The most frequently asked queries on Google related to bitcoin and its potential impact

The most frequently asked queries on Google related to bitcoin and its potential impact

The top 10 Google searches about cryptocurrencies revealed an increase in interest among casual investors with two 'why' queries, three 'what' questions, and five 'how' questions.
What people type into Google's search bar may provide startling insights into their attitudes, concerns, and other sentiments about a specific topic. To evaluate investor mood during a bear market that has not yet reached its bottom, Cointelegraph scoured the web for the most Googled inquiries related to cryptocurrencies.


In the top 10 Google searches for cryptocurrencies, two 'whys,' three 'whats,' and five 'hows' can be observed, showing growth in interest among general investors. Let's look at the top Google searches pertaining to cryptography, from most popular to least.


Even after 13 years of disruption to conventional banking, average investors Google "What is cryptocurrency?" With a GV of 256,000, this Google search is 4.7 times more popular than the second.

This shows the need for widespread cryptocurrency education. Despite conflicting objectives, crypto entrepreneurs from across the world believe that educating the public may boost mainstream acceptance.


"What is crypto" is the second most Googled query concerning cryptocurrency. The question's 54,000 GV, paired with its predecessor, reinforces the argument for cryptocurrency education.

The wh-question underscores the need to reduce the learning curve for new investors.

Cryptocurrency investment tips

The question of "how to invest in cryptocurrency" ranks third when users ask Google a question. Despite the dismal state of the economy, the GV of the Googled query is a healthy 44,000.

Bitcoin mining

"What is crypto mining" is the fourth most popular Google search with a GV of 37,000.

Investors with a basic grasp of cryptocurrency mine for passive income. Since the early days of cryptocurrencies, the idea of reusing an old computer to assist the network has been popular. Off-the-shelf mining machines have made crypto mining a feasible job for beginners.

Buying cryptocurrency

"How to acquire cryptocurrency" is the seventh most-searched crypto-related term on Google. 36,000 GV indicates interest in buying cryptocurrency.

Bear markets are ideal for high-yield investments. Existing and new investors are racing to discover opportunities as the market begins to revive.

Why crypto crashes

Prolonged bear markets impacted top Google searches as investors asked, "Why is crypto crashing?" The 2022 bear market wiped away millions of dollars in bitcoin overnight. Google search GV was 33,000.

The continued price freefall and lack of support have spooked investors worldwide. Despite losses, inflation in conventional finance has encouraged investors to rethink Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies as purchasing power hedges.

What is cryptocurrency?

"How does cryptocurrency operate" is the sixth most Googled cryptocurrency inquiry, with 27,000 GVs.

The public is wary of crypto projects after large losses. Understanding how cryptocurrency (or a crypto project) works reveals investing dangers.

What's with crypto?

Popular projects like Polygon make news for service delays, resulting in a GV of 21,000.

Investors search the Internet for explanations when projects restrict withdrawals and freeze cash. This top 10 search highlights the rise in service shutdowns. Untimely service and blockchain shutdowns hurt investor confidence.

Cryptocurrency creation

For many, producing, promoting, and selling their own cryptocurrency is preferable to investing in others. "How to generate a cryptocurrency" is the seventh most Googled crypto keyword, with 14,000 searches.

Anyone may launch tokens off-services. Simply creating a cryptocurrency without a use case will fail in the long run.

How to trade crypto

Last on the list is "How to sell cryptocurrency" (13,000 GV). Investors continue to investigate innovative strategies to trade cryptocurrencies despite their rising popularity.

Crypto platforms have begun delivering services adapted to the region's regulations. Therefore, investors must investigate the best platforms for crypto trading while verifying local legal compliance.