The disappearance of her son in Oregon has left his mother searching for answers. Stanton, Miles

Aurora, Oregon gas station on October 20, 2022 was the last place the 21-year-old was seen alive.

The disappearance of her son in Oregon has left his mother searching for answers. Stanton, Miles

Laura Stanton cried, "They say it's a mother's biggest fear." And even if we accept that, it would still be an understatement.

Miles, Laura Stanton's son, has been missing for 19 days. His family and friends in California haven't heard from him since he moved to Oregon, although he was only there for 18 days. As Laura said on Dateline, "He's been AWOL for as long as he's been living here."

As soon as Laura, a Utah resident, found out her child had vanished on October 24, 2022, she booked a journey to Oregon. Because of that, I have stayed away from the "statement she made."

She did her best to provide her three sons in San Diego a safe environment; Laura said Dateline. As for Miles, Laura positioned him dead centre. My response would be something along the lines of "They're extremely close." Laura's children became fatherless after the death of Laura's husband and father in 2005.

Laura claims that although Miles had to deal with his father's loss at an early age, he still had a fantastic time in San Diego. According to Laura, he enjoys skateboarding and surfing. A lot of laughs can be had with him because he is so goofy.

Two years later, in 2018, Laura tied the knot again. Miles attended BYU-Hawaii after finishing high school. According to Laura, in the year 2020, classes were cancelled due to a global pandemic. According to Laura, he stayed in San Diego and assisted his uncle for some time. He came down to Utah with me in the fall.

Miles has relocated from Utah to San Diego, California, as reported by Laura on the 2022-July Dateline. Once he returned and started working again, he grew dissatisfied and quit, as Laura had said. To his coworkers' dismay, he announced that he would retire from the company and possibly relocate to Oregon.

What Dateline's Laura had to say She explained that her kid had "always wished to live there," therefore the family was uprooting to be closer to him. Laura said that her son had remarked to her, "I don't have a job here now, so, like, I don't see any reason not to go."

Miles finally moved into his magnificent new home in October of 2022. Laura claims he is staying in the Tualatin area, southwest of Portland, with an old friend named RJ White.

According to Dateline, RJ and Miles have known each other since they were little. RJ explained, "We participated in this programme before we entered middle school. Although that's when we initially crossed paths, I wouldn't consider ourselves buddies until our senior year of high school.

According to Dateline, RJ relocated to Oregon from San Diego in October 2021, making Miles' arrival in the state roughly a year later. He just confided in RJ his desire to finally call Portland home, and per RJ's paraphrasing, the wait was over as of October 2.

According to a Dateline interview, RJ said he last saw Miles on October 20 morning. At the end of the first day, I had already decided that "RJ was honest" and had not given it more thought. My first assumption was that he had probably gone out with a girl.

On the second night, RJ started to feel "a bit strange" about Miles's absence. According to RJ, he immediately suspected something was wrong on October 24. Since Miles was so set on finding his mom, so he tried to get in touch.

Laura, Miles's mother, says that she first avoided answering the call from her son's mysterious number. In response, a text message with the question, "Is this Miles' mom?" was received. Laura revealed on Dateline that she had been so terrified by the caller that she had hung up. When RJ realised that "I hadn't seen or heard from him in four days," he called Miles to inquire about their communication.

According to the Dateline interview, as soon as Laura's conversation with RJ ended, she began dialling her loved ones. According to the calls I made, there has been no word from him since the 19th.

As of October 18, according to Laura, she and Miles had a phone conversation. He was having a normal group text conversation with his friends on October 19. Laura claims he disappeared last Thursday.

For whatever reason, Laura contacted the Portland FedEx office where Miles currently resides. Laura mentioned, "He'd been working there for two weeks." The twentieth was his final day at the office.

For Laura, that was the final time she ever saw Miles. The mother, who identified herself only as "Laura," called Dateline at 3:30 p.m. on October 20 to report that her child had been seen on surveillance video at the 76 gas station in Aurora, Oregon. You'll find the aurora just over a quarter of an hour south of Tualatin. This was the final video of him, which was a real bummer in Laura's own words.

Laura admitted to hacking into Miles's phone and bank accounts on Dateline. His credit card was also last used on October 20, per Laura's report. Location: "between Aurora and Woodburn," roughly.

Once Laura heard about what happened to Miles, she booked a flight to Oregon. She started to worry when he went missing on that particular day.

The Tualatin Police Department is looking into miles' disappearance. Community Service Sergeant Mark Waddell emailed Dateline saying that Miles was last seen by a gas station worker at the 76 stations in Aurora, Oregon. His words: "The phone was last seen in the area of Highway 211 and the Pudding River."

Waddell stated, "there is currently an open missing person file for Mr Stanton with the Tualatin Police Department." Mr Stanton and the car he was driving when he was last spotted are currently under heavy surveillance.

Sgt. Waddell claims there is no proof of wrongdoing.

Laura assured Dateline, though, that her kid would never disappear without a trace. It's the first time he's done something like this," Laura stated. This is not the sort of thing that people usually do.
Taking up fishing is a natural passion for Miles, Laura said. He was last seen exploring uncharted trekking territory, she told Dateline. A theory, as Laura put it. A short while ago, he decided to move here.

Laura is optimistic, although she does not know what happened to her child. None of Dateline's interviewees, including Laura, mentioned feeling tired during their talk. Theories and guesses abound in my head. No matter what happens, it will be there, and all I can do is pray that it will help ensure his safety.

Members of Miles's extended relatives and friends flocked to Oregon to aid in the search for him. And Laura went on, "Twenty people's entire lives have been lost." Friends from as far away as Utah made the trip to show their support.

After searching the entire state for Miles, Laura reports they gave up and went home. Laura emphasised that the "main business districts of Portland" had been given special attention. However, Miles still hasn't shown up.

He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs 165 pounds, and has a full head of brown hair; Miles is a big, strong man. When he was last seen, he was carrying a black cap and wearing a sweatshirt, blue trousers, and black sneakers. His legs, from the kneecaps down, are covered in tattoos. You can't miss the bison that's lurking in there. In addition, Miles' automobile vanished without a trace. His automobile, a 1997 black Honda CR-V covered in skateboard and anime stickers and bearing the Utah licence plate number U203HR, has been missing since July 1. If Miles has gone missing, a report can be filed with the Tualatin police at (503) 629-0111.