20/20 Panel Review: Is 20/20 Panel legit?

20/20 Panel is a paid survey site that conducts online surveys & lets you share your opinions in exchange for rewards. They have been conducting online surveys since 1986 which is a long period of time & is operated by 20/20 Research. Except for taking surveys 20/20 Panel offers you with other activities like focus groups, online discussions, videos, etc. 20/20 Panel conducts in-person studies that are considered to be best paid. The only problem is that in-person studies are not available to everyone. It is only available for the persons who live in Nashville TN, Charlotte NC & Miami Florida. If you are not a resident of those countries, this site is not useful for you. Although it has been in the business for more than 30 years, 20/20 Research is not a large company. 20/20 Panel holds the rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau which is a great thing. It has a low threshold amount & many earning opportunities. Unfortunately, it is only available for the residents of the USA & Canada.

Official Site Name: 20/20 Panel

Per survey income: $1-$10

Signup bonus: Not mentioned

Withdrawal method: PayPal payment, visa card & prepaid master card gift cards.

Minimum threshold amount: $5

Available counter: USA & Canada

Best Alternative: LifePoints

20 20 Panel Review

For further information regarding its signup, earning methods, redemption & legitimacy continue reading this 20/20 Panel Review.


How to signup with 20/20 Panel?

To signup with the 20/20 Panel, you need to prove that you are not a robot by completing some tests. After that, they will ask you some basic information like name, age, gender, address, phone number, race, language you speak & more. This information will help the site to build up your profile. The surveys you will be provided will also be based on your profile so, always fill your profile honestly. If the site finds out that you’ve provided the false information while signing up you will never be able to signup again with 20/20 Panel.

20 20 Panel

Don’t forget to update your Profile regularly in order to get the surveys of your interests. You will receive the survey invitation that fits your profile in your email address or phone number which you have provided while signing up. You don’t have to wait for them to send you survey invitations. You can find the available surveys on the dashboard. However, telephone surveys, focus groups & in-person studies will pay you better than regular surveys.


How does it work?

The 20/20 Panel is similar to other market research companies. They partner with large companies & manufacturers who are interested in hearing their consumer’s responses to their products. 20/20 Panel gathers the consumer’s views & feedbacks on the products & services of the companies they partner with & helps the companies with the market research program. 20/20 Panel creates the survey & other research programs that are provided to the members to participate in. They collect the data, feedbacks & opinions from the members & provide it to the companies as the company pays the 20/20 Panel to do so. You can earn between $50-$150 just by sharing your thoughts.


How to earn money with 20/20 Panel?

20/20 Panel provides you with different ways to earn money here. Below is mentioned the earning method that you can take part in to earn money.

1. Paid surveys

Surveys are the easiest and common way to make money in any online surveys for money sites. It is the easiest as well as the fastest way to gather the minimum threshold amount you need to collect for a payout. The amount you will earn for completing the survey will depend upon the length, type of survey & complexity. You also need to qualify first to take any surveys.

2. Online Discussion

It is another way to make money on this site. You have to take part in the studies for 30 to 45 minutes for a few days. You may have to participate in the webcam interview or upload a photo of you or some products. You don’t have to accept the offer if you don’t want you. They provide you with the option to decline it as well.

3. In-Person Studies

In-Person studies are one of the high paying tasks that are available here. They are available only in Nashville TN, Miami Florida & Charlotte Nc. So, if you are not residing in those places you can’t participate in these studies. It is not for you & you should stick with other available earning options.


How to get paid with 20/20 Panel?

The first thing that you need to do to request a payout is to gather the minimum threshold amount. The minimum threshold amount is $5.You receive points for every task you complete here. This site uses a point system & they will reward you a certain point for the task. $1 is equal to 100 points here. The points you earn here will only be valid for 18 months. You need to use it before it expires. The minimum threshold amount is $5.

After you accumulate the threshold amount you can request a payout. They provide you with an option to choose from Tango or PayPal gift card. Some retailers accept Tango cards as payment so, Tango cards can be used to purchase goods from retailers. You need to have a minimum of 500 points to trade for Tango Cards & you need to have at least 1000 points to trade it for PayPal Payment. If you participate in paid studies, they will pay you as soon as you complete a paid study.

When you complete an online paid study, they will provide you with an option to choose the payment method. You can request for a virtual card or physical card. The virtual card will be sent to your email & the physical card will be sent to your home. And for the In-person studies, you will be paid with the prepaid Mastercard gift cards.


Pros & cons of 20/20 Panel

You might have already seen the pros & cons of the 20/20 Panel in other 20/20 Panel Review as well. Some of the pros & cons of the 20/20 Panel is listed below:


– You can make a lot of money for participation in studies.
– They provide you with a variety of options to earn money.
– They also provide you with money for referral programs which is a great way to earn without putting effort.
– You don’t have to worry about wasting your time because you will still get paid even if you get disqualified.
– The threshold amount that you need to collect to request for a payout is low.


– The top-paying In-Person studies are only available for those who live in similar cities where the 20/20 Panel office is located.
-You may have to wait for a while before you get any surveys because of your demographics.
– It might be difficult to qualify for surveys & studies.

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Is it legit?

20/20 Panel is a completely legit & safe site to join. They have nice feedback & reviews from their members. The 20/20 Panel has been in the market for more than 30 years. They have been accredited by Better Business Bureau & holds a rating of A+ with BBB. They do not ask you any membership free. They also don’t ask you to provide any personal data so, you can rely on them.

With all the positive feedback from its members who have participated in their studies, we can say that it is a safe site to join. It is completely worth the time you invest here if you are in the right demographics. It is a legit site that will pay you legit money for completing the tasks here. Even though the minimum threshold amount is low, the earning potential is not very high & you can’t participate in high paying tasks if you don’t live in the cities where 20/20 Panel has its office.


Final verdict

20/20 Panel is a 100% legit & safe site to join. It has been around for a long time & has positive feedback from its users. It is free to join the site & if you are planning to join it you can definitely give it a try. Even though it has some good earning opportunities the earning potential is low. It is only available for the resident of the USA & Canada. You also need to be in certain cities where 20/20 Panel has its office to participate in the high paying tasks.

We don’t recommend this site to you as it is doesn’t have a high earning potential. If you are willing to join this site you can definitely give it a shot. We recommend you join the sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars & survey junkie that has a high earning potential, less threshold amount & great earning opportunities.

All the necessary information that you need to know before you decide to join this site is mentioned above in this 20/20 Panel Review. We hope this review was helpful to you.

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