Woman demands adult-only flights after hearing child crying during her trip

Woman demands adult-only flights after hearing child crying during her trip

An American woman has called on airlines to offer child-free flights after she experienced a three-hour flight through hell.

Morgan Lee, from Florida, spoke out on TikTok after having a particularly harrowing experience with a child who certainly didn't enjoy the trip.

@mooorganic The flight was 3 hours and I listened to this the entire time #travel ♬ original sound - Mo

"Why isn't there such a thing as adult-only flights? I would pay so much money [for that]," she said in the video, which has since been viewed more than 650,000 times.

The 24-year-old added: "The flight was three hours, and I was listening to this the whole time.

"I have noise-canceling headphones, the child was well over five years old, and they were sitting right behind me kicking my chair while the mother was sleeping."

Lee, who now lives in Vienna, Austria, was lashed out by parents on the popular app.

One user wrote, "And that's why people/parents/mothers are scared when they leave the house. Because no mercy is given."

A second user went on a sarcastic rant, "Poor you. My sympathy goes out to you and the many hours you endured someone else's screaming. I hope you're feeling better now."

Some parents took Lee's video and "duetted" it to roast her in front of their own followers, with one video calling Lee "disgusting" and a "moron."

One user pointed out that if she wanted to pay "so much" for flights without children, there was a solution: "They're called private planes and you can book a private flight and pay as much as you want to have the plane to yourself.

But it wasn't just angry parents who spoke up in the comments.

@staceyhackling #duet with @mooorganic ♬ original sound - Mo

Some parents said they would also pay extra to have some peace and quiet.

One user wrote, "As a mom, I want an adults-only flight too."

Others just grabbed popcorn and watched the moms melt away.

A 2017 poll confirmed that many people want the same thing as Morgan.

According to Business Insider, half of the parents who participated in the survey felt they should be seated in a specific area for the comfort of others.

Some international airlines such as Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Scoot Airlines and IndiGo have already introduced child-free zones.