KashKick Review: Is KashKick Legit Or A Scam?

KashKick is a new survey & get paid to site. It is owned by Besitos Corporation. They pay you for doing the activities you usually do in your normal life like watching videos, surfing the Internet, participating in surveys & many more. They have many small tasks that you can perform on a daily basis to earn. KashKick is user friendly & easy to use. They also provide you with timely payout & have great customer service. This site is completely free to join as well. However, the necessary information about the company, its launch date, its owner is nowhere to be found. Also, KashKick holds a rating of 3.6 stars with only one review in Trustpilot which makes it quite suspicious.

Office site name: KashKick

Per survey income: $0.5 to $2

Minimum threshold amount: $10

Withdrawal method: PayPal

Signup bonus: $1

Available country: UK, USA, Canada & Australia

KashKick Review

Before you decide anything about this platform, go through all the information that, I have provided below in this KashKick Review to find out whether it’s worth your time or not.


How to signup with KashKick?

You will have to become a member first to earn money. The signup process is very simple & straightforward. It won’t take a lot of your time. Anyone who is 18 years or older can join this site easily. You need to be a resident of USA, Canada, UK & Australia because it is only available there. So, if you don’t live there this site is not for you.


You just have to fill the registration form & complete your profile. This site won’t ask you any personal data or sensitive information. All you need to provide is your full name & email. You’ll then receive a confirmation email from the site, confirm it & you are good to go. After you successfully register & have been verified on the site, you can start earning. They will send you the surveys based on your demographics & will send you a notification if any survey matches your profile.

After you complete the registration process, they will provide you $1 as a signup bonus. Once you become a member of KashKick, you need to be active in your account. You need to keep logging into your KashKick account from time to time. If you don’t log in to it or earn anything with a span of 60 days, your account will automatically be terminated.

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How to earn money with KashKick?

KashKick provides you with many ways to earn money. You can perform different tasks like taking surveys, surfing the Web, referral programs, & many small tasks.

1. Small tasks

KashKick provides you with many small tasks that you can complete & earn money on a daily basis. If you don’t have pocket money or small pocket money you can perform these tasks & generate money. It is very useful for those who don’t prefer lengthy surveys. KashKick provides you with many other options to earn money.

KashKick also has a page that contains all these get paid to offers. You can go through the page thoroughly & select the one that catches your eye or the one that is suitable for you. You will also be provided with the number of points you will earn when you complete the task. These offers contain watching videos, playing games, answering quizzes etc. Different offers have their own terms & conditions that you need to full fill to get paid. You can also subscribe to other sites & earn money for that. KashKick gets the commission every time someone subscribes to another website through them so they provide you with a small amount of money when you subscribe.

2. Taking surveys

Taking surveys is one of the easiest & common ways to make money in these types of sites. KashKick provides you with a large number of surveys on a regular basis that you can complete & earn money. Each survey has its own criteria & if you don’t qualify for it, you won’t get paid. The questionnaire that you need to fill to qualify for the survey will appear as soon as you click on a survey. After you complete it, they will notify you if you got qualified or not. If you did you can proceed & earn for it. KashKick has a section of surveys where you can find different surveys. The site will notify you of the amount of money you will get when you complete the survey & not only that you can also know the time it would take to complete it. So, you can decide if the money you get & the time you are about to invest is worth it or not.

3. Referral program

It is the best way to earn money. You don’t have to invest a lot of your time & effort into it. Once you become a member of this site you can invite your friends & family to join as well. You will get a commission for it. KashKick will provide you with an invite link when you sign up. You can share that link with your friends & family. Once they join KashKick through your link you will get 25% of whatever your referral earns. You can collect a little money if you know a lot of people. The amount you earn through referral is not very high but it can definitely help you reach your minimum threshold amount a little faster.


How much money can you make on KashKick?

Making money in KashKick is easy because it provides you with many different methods to earn money. You can take surveys, send referrals & complete small tasks. These small tasks include watching videos, playing games, answering quizzes, etc. The amount of money you will earn through this site completely depends upon you. The more time you invest in this site completing tasks the money you can make through it. KashKick has a good earning potential as it has different earning opportunities. There are several tasks available here that you can do on a daily basis & earn money.

You can get a good amount of money for the time you invest in it. You can earn $4 for 10 minutes survey which is not bad. The amount of money you can earn from the survey depends upon its length, time & nature. The more survey you fill the more money you will earn. They will provide you with the time period & money you could make from a certain task. So, choose wisely while selecting the offers & it can be a great site for you.


How to redeem your points on KashKick?

KashKick’s payment process is very simple & easy. Unlike another site, they do not denote your earning in points. They will write your earning in dollars. So, you won’t have a problem converting your points into dollars. Once you collect the minimum threshold amount that is required to request a payout which is $10, you can request a payout through PayPal. They process the payment biweekly so if you can collect $10 within 2 weeks, you can get paid right away.


Is KashKick legit or just a scam?

The necessary information about the company that owns KashKick, its launch date, its owner is nowhere to be found. So, you might be thinking if it’s legit or not.

KashKick is a legitimate survey panel that conducts surveys on a regular basis. Although it is a new panel in the market & doesn’t have much information, it is completely legit. It pays its member for their time & has a good history of paying its members through PayPal. They also have many other small tasks you could perform & earn if you don’t like lengthy surveys. It is totally legit & you can earn a good amount of money here.


Pros and cons of KashKick

In this KashKick Review, I’ll mention some of the pros & cons of this site.


– The minimum threshold amount is low which is $10.
– The registration process is simple.
– There are plenty of surveys available.


– It is not available globally.
– This website doesn’t provide information about themselves.


Final verdict

All the necessary information that you need to know before joining this survey site is mentioned in the above KashKick Review. It is a totally legit site that you can join to earn. If you don’t get bothered by a site that doesn’t provide much information about themselves but provides you with opportunities to earn money & payout in time then you can join this site. They have a very low minimum threshold amount & have tons of surveys. If you have a lot of free time & waste it doing nothing daily, you can join this site & utilize your time. You can’t get rich by taking surveys but you can definitely earn some money that you can spend or contribute to your savings. So, if you live in the UK, United States, Canada & Australia you can give this site a try it might be worth the time you spend on it.


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