C2 Consumer Research Review: is C2 Research Legit?

C2  Research is a boutique market research company that was established in 1997. It was named as C2 Consumer Research back then later they changed it to C2 Research. It conducts different earning activities like focus groups, surveys & in-person interviews. It is available globally & the company lets the people from all over the world participate in their studies & pay them for each study they complete. They have clients from different fields such as gold mining corporations, pharmaceutical companies & silicon Valley tech companies, etc. They have also conducted their studies in different countries like China, Argentina, Brazil, France, the US, Mexico & many more.

Official Site name: C2 Research

Per Survey Income: Not Mentioned

Signup Bonus: Not Mentioned

Minimum Threshold Amount:  $0.01

Withdrawal Method: PayPal, gift-card card, visa card.

Available Country: USA, Canada, France, Mexico, Russia & many more.

Best Alternative: Swagbucks

C2 Consumer Research Review

This C2 Research Review contains all the information regarding its signup process, earning opportunities, legitimacy & many more. Continue reading further to have a closer look at it.


How to signup with C2 Consumer Research?

It is a global site so anyone from anywhere in the world can join this site. The signup process is not very simple as other sites. It’s quite lengthy & long. You have to answer some short survey or profile survey in order to signup. This part is very important as the information you provide here will be used to determine the type of survey they will send you. So, answer the questions honestly if you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

C2 Consumer Research

It won’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. Your information will be included in the company’s database & you’re good to. After that, all you have to do is wait for their email or call to inform you about the earning opportunities. The earning opportunities are not equally distributed to all the countries & it varies depending on where you live. Countries like the USA & Canada have more opportunities than in other countries.


C2 Consumer Research Earning Method?

C2 consumer research offers you with different earning opportunities. You have to perform the activities they offer here & earn money from it. The earning opportunities are mentioned below.

1. Focus Group

The first method to earn money here is by participating in one of their focus groups. These focus groups are conducted either online or from their faculty. You can only participate in their focus group if you live in an area where their focus group facility is located. Their focus group is located in Roseville, California. So, if you don’t live in California then this might not be useful for you. You will get paid for it once you have finished the focus group.

2. Paid surveys

Paid surveys are one of the easiest and common way to make money in survey sites. They are also one of the easiest ways to collect the minimum threshold amount. The surveys here are conducted online or through mobile phones. C2 Consumer Research is quite different than other survey sites because it doesn’t have a dashboard like other sites. Most of the survey sites have a dashboard where members can find the available surveys that they can answer. But C2 doesn’t have it so they will send you surveys through email & also notify you through an email if you get qualified for surveys.

The link to the surveys & reward you will receive when you complete the survey will be included in the email they send you. C2 Consumer Research is different from typical survey sites because you don’t have to go through a screening process like other sites. When they send you the survey invitation to participate in the survey that means you have already been qualified for it. So, all you need to do is fill the survey & get paid for it. They will send you the survey invitation that you have already been qualified in so there is a high chance that the survey is sent rarely. You will also not receive the surveys frequently.

3. Usability Testing

Usability Testing is another way they offer you to earn. If you don’t know what usability testing is don’t worry I’ll make it clear for you. Usability testing is also an earning opportunity where you will be asked to try some products, services, or some websites. You will find two types of usability testing opportunities here. The first one is in-person usability testing & the second one is online usability testing.

The in-person usability testing is conducted in their facility so, if you don’t live near their facility you can take part in online usability testing. The in-person usability testing is similar to their focus groups & when you finish it you will get paid. And if you are willing to participate in the online usability testing you must have a webcam & a microphone. You must make sure that you are heard & seen clearly through your webcam & microphone as companies want to see the genuine reaction of testers.


How to get paid with C2 Consumer Research?

C2 Consumer Research doesn’t have a dashboard like other sites so you can’t really see what you’ve earned. As it doesn’t have a dashboard it also doesn’t have a minimum threshold amount that you need to reach to redeem your earnings. As soon as you complete the task you will get your money. You can receive your payment through cheque or PayPal whatever you desire. You can expect to earn $75-$200 based on the task you participate in. You can also choose to get paid through gift cards or through physical check.

The site doesn’t have any fixed rewards and they will provide you with the payment details after you complete the task. The good thing about this site is that it doesn’t have a minimum threshold amount which makes it a lot easier & faster to receive the payment once you complete the task.


Pros & cons of C2 Consumer Research

Every site has some pros & cons. I will mention the pros & cons of C2 consumer Research in this C2 Consumer Research Review.


– It is free to join the site.
– It doesn’t have a minimum threshold amount that you need to collect to request a payout.
– It is available globally.
– It has high rewards.
– The payment is made immediately.


– They have limited earning opportunities.
– They don’t provide you with the information on the exact amount of money you will get paid for completing the studies.

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Is it legit?

C2 Research is a market research company which was known as C2 consumer Research before changing its name. It was established in 1997 and has been in the market for more than 21 years.

They are a totally legit site that pays you well & quickly. They also do not have many complaints regarding their payment so you can take it as a sign of their legitimacy. They have the high paying surveys that you can participate in but the thing is that you won’t get invited to studies regularly.

So, if you are looking for an income on a regular basis this site is not for you. Even though you won’t get the studies on a regular basis you will earn a significant amount of money. It is a totally legit site that you can join. It might be worth the wait.


Final verdict

C2 Consumer Research is a legit market research company that has been in the market for a long time. They pay you well for participating in their focus group studies, surveys & in-person studies. The good thing about this site is that it doesn’t have a minimum threshold amount which is required to request a payout. So, you can request for a payout as soon as you complete the studies here. As they do not have a threshold amount, they will pay you right after you complete the task. If you are looking forward to earning on a regular basis this site is not for you.

You won’t get the tasks on a regular basis here so you won’t be earning on a regular basis. You can make between $75-$200 for every study you complete. So, if you are invited to any of them I suggest you grab it & make an earning out of it. This site is worth the time you spend on it. But you need to be very patient if you are willing to join this site because the earning opportunities are not frequent & it might take some time for you to get invited to the studies.
If you don’t like to wait & want to earn on a regular basis I highly recommend you join the sites like Inbox Dollars & Survey Junkie which has a low threshold amount & provides you with the earning opportunities on a regular basis. They are legit sites which are also quite popular in their field.

All the detailed information about this site has been mention in this C2 Consumer Research Review. We hope you got all the information you were seeking.

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