What Do We Know So Far About Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter?

What Do We Know So Far About Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter?

Many people agree that HxH is exceptional and worthy of being considered one of the best anime ever made. In addition to providing a compelling tale, the anime has done a fantastic job translating the manga's narrative arcs into an entertaining visual format. The exciting action sequences have also often amazed us. Regrettably, Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter has low expectations from fans.
Still, the show's popularity guarantees a thrilling third season. There's no denying that the show's first six seasons' grand narrative was a big part of its success. Season 7 may have been affected differently, though, by the anime's massive success. Thus, let's discuss the upcoming season of HxH and everything we know about it so far.

Is Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter in the Cards?

Many of HxH's viewers are still waiting for more content. After the exciting events of the last arc, Hunter X Hunter's loyal fanbase has been waiting anxiously for Season 7. Because of the show's immense popularity, Season 7 is sure to be a huge hit. So, what's stopping HxH from returning?

First of all, Madhouse nailed it with HxH 2011. One of the finest anime productions ever was shown by Madhouse for over three years and 148 episodes. The production company, however, was unable to fund a second season. The mental hospital wanted to do Season 7, but they couldn't since they couldn't find enough content.

Everyone knows that the inspiration for most anime comes from media like manga, light novels, and video games. Very likely based on Yoshihiro Togashi's original work, HxH was illustrated. Togashi hit a home run with the manga. Not only did he produce 36 volumes (380+ chapters), but with each one, he managed to win over more and more fans.

HxH has been put on hold because Togashi decided to cease producing new manga chapters. This is why there wasn't a further season shown at Madhouse. The production company is eager to make Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter.

To what end did Yoshihiro Togashi cease his Manga writing?

Most importantly, intense pressure was the primary factor in HxH's decision to go on sabbatical. Togashi sensei set a very high bar with his work, and the fandom's anticipation for his next piece increased dramatically. This stress caused Togashi to feel sidetracked in his life, and he eventually committed his thoughts to paper. However, after a good night's sleep, he plans to return.

However, there were speculations that Togashi and Shueisha disagreed about the Hunter x Hunter manga. Rumor has it that Shueisha considered offering another mangaka the job of drawing HxH after realizing that Togashi's work wasn't meeting their standards. Togashi has quit writing and said he alone would carry on HxH.

Is Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter in the Cards?

The future of HxH has already been scripted, despite Togashi quitting creating the manga. Additionally, he has requested that his wife, Naoko Takeuchi (Sailormoon's author), finish the manga after his untimely death. Because of this, HxH will undoubtedly make a comeback. However, we are unable to provide a specific timeline.

Season 6 of Hunter X Hunter concluded with which chapter?

The 339th chapter was shown as the last scene of episode 148. So, you may go right into the supplementary materials, beginning with chapter 340. Only 391 more chapters remain, however. There is, however, just supplementary material for 52 chapters.

Viz Media distributes the Hunter x Hunter manga across the world. The anime is also available on several streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, etc. With any luck, you found the data surrounding Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter interesting. We would want to see another exciting season with interesting plot twists.