, they will use your location to check whether you are from the US or not. Anyone who is 16 years or older can join.

After you install the app, they will ask you to fill some demographic surveys. The surveys will be about yourself & the household. You will earn $0.50 for completing each one of them & you will get paid in dollars instead of points. In the about yourself survey you need to provide some basic data such as your ethnicity, gender, country, job, employment status & more. In the next type of survey about your household, you are required to answer some questions like how many children you have & also your parenting style. They will also provide you with options to choose from.

Surveys on the Go

These surveys are short & are conducted for a purpose. The purpose of conducting these surveys is to determine the type of survey you might be interested in. This is done so that you don’t receive the surveys that you are not interested in which also automatically decreases the rate of getting disqualified from the surveys that are sent to you.


How to make money on Survey On The Go?

Survey On The Go has only one way to earn & that is by taking surveys. The more surveys you complete the more money you will earn. The surveys here are short & interesting which doesn’t consume a lot of your time. The survey you receive is completely based on your demographics so, make sure to provide honest information while signing up. If you provide a dishonest answer then you might get invited to surveys that you are not interested in. Similar to other surveys for money sites, you need to get qualified for the survey first. Don’t worry if you are not able to get qualified, they will still reward you with some money for it.

You can earn $1 for completing one survey & $0.10 if you don’t. The earning potential is very low & you won’t get many surveys to complete in a week. You can also find surveys that pay you a high amount of money but they are not many. Even when you get high paying surveys, you might get disqualified for it. The money you can earn from high paying surveys depends on their length & importance. They provide you with an option to trade your rewards for cash & gift cards. You can trade it for cash which will be sent to you through Pay Pal. Once you reach your minimum threshold amount which you must collect to ask for a payout, you can trade them.


How to redeem your points with Survey On The Go?

The process is very simple. The first thing that you need to do is collect the minimum threshold amount in order to request payment. The minimum threshold amount of Survey On The Go is $10 which is low comparing to most of the sites out there. You can trade your rewards for money or gift cards. You can trade your points for cash through PayPal. You will also be provided with other options to redeem your points like visa prepaid card, Amazon gift card & Starbucks gift card. They transfer your rewards instantly so, you won’t have to wait long enough to receive your rewards.


Pros & cons of Survey On The Go

Every site has some pros & cons. Similar to other sites, SOTG also has some pros & cons which you can find in many Surveys on the Go reviews. I have made a list of some pros & cons which I will mention below in this Survey On The Go Review.


– It is completely free to join.
– It has a mobile application for both android & ios.
– Payouts are quick.
– They have an interesting & fun way for you to earn money.
– They pay you in cash through PayPal.
– The minimum threshold amount is low.


– They have a limited amount of surveys.
– You may get screened out randomly.
– You can’t find many high paying surveys.

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Is it legit?

The main question that arises on everyone’s mind before joining any site is if it’s legit or not.
Yes, Survey On The Go is a completely legit app. They have good reviews from their members as well. The minimum threshold amount is low & the payout is done instantly. They also have built a pretty good reputation in the market. They partner & collaborate with many popular companies. They help these companies to perform market research. You can rely on them & take surveys here without worrying about being your data stolen or getting spammed. They hold a rating of B from the Better Business Bureau. It is quite difficult for any fake site to get a rating from BBB. SOTG can be a really great option for you to generate secondary income.


Is it worth joining your time?

The surveys here are short & interesting. They also don’t consume a lot of your time. You can earn $1 for every survey you complete. You don’t receive a lot of surveys & the earning potential is also very low. If you are someone who wants to utilize your free time & earn a few dollars as pocket money then it is worth investing your time on this app. But if you are someone who is looking forward to earning more money then this app is not worth your time.


Survey On The Go: Mobile App

Survey On The Go is a legit get paid to the app which is available for both android & ios. You can find this app on both Google play store & Apple store. SOTG is free to download & has a Google play rating of 4.4 stars. It conducts its market research through a mobile application where you get to provide your opinions on various topics like products, technology, entertainment, sports & more. Your opinions & time are valued here so they pay you for providing it. The mobile app made it easier for users to take surveys as it is easier to carry out tasks from mobile than pc.


Final verdict

Survey On The Go is a legit app that is out on the market to collect the opinions & feedbacks of consumers on various topics. It conducts market research for brands & companies which helps them to have a clear view of their consumer’s thoughts on their products & services. The surveys are designed to be short & interesting.

You can only get few surveys in a week so you won’t make more than a couple of dollars. This research helps the companies to make their products & services better. You will earn some money but not enough money to become rich. It can be a great option for you to generate your secondary income if you have a lot of free time. The threshold amount is also low & they pay you instantly. You won’t be able to generate a lot of money by taking surveys so don’t quit your regular job for it. They have a limited number of surveys available so you might not get many surveys.

I won’t recommend this site because the earning potential is not very high but if you are someone who is looking to take surveys & earn few dollars in your free time then you can definitely go for it & give this site a try.

This Survey On The Go Review contains all the necessary information that you need to know about Survey On The Go app before you join it. I hope it is worth the time you spend on it.

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