Sweden Job Shortage List Skilled | unskilled jobs for Foreigners 2022

Sweden Job Shortage List Skilled | unskilled jobs for Foreigners 2022

Labour shortage in Sweden with specific skills and professions is due to various factors, including an ageing population and a lack of investment in training and education. More than 120 Sweden job shortage lists are available for foreigners and local employees. This shortage harms the economy as businesses struggle to find the staff they need to grow and thrive. The government is taking steps to address this issue, but more needs to be done to ensure that Sweden has the skilled workforce it needs to compete in the global economy.

There is a high demand for jobs in Sweden, and The most in-demand jobs are in the technology, finance, and healthcare sectors. However, there are also many opportunities for other jobs, such as in the retail and hospitality industries. 

These are the Job Shortage List to get a job fast job in Sweden. Learn how to apply for a Sweden job seeker visa at jobs Pointer.

Below you will find the Sweden job shortage list 2022 for all occupations 

  1. Construction workers
  2. Construction machine operator
  3. Pharmacist
  4. Occupational therapists
  5. Architects and surveyors
  6. Bakers and confectioners
  7. Midwives
  8. Nanny
  9. Bartenders
  10.  Social work professionals
  11.  Concrete workers
  12. Biomedical analysts
  13. Social aid assessor
  14. Bus and tram drivers
  15. Building and ventilation sheet metal workers
  16. Civil engineer in construction
  17. Civil engineer in Electrical Engineering
  18. Civil engineer Chemical Engineering
  19. Civil engineer in Logistics and Production Planning
  20. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  21. Controller
  22. Distribution electrician
  23. A technician at heating and waterworks
  24. Operations Engineer, IT
  25. Electronics repairers and communications electricians
  26. Property Manager
  27. Property Manager
  28. Carpenters
  29. Precision mechanics engineer
  30. mechanical machinery assemblers
  31. Hairdressers
  32. Physiotherapists
  33. The driver of agricultural and forestry machinery
  34. Business salesman
  35. Preschool teacher
  36. Carpenter
  37. Primary school teacher
  38. Nurses
  39. High school teacher
  40. Foremen and waiters
  41. Industrial electrician
  42. Engineers and technicians in construction
  43. Technicians in electrical engineering
  44. Engineers and technicians in industry, logistics and
  45. production planner
  46. Engineers and technicians in chemistry and chemical engineering
  47. Mechanical engineers
  48. Buyers and purchasers
  49. Installation and service electrician
  50. Lawyers
  51. Chefs and servers
  52. Prison and probation officers
  53. Curators
  54. Cooling and heat pump techniques
  55. Laboratory engineers
  56. Varnishes and industrial painters
  57. Truck driver
  58. Train driver
  59. Doctor
  60. Teachers in vocational subjects
  61. Ore processing professions and well drillers
  62. Machine operators, rubber, plastics and stationery industry
  63. Machine operators, chemical and pharmaceutical products
  64. Carpenters and machine operators in the wood industry
  65. Machine installers and machine operators in metal work
  66. Medical secretaries and care administrators
  67. Environmental and health inspectors
  68. Software and system developer
  69. Installers of electrical and electronic equipment
  70. Motor vehicle mechanics and vehicle repairers
  71. Bricklayer
  72. Painter
  73. Network and system technicians
  74. Farmer (agricultural plants, fruits and berries)
  75. Personal Assistants
  76. Process operators, wood and paper industry
  77. Process supervisor in the chemical industry
  78. Psychologists
  79. X-ray nurses
  80.  Recipients
  81. Accounting economists
  82. Auditors
  83. Sanitation workers
  84. Forest workers
  85. Caretaker
  86. Butchers and butchers
  87. Blacksmiths
  88. Social insurance administrator
  89. Social Secretary
  90. Specialist nurses in emergency health care
  91. Specialist nurses in general health care
  92. Special needs teachers and educators
  93. Freight forwarders and transport brokers
  94. Guidance counselors
  95. Cleaners
  96. Scaffold builder
  97. Support technician, IT
  98. Welders
  99. Systems analysts and IT architects
  100. System administrator
  101. System tester and test leader
  102. Security inspectors
  103. Ceiling fitters
  104. Dental hygienists
  105. Dentist
  106. Dental nurses
  107. Dental technicians and orthopaedic engineers
  108. Taxi driver
  109. Telephone salesman
  110. Interpreters
  111. Transport manager and transport coordinator
  112. Truck driver
  113. Woodworkers and carpenters
  114. Gardeners
  115. Sheet metal worker
  116. Train hosts and onboard managers
  117. Maintenance mechanics and machine repairers
  118. Assistant nurses, home care and nursing homes
  119. Nurses, ward and receptionist (healthcare)
  120. University and college teachers
  121. Breeders and caretakers of farm animals
  122. Veterinarians
  123. Plumbers
  124. Caregivers and housing supporters
  125. Nursing Assistant
  126. Guards and security guards
  127. Plant breeders and animal breeders with mixed operation