OnePoll Review: Is Onepoll legit?

OnePoll is a UK-based market research & survey company that rewards its members in cash for completing certain tasks. They are partners with some major retailers & brands in the UK, US & other countries. OnePoll is owned & controlled by SWNS (South West News Service). South West New Service is one of the best & independent news agencies in the UK. SWNS started its journey in Bristol & Fiston. Now, they are one of the premier media & PR outlets in Great Britain. South West News Agency has been around for 40 years & launched OnePoll in 2002 to collect people’s opinions on various topics. It has over 100,000 members inside British countries & many in other countries worldwide like France, US, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. Many organizations & business companies pay OnePoll to conduct surveys & polls to collect real customer’s feedback about their products.

Official Site Name: OnePoll

Per Survey Income: $0.1-$0.5 per one mini-survey & $3.5 for one long survey.

Minimum Redemption Threshold: $53

Withdrawal Method: PayPal money or check.

Available Countries: UK, US, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany & others.

Best Alternative: SwagBucks

OnePoll Review

It owns a mobile app. It is very active on social media like Twitter & Facebook. If you are intending to join the website, you have to know their history, working principles, pros & cons, earning methods, legitimacy & many more. Keep up with this OnePoll review to find out everything that you need to know before joining OnePoll.


Signing Up With OnePoll

Although OnePoll is UK-centered, you can join the website from any country if you are 18 years old or older. You will get $6.58 for registering on their website. You can start by clicking the sign-up button on their website. You have to enter your full name, email address & create a password in order to sign up on to their website. Before you become approved as a member of their website, you need to get your email verified. For that, you will be sent a verification link in an email. You just have to open that email & click on the link. Now, you are an official member of the OnePoll website.


You can immediately start taking surveys after you sign up. You can find the surveys from the dashboard or from email survey invitations. It is difficult to find qualifying surveys from the dashboard by yourself. So, it will be better if you complete the profile surveys first. You will have to fill them only once. They will ask your gender, employment, salary, hobbies, interests & about your daily life. These questions are asked so that they can know you better & pick up the right surveys that you can qualify.


How To Earn Money On OnePoll?

OnePoll provides very few money earning opportunities. It is a simple website & easy to use. You can easily find the tasks on the dashboard. You can take surveys, refer your friends & enter into competitions to earn money on OnePoll. In this OnePoll review, we will discuss every detail about the money-generating options in OnePoll.

– Surveys: Paid surveys are the major money-making options when it comes to joining online surveys for money sites. You can find many new surveys each day. Some last for a day while some may last for a week or more. There are two types of surveys: short or mini surveys & long surveys. The short surveys will take you around 2-10 minutes to complete & pay you $0.1 to $0.5 for completing one survey. As the payment depends on the length & complexity of the surveys. The long surveys will pay you around $3.5 for 20-25 minutes long surveys. The surveys include topics like politics, environment, business, products & many more.

– Referral Program: You can even make money by referring the website to your friends & family. You just have to copy the referral link & send it to your friend’s email. If they sign up on the website through your referral link you will be rewarded. You get $0.5 for referring to one friend. You can refer up to 10 friends only. Plus, if your referral earns $26.30 you will get $1.30 & if they earn $52.60 you will get $3.30. It is not a big amount but its better to get something than nothing.

– Competitions: OnePoll conducts many contests & competitions in their social media like Twitter & Facebook. They are very active there. They give away $ 131.50 to $1314.50 to their followers & active members.


How To Redeem Your Earning On OnePoll?

You have to collect the rewarded amount until you hit the minimum threshold i.e. $53 in the case of OnePoll. Once you reach the minimum threshold amount, you can payout your money or redeem other forms of rewards. $53 is a whole lot of money & it will take you some 2-3 months to accumulate that amount. OnePoll is really not for you if you are in search of instant payouts. You can payout in the form of cash through PayPal. You just need to provide some verification details about yourself. Otherwise, PayPal is a completely safe & secure way to transact the money. If you are from inside the UK, you can ask for a written check too. The redemption process is too long in OnePoll. It may take you around one month to get the payment done.


Pros & Cons Of OnePoll

You can find many online OnePoll reviews talking about the good & bad experiences shared by its members. It is just another surveys for money sites with some possibilities to earn money & some flaws too. This OnePoll review has comprised a list of pros & cons of OnePoll. They are mentioned as:


– It is free to sign up & use. Also, it gives a $6.58 sign up bonus which is a great start for those who really wanna make money from the website.

– You shouldn’t necessarily be from the UK. You can sign up from any country you like.

– They won’t deactivate your account if you chose to take a break for a while.

– Their customer service is always praised by the users. You will be heard back in a day if you mention any problem or query.

– It provides profitable earning opportunities & a safe payout option.


– The payout threshold is very high i.e. $53 & the payout process takes about a month.

– The surveys have a short deadline. So, you have to be regular if you want to find more qualifying surveys.

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OnePoll- The Mobile App

You can find the OnePoll app in both the Apple store & Google Play Store. You can even use the website through your mobile web browser. You can log in to your PC browser & mobile browser or app at the same time. The home page looks quite impressive but it seems like they didn’t design their app particularly for mobile because you have to scroll sideways to get a full view of the home page. The mobile app of OnePoll has made it easier for the users to take surveys from anywhere they want because they are no longer compelled to stay in front of their PC to take the surveys.


Is OnePoll Legit?

OnePoll is totally a legit website. A global market research company SWNS owns OnePoll so it can never be a scam site. It is a certified member of AAPOR- the American Association for Public Opinion Research. It is a reputed organization that keeps up with the global businesses & market research firm in America. It does not charge any cost for signing up & using its feature. It does not ask private details like credit card details or bank details. It has never been recorded as the site that violates the privacy of the members. It provides great technical assistance & customer support. Many of its members have posted the proof of its payment in online OnePoll reviews. So, we can trust that OnePoll is a legitimate & reliable website.


The Verdict

OnePoll is a legit survey site that aims to collect people’s opinions on different topics of public interest & business products. They are meant to be useful in making the products & services better than ever. It considers the views & words of the users & pays them for giving their time. The site will just pay you worth your free time so do not expect to get rich by taking surveys & referring friends to the site. You can use it on your PC or mobile anytime & from anywhere you like. It is not limited in one country so you can take the surveys while you are on vacation or a business trip too. You don’t have to give up your 9-5 job to earn money by taking surveys. You can register on the website if you have one to two spare hours in a day to make that productive. You can easily reach the minimum threshold amount of $53 within 2-3 months if you take surveys regularly.

In this OnePoll review, I have explained every detail of what you need to know before joining the website. I hope this OnePoll review was helpful to you.

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