New information about Virta’s family death: Injured child still in hospital

The father of the family is suspected of having committed the crimes under investigation.

Virta's family death

Police said more information about the family death in Virrat last Thursday.

The mother of the family was killed in the incident. The father of the family was also found dead at the scene. The incident involved the family’s minor daughter, who is still being treated at the hospital.

The father of the family is suspected of the acts.

The case is being investigated under the criminal titles of murder and attempted murder. Criminal titles may change as the investigation progresses, according to police.

A firearm had been used in connection with the incidents, resulting from which the police were visibly prepared for the operation. The road to the scene was closed for several hours to secure the process.

Currently, the investigation focuses on the detailed course of the suspected offenses and the facts that led to these acts.


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