THEORY will defend the USA TITLE against Mustafa Ali at WWE HELL in a CELL

Tonight on RAW Mustafa Ali is one step away from getting an opportunity against Theory for the USA championship, that if he manages to defeat Ciampa, he has to go through this tough challenge to finally get the fight he wants.

THEORY will defend the USA TITLE against Mustafa Ali at WWE HELL in a CELL
Theory vs Mustafa Ali Hell in a cell united states champioship


Since RAW superstar Mustafa Ali made his return to action, he has had his sights set on Theory's United States Championship,  however endless injustices involving The Miz and Ciampa's attacks have been having prevented him, tonight at the red mark he faces the latter of getting an opportunity against Mr. McMahon's protégé.

Ali faces Ciampa to win a future opportunity against Theory, at first, he does not have much luck since his opponent attacks him mercilessly,  the current champion watches as Ali is massacred and is barely resisting but little by little he shows signs of life, Ali He recovers and weakens Ciampa preparing him for a jump from the rope but something unexpected happens.

When Ali was at the top of the ropes, he comes to Theory to lower him and cause disqualification,  after hitting him and making him helpless, he says into the microphone that to show him that he is a defending champion, what if they have the title fight right now.


The bell of the title fight rings but for obvious reasons Ali is in a bad position due to the previous attack,  Theory takes advantage of this by attacking quickly and ensuring a quick victory, although for a moment we see the challenger regaining control and preparing for a 054, Theory moves the ropes and applies the ATL to take the victory,

After this and taking some selfies, the still champion retired but out of nowhere, Adam Pearce entered the scene to inform him that things would not stay like this because he will defend the title against Mustafa Ali this Sunday in Hell in a Cell, we will see if the result changes at the big event.

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