Finnish Singer Saara Aalto's New Music Song almost after Six Months

Saara Aalto, 35, disappeared from the public eye into cadres - now reveals what happened a couple of years ago Singer Saara Aalto found herself dependent on social media and browsing her mobile phone and came up with a difficult solution. Now she’s making new music again.

Finnish Singer Saara Aalto's New Music Song almost after Six Months
New Music Song Saara Aalto has been on a break from social media for almost six months

SINGER Saara Aalto, 35, has never been afraid to be herself in the spotlight of publicity: she speaks openly about her childhood, her relationship, and her sexual orientation.

Perhaps precisely for the sake of openness, there was quite a shock to Aalto fans when the singer disappeared from the public eye into cadres.

Quiet life began just over two years ago at the same time that Korona began to grind social life into a new faith. The situation forced many into trouble within the four walls, but for Aalto, locking up at home was surprisingly exactly what he had longed for.

AALTO'S career had been on the rise for several years now, and he was involved in one project after another. In 2016, the singer made an international breakthrough by finishing second in the British X Factor singing competition.

With its popularity, Aalto reached a milestone in 2018, that many singers can only dream of: he represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest. The following year, she competed against British celebrities in the Dancing on Ice figure skating competition, where he finished third.

Finnish Singer Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto's pace of life tightened even more when she succeeded in the X Factor singing competition in Britain. PHOTO:  PETE AARRE-AHTIO / IS

So life was constant milling, which only seemed natural to Aalto.

- I've always been pretty grand and theatrical. It is natural that the more pressure, the more you enjoy it, she says.

- This career is a dream I have had since I was a child. It felt a bit like fate that this was the way to go.

HOWEVER, AALTO IS PLANNING TO RETURN to social media, as she will be releasing new music on Thursday for a long time. Aalto originally composed the new song This World when he was only twelve years old.

Aalto says that the song deals with world events and uncertainties from the child's point of view. Proceeds from the song and the related website and other activities will be channeled to children affected by the war through Save the Children.

Aalto says that the new song and the ensuing return to publicity could not have happened at all without a break. The song was inspired by the idea that Aalto could sing with her twelve-year-old himself.

- When I had time, I went through my old archives. That’s when I found that old record and thought, no joke, the message of this song is really timely. I realized that this soundtrack on which my twelve-year-old myself is singing could be used.

The greatness mentioned by Aalto himself is also reflected in this project. In addition to Aalto, ten children from different backgrounds and cultures sing in their own mother tongue.

ALTHOUGH Aalto is slowly returning to the public eye, she intends to keep listening to herself and observe her own endurance. Detaching myself and the expectations set for him by fans and the media still requires work. Despite the occasional challenges, the direction is clear: Aalto will do things for himself from now on.

- I still want to do it as black feels good. Even though it will never happen that I will never release any more songs after that, Aalto sums up.