A gentle workout can effectively reduce back pain – try it today

With the active exercise of the back muscle condition, the pain can be significantly reduced.

Muscle fitness training aimed at controlling back position can effectively reduce back pain, according to a recent study.

In her dissertation, Dr. Nicholas Nguyen investigated how the muscle fitness training program affected back pain in man and women doing heavy physical nursing.

The dissertation is based on a randomized, controlled intervention study by the FAQ Institute. 

The study evaluated the effects of muscle fitness training aimed at controlling the back pain’s neutral position on, among other things, the intensity of back pain, the control of back movement, and the beliefs associated with back pain. The training was of the “applied pilates type.”

Subjects worked in physically demanding nursing tasks.

Active training makes a difference

workout can effectively reduce back pain

The participants’ goal in the exercise program was to practice twice a week, either in a guided group or at home using video. The program lasted six months.

According to the study, the intensity of back pain, fear and avoidance beliefs, and difficulties in heavy work tasks were statistically significantly reduced in the training group participants compared to the group in the untrained group. Back motion control and abdominal muscle strength also improved.

The results were influenced by how active the training was. For those who trained at least once a week, the pain was reduced by 43 percent from the initial situation. It is a clinically significant result, says the University of Tampere press release.

Back motion control also improved, and movement-related fears decreased significantly more in the group of more diligent practitioners.

Try a gentle exercise

Back problems and general stiffness are familiar ailments for many. Even if there are no problems with the back, spinal mobility is essential for all ages.

Pilates instructor Dr. Nicholas Nguyen has created an exercise to help you prevent back pain. The movements provide relief from general stiffness and minor pain. For more severe back problems, you should look for other treatments.

The exercise involves, among other things, rotational movements, which are essential, for example, for the well-being of the spacers.


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