Forthright Surveys Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Forthright is a popular market research & survey website that was launched in 2016. It has been able to make a large number of members who are devoted to taking surveys & sharing their opinions on various expected topics. It has employed many people & is a free time earning option for many people because it is user friendly. It is owned by a market research company in New York called Bovitz. Forthright upholds a philosophical belief of putting its customer first. At the time of its origin, Forthright was given the name ‘innoPoll’. But it couldn’t gain much success under that name & in 2017, the company changed its name to ‘Forthright’.

It pays its users for sharing their views & opinions that are used by brands & businesses for the betterment of their goods. Actually, Forthright is in collaboration with many brands & businesses in the country. The businesses seek real customer’s feedback on their products & services to know how well their product is doing in the market & what can be done for its betterment. So, they take the help of survey sites like Forthright who provide an online platform to collect necessary information from real customers. Forthright is basically a communication bridge between customers & business companies.

Official Site Name: Forthright surveys

Per Survey Income: $1 to $3 per survey depending on the length & complexity of the survey

Minimum Redemption Threshold: No particular redemption threshold

Withdrawal Method: Cash through PayPal, Amazon, Tango Card, or Bitcoin

Available Countries: USA, UK, etc

Best Alternative: Swagbucks

Forthright Surveys Review

There are many scam sites on the internet that frauds people & misuse their personal details. They allure users by flashing a huge amount of money rewards & other gifts. But, if you are looking forward to joining an online survey for money sites then first you should learn every detail about its legitimacy & company background. In this Forthright Surveys review, you will get to know everything you need to know before joining Forthright Surveys. Read this Forthright Surveys review until the end.


How To Signup With Forthright Surveys?

Forthright is a 100% free website. You can access Forthright on your PC or mobile website. First, you need to go to their official website & click on the sign-up option. Then provide your email address, full name & create a password for the website. To check the validity of your email address, they would want to verify your email address. You will be sent an email with a confirmation link. Click on that link & you will be headed to another webpage where you have to enter other introductory & demographic information like your date of birth, gender, address, nationality, job, race, etc.

Forthright Surveys

After you qualify the stage & get your email verified, you can start taking surveys. But, it’s better to fill up the profile surveys first. The profile surveys aks your interests & hobbies. It helps Forthright to understand its users better & choose suitable surveys for each user to send a survey invitation. Make sure to complete your profile to get survey invitations daily. You can only become its member if you are 18 years old or older.


How Can You Earn Money On Forthright Surveys?

Like other survey sites, the major way of making money on Forthright is by taking surveys. You can find surveys from the invitation inbox or dashboard. You should take as many surveys as you can to make more money & get better rewards. The surveys are of two types: short surveys & long surveys. The short surveys are quick & easy to complete. It will take you a couple of minutes to complete & pays less. While the long surveys take longer time to complete & are more complex. They pay more amount of money in comparison to shorter surveys.

On average, most surveys are 15-20 minutes long & reward you $1-$3 per survey. Other than that, it gives you access to partner surveys. It comes with a slogan ‘ earn $10 per day’ These surveys are only for the approved members. You have to pass a pre-screening test to take these surveys. You will have to answer how did you know about their site, how long have you been taking surveys, how much you earn from surveys & similar questions. They will again ask your household income, job, zip code, hobbies, etc & determine if you can be approved to take the surveys or not. If you meet the demographic requirement of its partnered survey sites, you will be allowed to step forward.

The good thing about this site is that they tell you the reward amount & expected time to complete that survey. In the case of partner surveys, you should qualify to take that survey in order to know the reward amount & expected time for that survey. It gives loyalty credit for completing each survey. Even if you do not qualify, you will get some loyalty credit. It is their way of thanking the users for connecting with them. You will get a $2 loyalty bonus for earning three credits. But you won’t get a loyalty bonus for filling partnered surveys.


How To Redeem Your Rewards On Forthright Surveys?

You have to keep on taking surveys & collecting rewards. It does not have any certain minimum redemption threshold & delays. So, you can cash out anytime you like. If you feel like redeeming your money, go to the reward tab. There you will find options to payout through PayPal, Amazon, Tango Card, or Bitcoin. Forthright support Habitat For Humanity. You can even donate your earnings to charity. If you are not in need of cash at the moment then you can bank it for later. The loyalty credits are also paid instantly. The validated members will get their money within 24 hours of the redemption request. While if you are a non-validated member, it may take up to 14 days to get your money.

Pros & Cons Of Forthright Surveys

Every detailed Forthright Surveys review should include its pros & cons. Many of its members have mentioned their good & bad experiences with the website in many online Forthright Survey reviews. On that basis, we have prepared a list of Pros & Cons of Forthright Surveys.


– It is free to sign up & easy to use.

– It provides multiple ways of making money like – online surveys, loyalty credits, bonuses & partnered surveys.

– It has a unique feature of no minimum redemption threshold. You can payout anytime you like.

– The payout options are many & safe. You can payout through PayPal, Amazon, Tango Cards, or Bitcoin.


– It is difficult to qualify for the surveys. You have to go through a long pre-survey test.

– The surveys pay less money comparing other reward sites.

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Is Forthright Survey Legit?

Yes, Forthright is absolutely a legitimate survey website. It is owned by a famous & legitimate market research company called Bovitz. It is New York-based and legit for sure. It is free to sign up & use other features. It does not ask you any private or suspicious details. Neither it is interested in the privacy & browsing data of any particular person. It is only interested in collecting people’s opinions on a certain topic. Unlike the sam sites, it does not give you false hope of making you rich by taking surveys on its website. It pays you worth your review & free time. It has got many positive reviews in online Forthright Survey reviews on Trustpilot & other websites. So, Forthright is indeed legit.

You can take surveys anytime & from anywhere you like. The surveys cover topics of public interest like environment, politics, business, products & services, health, lifestyle, food & many more. This will broaden your knowledge & keep your interests in the public matter. You needn’t fear any boss or deadline. You are your own boss & it is your choice to either complete or not the surveys. You can take surveys easily if you have one or two free hours in a day. You can take surveys while doing household work, lunch break at the office, or while traveling. It doesn’t have a particular minimum threshold amount. So, you can payout whenever you want.


Final Thoughts

I think Forthright is a good & reliable option to start with if you are new with surveys for money sites. It provides a straightforward & easy way to earn money. Even if you couldn’t handle the survey thing well, you can still cash out any amount of money that you earn with Forthright. It won’t make you rich, but it can be of good help because you can earn yourself some pocket money or supplement your primary income. It is a legitimate company & free to sign up. You can get bonuses & loyalty credits which will complement your income. It is better to give it a shot & decide if it is the one for you or not.

In this Forthright Surveys review, I have mentioned everything you need to know before joining Forthright, be its company history, earning methods, payment method, rewards & bonuses, legitimacy, pros & cons of the website. I hope this Forthright Surveys review was helpful for you.

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