Texas School Shootout: Police Slow Action Criticized - Anxious Parents Attempted to Get Inside School School

Police are said to have used a remote paratrooper, among other things, to a father who was looking for a child.

Texas School Shootout: Police Slow Action Criticized - Anxious Parents Attempted to Get Inside School School
Sad people in Uvalde, Texas after a school shoot. Photo: TANNEN MAURY / EPA-EFE / All Over Press

Authorities, parents, and eyewitnesses have reported new information about the shocking school shootout in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday.

Police confirmed on Thursday that the 18-year-old suspect had time to commit his atrocities in the school building for up to an hour before police killed him.

Anxious parents had gathered outside the school, frustrated that the police who were present were not rushing into the school to prevent the tragedy. Many parents heard shots from the school building and attempted to enter themselves, but the police presence prevented this.

One of the mothers present, Angeli Rose Gomez, told The Wall Street Journal(switch to another service)that he was handcuffed when he called on the police to act.

- The police did nothing. They just stood by the fence, Gomez says.

According to Gomez, the police released her from handcuffs after a police officer who knew Gomez arrived and assured the other police that the woman could be released. Gomez then says he ran to school where he found his two children.

Gomez also told the newspaper that he had seen police use remote control on a father who was approaching a bus to find his child. According to Gomez, this happened after the 18-year-old assailant was killed.

- They didn't do it [used a remote control] for their shooter, but for us they did. That's how it felt, Gomez said.

The arms manufacturer withdrew its participation in the NRA meeting

One of the rushing fathers, Victor Luna, described to CNN(switch to another service), how frustrated the parents outside the school building were.

- I told one of the cops that if they didn't want to go inside, he could lend me a gun and a bulletproof vest so I could go take care of it. They said no, Luna said.

The 18-year-old, who eventually died in police bullets, was armed with a handgun and assault rifle. Daniel Defense, the manufacturer of the assault rifle in question, has announced that it will not attend a meeting of the National Rifle Organization (NRA) this week.

“We don’t think this week is a good time to market our products at the Texas NRA,” the arms manufacturer said.