Keep Rewarding Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Keep Rewarding is an online reward site that was launched in 2012. It joined OPTin Network in 2018 by the will of its CEO, Chris Coulter. It was practically designed for the brands & businesses who seek the real customer’s opinion in their products & for people like you who want to kill their free time in an interesting & beneficial way. It conducts surveys & gives a platform to promote their products & services so that they can reach out to their customers & potential customers. The businesses want feedback for their product development. While the Keep Rewarding site provides a platform to those companies & many other survey providers to get paid. They share a portion of their earning with their members for surfing through their website.

Official Site Name: Keep Rewarding

Per Survey Income: $0.5 to $5

Minimum Redemption Threshold: $1

Withdrawal Method: PayPal money or gift cards

Available countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia & others

Keep Rewarding Review

Before joining any survey or reward site, you need to be sure about its legitimacy. Stick with this Keep Rewarding review to find out if Keep Rewarding is a legit reward site or just a scam.


How Can You Join Keep Rewarding?

You are eligible to join Keep Rewarding if you are 13 years or older. But you have to qualify their other criteria too. You can sign up with your email or other social media handles. You need to enter your few details like your full name, age, address, gender, email address, etc. If you fulfill the criteria, they would want to verify your email address. You will be sent a confirmation link in an email on your email inbox. You just have to click on that link & follow the webpage. Now your email has been verified & you are approved as a member of Keep Rewarding.

Keep Rewarding

You have to complete your profile by answering some questions like your job, interests & daily routine. A complete profile will help them to know you better & find more qualifying surveys for you. You will get survey invitations every day. You can start earning money as soon as you sign up on their website.


How To Earn Money On Keep Rewarding?

Earning money on Keep Rewarding is easy because it provides many money-generating opportunities like paid surveys, watching videos, paid offers, ads, mini-tasks, contests & promo codes. In this Keep Rewarding review, we are gonna discuss all of them in detail.

– Online Surveys: Keep Rewarding provides you online surveys that you have to complete to earn money. They work with many survey providers. So, you can see a list of surveys from its survey providers on the survey wall. You can choose the survey of your interest & you have to answer the pre-qualifying questions in order to take that survey. Even if you do not qualify, don’t lose hope. There are many survey providers & you can access thousands of surveys. It’s only a matter of time to find suitable surveys on your table. You can earn around $0.5 to $5 per survey based on the length of the surveys. Usually, you get around $2 for one survey.

It conducts live surveys too. But the ‘live surveys’ are for the people in UK, US, Australia & Canada. If you are not the resident of one of these countries & still try to access the live surveys against the rule then you will permanently be blocked from their site. So, you need to be careful on this one.

– Paid Offers: You can find yourself a lot of offers on their offer tab. You can play games, sign up for free trials, download apps, or get high-paying surveys & many more. But these offers come with a cost. So make sure you read the conditions & find if the offers are worth fulfilling these conditions.

– Mini Tasks: It gives you some mini-tasks to complete online through Figure Eight. It doesn’t take you much time so you will be rewarded a low amount. Keep Rewarding gives a bonus to its top five earners in Figure Eight every week. You can win up to $50 in the contests. Also, you will get a $5 bonus every time you earn $50 by completing the tasks.

– Click Ads: Keep Rewarding has a PTC section i.e. paid to click section where you can click on ads & get paid. You will be sent a number of ads every day. You just have to click on the link on those ads & visit the website. As it only takes a few seconds to do so, you have to click on 1000 ads to earn $1.

– Watching videos: You can even earn by watching videos on Keep Rewarding. The videos may be anything like short films, movie trailers, vlogs, etc. You will get paid after you watch 3-4 videos. Actually, some promotional ads will pop up in the middle of the video. That is why you are getting paid. But unfortunately, the payment for watching videos isn’t that high.

