The song in which Wanda Nara recorded many stories in Ibiza Vacations

Wanda Nara had a crazy night of partying in Ibiza in which she recorded several stories on her Instagram account to the sound of a song by Wisin and Ozuna.

The song in which Wanda Nara recorded many stories in Ibiza Vacations
Wanda stories song, Photo: Instagram

Wanda Nara's vacations in Ibiza have left no time to stop talking about the Argentine model. After some images on the beach for which she was critical and to which she went out to say that she loved every part of her body, the last thing that put Mauro Icardi's wife on the news has been her uncontrolled night of the party.

In the middle of the Ibiza party, Wanda Nara did not stop recording videos that she would later upload to her Instagram stories. Showing everything that was happening while she was having a good time, in one of her videos you can see how a man approaches her and kisses her on the chest.

The person who did this was Eddie Rodríguez, a hairdresser and friend of Zaira, Wanda's sister. Everything happened to the sound of Ozuna's music since the entire group that was with the Argentine businesswoman came to listen to the reggaeton singer.

What song is heard in the video?

While everything was happening with the videos that Wanda was publishing, an Ozuna song could be heard in the background which increased the rhythm of the party as the minutes passed. "Escape with me" was the song that played in the background in Ibiza while the Argentine had a good time.

This song is mainly a song by Wisin, but the artist made a remix with Ozuna in which the Puerto Rican also participates (and who is heard in the background in the video). It has 1,455,245,400 million views on YouTube.