Vladimir Andonov, the infamous “Executor” was killed in Ukraine

According to Russian media, Russian mercenary Vladimir Andonov was killed on a reconnaissance flight in Kharkov.

Vladimir Andonov, the infamous “Executor” was killed in Ukraine
Photo : Twitter

Vladimir Andonov, a Russian mercenary known to the public as the “Executor”, has died on a reconnaissance flight over Kharkov in Ukraine, according to Russian media.

According to Peleng 03, Andonov was likely to die from a sniper shot while on a night reconnaissance mission with another Russian soldier. The channel was told about it on Sunday.

Andonov, 44, has been reported by Newsweek in the United States, among others

Andonov was from Lake Baikal in the Republic of Buryatia. Zhambal-Zhamso Zhanaev, the region's administrative director, confirmed Andov's death to Moskovsky Komsomolets in Russia.

Russia has lost numerous high-ranking military leaders in its war of aggression in Ukraine

ANDONOV was at war in eastern Ukraine from 2014 to 2016. He got his nickname for killing civilians and prisoners of war in the town of Lohvynove in Donetsk in 2015. Andonov's nickname is stored in, among other things, a database listing alleged war criminals in Russia in Ukraine.

According to a Ukrainian database, among others, Andonov would have been part of Wagner's pay army and would have fought on Wagner's behalf, at least in Libya. The BBC has also written about the man’s Wagner connections.

John Kirby, a Pentagon press secretary at the U.S. Department of Defense, said in the spring that there are about a thousand Wagner soldiers in Ukraine, according to intelligence sources. Russia has officially denied ties to the payroll, but many independent reports say the relationship with the Kremlin is clear.

Andonov told Russian Gazyeta Nomer Adeen in an interview about himself in 2017, Newsweek reported. He said he has “ideological motives” for participating in the war, by which he referred to his grandfather who fought against nationalist Ukrainians in World War II.