The Canadian ice hockey player's date with the recently divorced Sofia Belórf

The recently divorced TV face is excited about date requests, even if dating new men is a little unnerving. Sofia Belórf opens up about her dating life in the new episode of her TV series

The Canadian ice hockey player's date with the recently divorced Sofia Belórf
Sofia Belórf, Photo: Socialmedia

SOME INFLUENCER and reality TV face Sofia Belórf opens up about the twists and turns of her dating life in the latest episode of Sofia's secrets.

The breakup with businessman Stefan Therman took a toll, and at the beginning of the episode, we see a rather tearful woman. Belórf decides to take sick leave for the first time in his life due to heartache.

- She cries over really pointless things, and her emotions are really on the surface, she says.

Belórf says Therman still keeps in touch with him.

- Sometimes those messages are really lovely and friendly, but then when I maybe don't respond to them in the way he wishes or even doesn't respond at all, then they become quite boring very quickly, he says.

SINKU-SOFIA seems to have an export because date requests are raining both from the ice hockey player participating in the World Cup and from her ex-boyfriend living in London.

The hockey player asked Belórf out on a date twice, but he refused.

- It bothered me a lot that I would go with him alone. But he was eventually talked into watching the Canada game.

Heading to the hockey stand for the first time, Belórf takes his brother with him, who explains the events of the game to him.

- Then when I ventured into a public place with this hockey player, I immediately noticed that people started looking, taking pictures, and at the same time Jodel was like, no hello, but I've seen someone from Canada.

- It brings an awful lot of pressure, that if you're worried about such a new date or hanging out, it's the fact that you can't do it privately like other people, Belórf says.

Later in the episode, Belórf tells her friend Kelly Kalonji that she is still involved with the Canadian ice hockey player, but not in a romantic sense. Instead, he is going on a trip with his ex from London. The man has made it clear that he is ready for dating.

- I just have to tell him to hold your horses now, the woman plans.

Sofia's secrets series can be watched on the Discovery+ service.