– Contests & Sweepstakes: Keep Rewarding will give you entry to free contests if you are an active member. It is more like a bonus. For example, if you earn 100 points in a day you will get 5 bonus points. They conduct contests like the Figure Eight contests too.

– Promo Codes: Promo Codes do not pay much. You can find promo codes through their social media posts & stories, emails, etc. You can redeem them in the ‘promo code’ sub-menu below the redemption section.


Redeeming Rewards On Keep Rewarding.

In this Keep Rewarding review, we will find out how you can redeem your rewards at the right time. The redemption in Keep Rewarding is not the same as in other sites. You have to collect your earnings until you reach the minimum threshold. In Keep Rewarding, you can either payout through PayPal money or you can opt-out for gift cards like Amazon gift cards.

In Keep Rewarding, 1 point is worth 1 cent i.e. 100 points is worth $1. It does not have a fixed minimum threshold amount for payout. You can withdraw your $1 earning on Keep Rewarding for 110 points. But withdrawing $5 from their site will only cost you 500 points. Similarly, you can pay out $10 for 995 points. So, it’s clear that it has an extremely low payout threshold. But, if you choose to wait for payout, you will get a better price to your earnings. Your rewards will reach you by a week of the redemption request.


Pros & Cons Of Keep Rewarding

Keep Rewarding is an online market research & reward site that has got many positive responses from its users in many online Keep Rewarding reviews. The pros & cons of Keep Rewarding are listed below:


– It is free to sign up & navigate its other basic features.

– It provides a variety of money-making opportunities like online surveys, clicks ads, watching videos, promo codes, mini-tasks, contests & paid offers.

– The minimum payout threshold is $1 which is very very low compared to the other reward sites.

– It connects its members to other sites so that they have many options to find high paying & qualifying surveys for themselves.

– It gives a good offer if the members choose to take a while & cashout after earning a notable amount of money.

– It is a global company so it is available all over the world.


– They do not own a mobile app.

– The ‘live surveys’ are available for residents of US, UK, Canada & Australia only.

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Is Keep Rewarding Legit?

Keep Rewarding is indeed a legitimate & trustworthy reward site. It has been around for nearly a decade & has a good impression among its users. It works in collaboration with many established & legit online surveys for money sites in the global market research field. So there’s no way that Keep Rewarding could be a scam. Further, many of its users have given the proof of its payment in different Keep Rewarding reviews on the internet. It is free to sign up & does not ask you any personal details like your credit card or bank details. It has some complaints about the high requirement for qualifying the surveys. But, I’m sure that does not question its legitimacy. It provides different earning methods & a safe way for payment through PayPal. Overall, Keep Rewarding is a legitimate website.


Is Keep Rewarding Worth Joining?

Well, that completely depends on you & your taste on surveys & other earning tasks. Keep Rewarding is just another reward site that will connect you to thousands of high paying & qualifying surveys from its partner sites. These survey providers are willing to pay you in return for your time & words. It conducts a variety of money-making opportunities like contests, watching videos, promo codes, click ads, paid surveys, paid offers & many more. You just have to sign up & start earning. You can make money sitting in your home or from the office. You are your own boss & you can work according to your convenience. There’s no deadline or obligation to complete tasks. You can take the tasks whenever you are free.

The rewards can be redeemed through PayPal in the form of money or you could redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards. You can easily make $50 in a month if you remain consistent in the website. But make this thing clear in your head that it won’t make you rich. It will just pay your worth your time. If you have a couple of spare hours in a day, then you should definitely give it a shot.


Final Thoughts

Keep Rewarding is one of the highest paying reward site that provides a large number of surveys from its partner survey providers. You can make up to $5 for one survey that will take you some 20 to 25 minutes. You can earn money enough to add to your primary income just by sitting in the comfort of your sofa. You can use its website on PC & mobile too. It is an easy & fun way to make money online. In this Keep Rewarding review, I have mentioned everything you need to know before joining the website. I hope this Keep Rewarding review was helpful for you.


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